Trinity United Methodist Church of Roaring Spring
Sunday, October 25, 2020

01 Tidings 2018

Trinity Tidings

Roaring Spring, PA 16673                                                     January 2018


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

            New Year’s Day is the time people make all kinds of resolutions to live differently.  We make plans to eat better, get more exercise, spend more time with family, same more money, spend less money, and practice better financial management.  All of these things are good, but what will really change our lives in the New Year will be the spiritual practices we develop and for that we need to look at the journey of the Magi.  There were 3 things that guided the Magi on their journey and it was these 3 things that need to guide us in the New Year as well; a star, a book and a voice. 

            The star is what we usually think about when we think of the Magi.  They were most likely some sort of astronomers or astrologers who studied the stars and looked for signs and messages in the heavens.  Tradition tells us that they came from Persia.  And what is important here is to remind ourselves that they came because they saw a star.  They saw a new star that appeared in the sky at the time of Jesus birth and that star spoke to them – it told them that a King had been born in Israel.  The Magi allowed that start to guide them.  They paid attention to what God had made and all that God was doing and they observed the world and learned from it.  And so, in this New Year, we need to allow a star to guide us.  We need to slow down and take note of all God is doing in the world around us. Where is God leading us in the year 2018?  What is God calling us to do and be as His people here in Roaring Spring, PA?  May we be guided this new year guided by a star.  But it wasn’t just a star that guided the Magi, the star led them to Jerusalem where they asked where they could find this new born King.  No one seemed to know about Him so what did they do?  They consulted a book.  The Prophet Micah wrote it plainly:  “It’s you, Bethlehem, in Judah’s land, from you will come the leader who will shepherd and rule my people, Israel.” Brothers and sisters in Christ, the Word of God needs to guide us in the New Year.  Regular reading of God’s Word is vital to living the way God wants us to live because God’s Word is filled with messages and directions for our lives.  I want to invite you to read through the Bible with me.  While reading God’s Word – it is also important to listen to what God might be saying to you.  By following the star and then a book, the Magi learned to listen so that when they heard a voice they knew enough to follow it.  (Matthew 2:12) 

            Herod had a plan to kill the new King – and so He asked that when the Magi found the child – that they report back to him so that he could go and have the child killed.  But the Magi listened to God’s voice – God spoke to them in a dream and told them to go home a different way.  The Magi now followed a voice.  God also spoke to Joseph in a dream and told him to flee with his family to Egypt, which they did.  Again, God guided His people by a voice.  Brothers and Sisters in Christ, we need to learn to listen for God’s voice.  I honestly believe God still wants to guide our lives and deepen our faith by speaking directly to our hearts.  God still speaks today.  But we won’t hear God if we are not listening.  We won’t hear God if we are not tuning our hearts and minds to the right frequency or maybe I should say we won’t get God’s Word unless we are using the right network.  God provides the message – we just need to connect to it and we connect to it by taking the time to look for God in the world and listen to God in His Word.  The more we allow the STAR and the BOOK to lead us and shape us the more we open ourselves up to heaving the VOICE of God.  Following the STAR and the BOOK also quiets our lives enough so that maybe (just maybe) we can hear God.  Taking time to sit quietly – taking the time to sit and read and reflect on God’s Word can help us hear the message God wants to give us.  God is speaking to us all the time but much of the time we aren’t listening – so can we make this New Year a year to listen.  Because the Magi followed the STAR – the BOOK – and the VOICE – they found the fullness of God in Jesus and they fell down and worshiped Him.  If we will follow the STAR, the BOOK, and the VOICE, we will also experience the fullness of God and then be able to share God’s love with those around us.  What will guide you in the New Year? 


May God continue to bless you on your journey!



