Trinity United Methodist Church of Roaring Spring
Monday, October 19, 2020

Trinity Tidings

Roaring Spring, PA 16673                                                     April 2019


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

            There are many messages that are proclaimed in the Resurrection story from the forgiveness of sins to the victory of life over death and the hope of God’s Kingdom here and now – but perhaps one of the simplest messages of the Empty Tomb is that Jesus keeps His promises is the message I would like for you to remember today.  Isn’t that what the angel is saying when he says, Jesus has risen, just as He said?  While that line, “just as He said,” is often overshadows by the powerful line, “Jesus has risen,” the message we are being told here is that Jesus keeps His word ALWAYS.  Look at Matthew 20:17-19.

            And this isn’t the only time Jesus said He would rise from the dead.  On at least 2 other occasions, in Matthew 16 and 17 Jesus also made this promise.  So, when Jesus is not in the tomb and the angel says, He has risen, just as He said, what we learn is – JESUS KEEPS HIS PROMISE – HE FULFILLS HIS PROMISES – ALWAYS – GUARANTEED!

            But it’s not just this promise that Jesus keeps, Jesus keeps all His promises, and we celebrate that on Easter Sunday morning because Jesus made a lot of promises.  Jesus promised that when we turn to God in faith and ask – it will be given to us, and when we seek God – we will find God – and when we knock – when we ask God to enter into our hearts – God will enter in.  What Jesus is promising here is a relationship with us where we can come to God openly and honestly and share who we are and what we need and when we do God will not forsake us.  That’s a promise that Jesus makes and fulfills and so when we ask and seek and knock – God will be there. GUARANTEED

            Jesus also promises us strength in times of weakness.  Jesus promises that when we come to Him in weakness, when we are burdened down by the weight of our sin or simply weary from all the pain and sorrow we see and experience in our lives, when we come to Him, we will find rest.  This is an important promise for us to claim today because in so many ways we are weary and need rest – not more sleep – although right now that sounds good – but what we need isn’t sleep but spiritual rest and peace.

            Many times, it is the emptiness that we see in the world that makes us weary – empty bank accounts, empty tables, empty beds, empty mailboxes.  We are weary from the financial stress and uncertainty we see around us.  We are weary seeing friends struggle to find jobs to support their families.  We are weary when we hear about family and friends who have to fight cancer or some other incurable disease.  And we are weary when we see and hear about all the violence and mean-spirited discourse that fill the airwaves today. This darkness makes us weary and so we need to come to Jesus and trust His promise that when we come to Him we will find rest for our souls because His yoke is easy and when we walk with Him, His burden is light. 

            Some of the most powerful promises Jesus makes are found in John 14 because it’s in these words Jesus promises to prepare a place for us in Heaven.  Jesus also promises to come back for us and take us to that heavenly home.  Clearly the empty tomb tells us conquered the grave and death has been defeated once and for all.  There is ETERNAL LIFE that awaits us in Heaven.  That is a promise Jesus makes and fulfills.  GUARANTEED. 

            Whatever promise you need fulfilled today, Jesus will do it because Jesus keeps His promise – If we ask – We will receive.  IF we seek – we will find.  If we know – the Door shall be opened.  If we need forgiveness – it is offered.  If we need the love of a loving God from heaven – it flows from Jesus.  It we are weary – we are given rest.  If we need strength – it is given freely.  And if we as a Church need power to shine the light and love of God into a dark and needy world, then we have it because Jesus has fulfilled His promise to us and He give us the power of God through the Holy Spirit. 

            So whatever promise we need fulfilled today, Jesus will do it, because Jesus is a man of His Word.  Jesus redefines empty and through the emptiness of the tomb Jesus brings us the FULNESS of LIFE.  And how do we know all this, because HE has RISEN, Just as He said….


Easter Blessings,


Rev Kevin



       Living God, we praise You one more for the Good news of Easter, the triumphant message of Resurrection – NEW HOPE, NEW JOY, NEW LIFE!  We praise You for the truth at its heart:  that Your love could not be kept down, Your purpose could not be defeated and Your mercy could not be destroyed.  Teach us that what was true then it true now – that nothing can stand in the way of Your Sovereign power and redeeming Grace.  Assure us, then, even when faith seems to fly in the face of reason, to trust in You, confident that Your will shall be done and Your Kingdom come, through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.  

Text Box: Women’s Fellowship
will be meeting on April 25th. More information to follow in the upcoming announcements.




     INCOME FOR FEBRUARY        $10,083.66

     EXPENSES FOR FEBRUARY    $20,321.82

     NET LOSS FOR FEBRUARY     $10,238.16



STAINED GLASS WINDOWS UPDATE: We have resumed work on our Stained Glass Windows.  The work on the frame for the one window will be repaired when warmer temperatures occur.




We are looking to collect names of graduates from Trinity Church – please contact the Church Office of names of graduates from High School or College this year.  Thank you in advance! 



We are in need of a second adult for our Elementary Sunday School Class.  Amy Knisely has to step back from teaching for awhile to help care for her mother – so Carissa will need a another adult in the classroom to assist her.  Our Sunday School program runs through May.  We have had 1 volunteer who will be available for some dates in April but we need someone for some dates in April and through May 19th (which will be our last day of Sunday School for the Summer). 


