Trinity United Methodist Church of Roaring Spring
Tuesday, November 20, 2018

03 March Tidings 2016

Trinity Tidings

Roaring Spring, PA 16673                                                     March 2016


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

            I love the Church.  I love the Church because the Church IS US!  If I don’t like something about the Church, I have a responsibility to change it because IT is US and US includes ME! 

I have always loved the Church because my father was a Pastor.  We were the first to arrive and the last people who left.  Some of my best memories of growing up were in and around Church activities.  I met Valerie in a United Methodist Church in Boston, and our children and granddaughter were baptized in a Church.  Yet all of this pales to the four main reasons I love the Church.

1)       Jesus loves the Church.  If you do a Bible study on religion – you might come to realize that religion regularly gets a bad rap in the Bible, but the Church doesn’t.  Even when people in specific churches are a mess, when you study all the Bible verses with “Church” in them, it adds up to a glowing review.  The verses that have something to do with the word “Church” – show us people who send missionaries, share everything they have, encourage the hurting, care for the poor, feed people, teach God’s Word, support the weak and pray for each other.  The Church comes through with nothing but praise reserved for no one else but Jesus Himself. 

2)      The Church loves Jesus.  I’ve learned to be a grateful participant in the life of the Church, because when the Church really loves Jesus – there is no place on earth like it.  When a Church is in love with Jesus, it shows up in the most amazing, transformative ways.  A Church that really loves Jesus is one that will love each other and their community in deep, sacrificial ways.  It’s a beautiful thing to see a loving Church in action.

3)      Through the Church, I came to love Jesus – and to know (in return) that Jesus loves me.  It’s easy to forget this sometimes.  Even if the Church didn’t do anything else for me, she brought me to Jesus.  For that, I will love her forever.  Jesus uses the Church – the fellowship and testimony of others who know and love Jesus – to accomplish that purpose.  And Jesus has chosen to use the Church (the people) as His primary means to bring people to salvation.

4)      The Power of the Church.  The Church of Jesus Christ has extraordinary, miraculous power, but we often treat the awesomeness of the Church like a job, a duty, or an embarrassment.  And then we wonder where the power and joy disappeared to.  But not for me. 


When I need to see the Church how God sees the Church – I look at Ephesians 3:10 “His intent was that now, through the Church, the manifold wisdom of God should be made known.”  Through the Church…..Through you and me….By the presence of the Holy Spirit working in and through us, God has chosen to make His wisdom known to the world.  Serving the Church – and serving Jesus through her – is the greatest honor I will ever know. 


 Blessings for your journey,

 Rev. Kevin




 Evan Glass (Deployed to Iraq),  Fred Hetrick, Doris Ferry, Sandy Anderson, Don and Peg Steele, Andy Falcione (hospitalized), Darren Wineland family,   Bernice Shafer family, Betty Price (heart surgery in Pittsburgh), Monica Miller (removed partial kidney – prayers needed for healing), Lori McConahay (Health South), Patti Billon (diagnosed with Cancer – friend of Don Goebel), Mike Lange (brother-in-law of Don Goebel – tumor on his lung), Cheryl Treese (as she prepares for stem cell transplant in March), Leroy Hoover family


Sovereign God, You could have washed Your hands of us, abandoned us to our fate, left us to struggle on in all our weakness, folly and failure.  But You did not.  You spoke time and again through teachers, preachers, prophets, offering Your Word of life, and You spoke again, most powerfully, most wonderfully, through Your Son, Jesus Christ.  You put words into action, love into practice, living and dying among us, bearing our sins, enduring our sorrow, dying our death so that we, in You, might live.  Sovereign God, You could so easily have put us second.  But you did not – You put us first.  Teach us to put Your first too….today….every day……for the rest of our lives.  Amen.  



There is a group meeting on Wednesday evenings at 5 PM in the Memorial Room.  We are looking at clips from the movie “The War Room” which focuses on the importance of prayer in our lives.  We are looking at various clips from the movie and discussing their meaning in our lives.  We have also been reminding ourselves how important it is to realize God’s promises from His Word, lifting up prayers for our individual lives, and then also realizing the answer to our prayers that God keeps sending to us.  If you plan on joining us – why don’t you join us for a dinner at 6:15 in the Fellowship Hall.  