Rev Kevin



JOYS AND CONCERNS – Aline Rusnak (Chemo treatment), Christian Spielhagen (Rev. Kev’s grandson who is now off the oxygen-praise God!), Steve Shover (Cancer treatment – Christi Gartland’s father), Doris Ferry, Shannon McGregor family (lost everything in house fire in Roaring Spring), family of Donna Leedy (death), Bob Taylor (Recovering from major foot surgery), JoEllen Mingle (surgery)



Bishop Park will be reviewing work of Commission on Way Forward

Sunday, January 24 – 2-4 PM

1st United Methodist Church in Hollidaysburg


Bishop Park will be gathering input and information for the Council of Bishops and possibly the “Commission on the Way Forward”.  Prior to coming – people are invited to spend time in prayer for the Holy Spirit’s presence and guidance in these conversations.  The discussions will not center around human sexuality.  Please come prepared to treat one another with respect, kindness, and Christian compassion.


Bishop’s Retreat for Pastor’s and their spouses January 15-17



Rev. Kevin and Valerie would like to thank the congregation for sending them on the Bishop’s Retreat for Pastor’s and Spouses at the Hershey Lodge again this year.  They have an opportunity to meet with other Pastors and their spouses and grow in our faith as well.  Rev. Tom Berlin, Pastor of the Floris United Methodist Church in Herndon, Virginia will be our guest speaker.  Tom is the author of Defying Gravity: Breaking Free from the Culture of More, 6 Decisions that will Change Your Life, 6 things we Should Know about God, and 6 Ways we Encounter God.


DRAGON BACK PACKS – January 24 – 1 PM

          We are looking for volunteers to pack Dragon Packs (food that goes home with needy children in our community) on Wednesday, January 24 at 1 PM at Through Inc in East Freedom.  We thank all the people who have volunteered in the past.  This is a wonderful program that we participate in giving back to the community.


            Trinity Church was truly blessed to share gifts with 96 Angels for our Angel Tree Program.  The Angel Tree Program changed the number of gifts (to coincide with the number of gifts that were presented by the Wise Men) and all of the angels came back to the Department Store (and we only had to purchase a handful of gifts).  We also had the joy of sharing 38 gifts to children at the Mechanicsburg Children’s Home and they were well received.  Trinity Church has participated in both programs for at least 20 years and we know the impact upon the children have experienced the joy that someone in Roaring Spring has been thinking about them (and wanting to share God’s love with them).  We also shared Christmas gifts with the shut-ins of our congregation as well and they really did appreciate these gifts as well (a few of the shut-ins had tears in their eyes when they realized that their Church family wanted to share Christmas blessings with them.)


            The Women’s Fellowship have decided to meet on the second Thursday of every month and their first meeting of the New Year is scheduled for January 11th at 6:30 PM.  Karen Green will be leading the Program for this meeting in the IHS Sunday School Classroom.  The women will also talk about whether they will continue the Secret Sister Gift Exchange or not.

Manna for the Year 2018

There is a sign-up sheet to host a Manna. You can decide which month’s meal you would like to host for this year. 2 months have already been taken and there is no manna in November due to our Thanksgiving meal. Please give back to your community and church by hosting a month.



The Roaring Spring Food Bank is in need of rice, pudding box mix, jello box mix. Due to the generosity of the community the food bank is pleased to announce that they Do Not need any Soup or Vegetables at this time. 



Volunteers in Mission

is planning a Mission Trip


The Altoona Volunteers in Mission is planning to participate in a Mission Trip to help put lives back together from hurricane Irma in Florida.  The trip will be April 14-22.  Please contact Marti Shiffler at 946-9412 if you are interested in participating in this trip


Volunteers in Mission

is sponsoring a bus trip

to Sight and Sound



The Volunteers in Mission (HUB – ALTOONA) are sponsoring a Bus Trip to see “JESUS” at Sight and Sound Theater in Lancaster on Friday, April 6th.  The cost for adults is $125, children $81 (which includes:  show ticket, dinner at Good & Plenty Restaurant and bus). You can call Marti Shiffler at 946-9412 to make a reservation.  Full payment needs to be made by March 10th.  They will leave from the Lowes parking lot in Altoona at 10 AM.  