If so – please contact Rev. Kevin




     We will be joining efforts with Bare Memorial and 1st Church of the Brethren with a combined Vacation Bible School out at Shawnee Park this year July 7-12 from 6:30-8:30 PM. Our first meeting of interested teachers and helpers will be on April 11th at 7 PM at 1st Church of the Brethren.  Please see Carissa if you have any questions regarding VBS and please plan on attending this meeting if you have any interest at all in teaching or assisting in any way. We need your input to make this a community success. Rev. Kevin is excited to see this happening and will be encouraging people to step forward in this adventure. 



Carissa will be sharing a 20-30 mini-session once a week during Summer Lunch this Summer following our Summer Lunch Program. This will be something new that we will be offering to the Children and youth of our Community. If you would like to help volunteer in any way – please contact Carissa. We will be sharing a short lesson and a craft project as well. It will be fun and exciting. 





The Trustees are looking in to the possibility of doing some work on updating some of the bathrooms in the parsonage over the next 3 years. We are getting some prices and will develop a plan. We are still developing a Safety Plan for the Sunday School and Church.







Rev. Kevin’s back Surgery has been quite successful and he attributes all of this 1st and foremost to the healing from God’s healing hands. He has felt better each and every brand new day. On the day after surgery he did not have any sciatica pain (which was the biggest blessing of all). The second blessing came when there was not pain in his hip. He has had to wear a back brace and hopes to be able to remove the brace after the next visit to the Dr. on April 4th. Hopefully the Pastor will be able to have some Physical Therapy in his lower back. The Pastor would like to thank everyone for the many prayers that have been lifted up! God has been faithful and the Pastor gives glory and praise to God! 




April 15th - 7PM Prayer of reflection

                     (spend time in personal prayer in the sanctuary)

April 16th - 7PM Prayer of reflection

                     (spend time in personal prayer in the sanctuary)

April 18th - 7pm - Maundy Thursday

                           (Foot washing & Communion Service in the round room)

april 19th - 7PM - good friday service
april 21st - 9:30am - easter sunday service 

Please keep our entire Confirmation Class in your prayers. There are 6 people in the class. Please remember to lift up: Sophia Holt, Sophia Marko, Macie Smith, Izzy Finochio, Eli Muthler and Austin Bassler. Please pray that God will continue to bless them on their journey of faith. Remember too, Brothers and Sisters in Christ – that we are all – LIFE LONG LEARNERS. We are all on this journey of Faith together. We will welcome them as members of the Church on the  Day of Pentecost, Sunday, June 9th


Roaring Spring Community Days/Yard Sale Days will be held August 2, 3 & 4, 2019, at the Spring Dam (weather permitting).

·         FREE Picnic Friday, Aug. 2, there will be a community picnic from 5:30 – 8:30, Followed by a FREE outdoor movie.

·         Spring Dam Saturday, Aug. 3, will consist of a craft/vendor sale, parade, games, food for sale, entertainment, and more.

Sunday, Aug. 4, will feature the Sonny Steward Pancake Breakfast from 6-9am, followed by the community worship service at 9:15amAPRIL  CALENDAR

            April 3 – 5 PM EPIC

                           6:15 EPIC Dinner
                           7 PM Choir

            April 5 – Pastor’s Sabbath Rest

            April 7 – 5th Sunday in Lent

                           4 PM Confirmation Class

            April 9 – 6 PM Men’s Fellowship Dinner

            April 10 - 5 PM EPIC (This is the Last EPIC of the Season)

                           6:15 EPIC Dinner
                           7 PM Choir

            April 11 – 7 PM VBS Meeting – 1st Church of the Brethren

            April 13 – 2 PM Memorial Service for Maxine Felton at Akers Funeral Home in


  5-6:30 PM Manna on Main Street Dinner (Hosted by Jerry Green)

            April 14 – Palm Sunday

                           4 PM Confirmation Class

            April 15– 7 PM Prayer of Reflection (Spend time in personal prayer)

            April 16 – 7 PM Prayer of Reflection (Spend time in personal prayer)

            April 18 – 7 PM Maundy Thursday (Foot Washing & Communion Service)

            April 19 – 7 PM Good Friday Service

            April 21 – Easter Sunday (NO CONFIRMATION CLASS)

            April 25 – Women’s Fellowship will be meeting

            April 27 – 5-6:30 PM Chicken Dinner (FUN RAISING EVENT) – Mashed

                             Mashed Potatoes, Stuffing, Veggies, Dessert

            April 28 – 4 PM Confirmation Class


OUR JOYS AND CONCERNS: Richard Butler, Doris Ferry, Jim Hamm, Ruth Imler, Louise Holsinger, Doris Musselman (Nason Hospital), Sandy Polchito, Paul Tipton family (part of Manna family), Adam Dixon (Syracuse School of Law Mock Trial Team – National Competition, Central Mock Trial Team heading to State Finals in Harrisburg this weekend, Alexia Finochio (health concerns), Brennen and Cameron Yingling