(YES!  That means YOU)

1)       The Library Dinner is the largest meal that we serve during the year and we need help in many ways.  The Library Dinner will be on Saturday, March 12th.  We need help cooking in the afternoon, we need help serving the meal, and then we also need help in cleaning up.  If you would like to help serve in any way please contact Valerie Locker.

2)      Manna on Main Street Meal – March 19th from 5-6:30 PM 


We will be serving Sloppy Joes, Macaroni Salad, Baked Beans and Dessert.  (We were not able to get a volunteer to coordinate this meal – so we need people to volunteer to make this meal happen).  This is such a wonderful outreach ministry to the community around us – so we need more people to step forward to give back to the Community.  


Morrison’s Cove Memorial Park


We will be having our Family Fellowship for March at the Memorial Park.  We will have available bowling lanes from 2-4 PM and there will be open skating from 1-4 PM.  So, invite your friends – the more – the merrier.  This is a wonderful opportunity for fun and fellowship.  


ETOUR – March 19th from 9:30 AM – 3:30 PM 


            There are many workshops that the Susquehanna Conference will coming and sharing with us at the First United Methodist Church in Hollidaysburg on March 19 from 9:30-3:30.  A few of the workshops being offered (that might benefit Trinity Church) are:  reaching people in the neighborhood, understanding the changing culture to explore difference ways we can reach out to the community around us, cultivating community within the Church, practicing hospitality, how people can go from newcomer to disciple, finding your church’s story.  There are many workshops being offered this year – if you would like to sign up for one of them – please see the brochures about the ETOUR at the table in the back of the sanctuary.





which is a cantata that will focus on the events of Holy Week.  (If you would like to join the choir for a short period of time – come out to participate in this Cantata this year).  And do not forget to invite a friend with you to the worship service.  We will also receive Communion during the middle of this Cantata as well.




The Good Friday service will be a Prayer Service – where we will focus on Scripture passages (Isaiah 52:13-53:12, Psalm 22, Hebrews 10:16-25, John 18:1-19:42) You may wish to read some of these scriptures before coming to the service.  The service will be interspersed with prayers and silent meditation.  There will not be a sermon or communion offered during this service.


Easter Egg Hunt


The Roaring Spring Lions will hold an Easter Egg hunt for the community children on March 19th, 2016 at 12 noon. This will be held at our Lions Shawnee Park.



Roaring Spring Food Bank Needs:          1) Spaghetti  2) Pork and Beans (Cans) 3) Spaghetti Sauce 4) Ramen Packs 5) Monetary Donations






Rev. Kevin invited Bishop Park to come and preach at Trinity Church and he is happy to announce that Bishop Park accepted the invitation.  He will be coming on April 17th and so we would like to invite everyone to plan to attend the service on that Sunday.  Bishop Park is a humble and very spirited Bishop.  He loves to sing and will be encouraging us to sing some of the great songs of the faith.  The choir will be encouraging people to join us in presenting a song for Bishop Park (since he loves music) more details will follow about this.  

Dragon Back Packs

Volunteers are needed to fill back packs on March 23 at 1:00. Back packs will be filled at Through, Inc. in East Freedom (The old elementary school).


There will also be opportunity for people to renew their wedding vows - but we will do it with many people if many people decide to do this.  Rev. Kevin did this in one of his former congregations and it was quite meaningful.  We will also plan on having a lunch while Bishop Park is with us - so please on marking your calendars today.



Rev. Kevin will be starting a Confirmation Class at the end of the year 2016.  We will have more young people who are at least 12 years or older - so please start giving thoughts to this class at the end of the year.  We will be meeting on Sunday afternoons and will be taking into the Church on Pentecost Sunday 2017. 


The Children/Youth of the Church will be participating in the Worship Service on Sunday, March 20th (which is Palm Sunday).  The children/youth are preparing songs for us to sing and they will present a drama for us.  I hope that you make every effort to come out and support the young people of our Church.  We have an awesome group of young people that come out on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings.


April 23rd   8am-1pm


We will be having a yard sale here at the church. We will be accepting donations for this sale beginning April 18th. All donated items will be kept on the stage behind the curtain. If you would like to have a yard sale with us that day you may purchase a table for $15. The proceeds from the donated items and the purchase of tables will go to our Roof Fund.

We would like to “THANK” everyone who came to donate blood on February 15th.


We had 16 donors and collected 17 units. A SPECIAL “THANKS” goes out to the ladies of our church who volunteered their time that day making food, ushering people to the table and running the registration desk. We couldn’t do it without you!!