            Loving God, there are times when, no matter how we call, You seem silent, when we cannot hear Your voice no matter how we listen for it.  Grant us courage in those moments to ask if we have closed our hearts and minds to what You would say, but help us also to understand that there are times when You expect us to get on with the business of discipleship without You directing our every step.  Help us to see that Your silence need not be a sing of our faithlessness or of Your displeasure, but might rather point to Your love, offering us the opportunity to grow towards Christian maturity.  Help us, then, to remember all those times You have spoken unmistakably, to us, and to others, and let those moments sustain and direct us until Your Word comes again, in the name of Christ.  Amen.  


            Total Income for November 11,411

            Total Expense for November 17,019

            The Roof Loan is $22,889 

The Finance Committee is asking if there might be people to plan some Fun Raising events through this upcoming year.  Jerry Green is looking to have a Spaghetti Dinner in January and Valerie is planning a Raisin filled cookie sale in February.  If you would like to sponsor a fund raising event – please contact Rev. Kevin or Fred Hetrick.  We are going to be repairing a new window every 6-7 weeks so we would like to have your participation in this process.  The owner of Reliable Glass in Cumberland Maryland said that the first window he took out to repair said that if we had waited that the window would probably have crumbled before next spring.  If you enjoy seeing the stained-glass windows please consider sharing in our Fun Raising efforts or write a Check specifically for the Stained Glass Windows.  It is greatly appreciated.



*Church Financial Audit is scheduled for February 11th at 1:15pm


EPIC begins again for New Year on Wednesday, January 3 at 5 PM


The EPIC fall program was a major success and we had about 30 people who went to the Greystone to sing Christmas Carols and share cookies and hot chocolate with them.  This was a highlight of our Christmas Season.


            The Education Committee will be meeting on Wednesday, January 24th at 7 PM in the Pastor’s Office.  We will plan out mission and Ministry for the next few months. 


*Teachers, EPIC volunteers and interested others can attend.
           January 3 -      5 PM  EPIC

                                 6:15 PM  EPIC Dinner

                                  NO CHOIR PRACTICE

            January 5 –      Pastor’s Sabbath Rest

            January 7 –      Epiphany Sunday

            January 9 –      6 PM  Men’s Fellowship Dinner

                                  7 PM  Finance Committee Meeting

            January 10 –      5 PM  EPIC

                                  6:15 PM  EPIC Dinner

                                  7 PM Choir Practice

            January 11 –      6:30 PM Women’s Fellowship (Karen Green providing program)

                                         Human Trafficking Awareness Day

            January 12 –      Pastor’s Sabbath Rest

            January 13 –      5-6:30 PM  Manna on Main Street “Pork and Sauerkraut Dinner”

                                       (Jerry and Valerie cooking)

            January 14 –      2-4 PM  Bishop Park at First United Methodist Church to speak

                                  about Commission on the Way Forward (look for description in this


            January 15-17 – Rev. Kevin and Valerie are attending the Bishop’s Retreat

            January 17 –      5 PM  EPIC

                                    6:15 PM  EPIC Dinner

                                    7 PM  Choir

            January 19 –      Pastor’s Sabbath Rest

            January 20 –      Boy Scout’s Pinewood Derby

            January 23 –      7 PM  Administrative Council Meeting

            January 24 –      1 PM  Dragon Pack Packing at Through Inc. in East Freedom

                                     5 PM  EPIC

                                     6:15 PM  EPIC Dinner

                                     7 PM Choir

                                     7 PM  Education Committee Meeting

            January 25 –      7 PM  ChiRho Singer’s (Pastor’s of the Susquehanna Conference)

                                    Concert – 15th United Methodist Church in Huntingdon

            January 26 –      Pastor’s Sabbath Rest

            January 31 –      5 PM  EPIC

                                    6:15 PM  EPIC Dinner

                                    7 PM Choir