Trinity United Methodist Church of Roaring Spring
Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Trinity Tidings

Roaring Spring, PA 16673                                                     May 2017


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

            Wow!  Lent and Easter are over.  It’s time to breathe deep.  It’s time to remember the words from Mary Magdalene “I have seen the Lord.”  These are the words we must remember.  When I think of the experience of Mary I wander “did she run to tell the news?”  Jesus had given her a simple message to relay – but this is the same message Jesus gives to us.  Tell the world I am alive.  Tell the world I am your God.  We have to tell the stranger, “I serve a Risen Savior!”  Can we confess to a coworker, “I believe in Jesus, He died for my sins and He lives in my heart.”  Mary Magdalene shows us how to do it.  With Christ’s authority she announced, informed and joyfully shared with the disciples the news that they’d been waiting to hear – “I HAVE SEEN THE LORD!” 

            Those five word-shaking words!  Her expression, her exuberance, her exaltation made it abundantly clear that she had not seen Him lying in the grace.  You could hear the utter joy in her voice as she spoke those words.  Jesus had spoken her name.  She touched Him and she had definitely seen Him fully alive. 

            When I think of this – I start to think to myself “if only I would have lived in the time of Jesus.  If only I could see Him with my own eyes.  But then I remind myself that we can see Jesus every day.  He shines forth from the pages of His Word.  He is reflected in the faces of those who are filled with His Spirit.  He is alive in worship and He moves in a mighty way in our world today.

            He is more alive than ever!  Job lived after the time of the Flood and long before Moses and he said “I know that my Redeemer lives, and that in the end He will stand on the earth (Job 19:25).  And here is Mary, almost 2,000 years later – and she echoes the same amazing revelation “I HAVE SEEN THE LORD.”   (John 20)

            We imagine Mary shouting this with great excitement when she came back from meeting the Risen Lord at the tomb.  The sullen disciples needed to hear this Good News.  It meant that Jesus’ promises were true.  New life was theirs for good!  This is the Good News that Easter brings to us too.

            When we share the words “I have seen the Lord” these words tell others that the way of love will win over the ways of hate.  “I have seen the Lord” confirms that the truth of kindness can be heard over the loud voices of callous and vindictive rhetoric.  “I have seen the Lord” gives witness to the fact that there is another way of living in the world today – a way of living that is shaped by the Resurrection, that embodies anything and everything that is life giving. 

            We are an Easter people!  We are blessed to know that death is NOT the end of any story.  Even in the little things in our lives Jesus can bring transformation. And so, it is our calling to look for all that is LIFE GIVING and COMPASSIONATE in our everyday lives.  It is our privilege to participate in such things that bring Christ’s hope to the world.  We too can proclaim “I HAVE SEEN THE LORD” in our thoughts, in our words, and most definitely in our actions as we live out an active faith every day. 

            How have you seen the Lord? 




Rev. Kevin


ANNOUNCEMENTS for April 30 – May 7

SUNDAY:      9:30 AM  Worship/Communion

10:45 AM  Sunday School for all ages 

2:30 PM   Confirmation Class (Session 8 & 9)

WEDNESDAY: 1:00 PM Fill Dragon Back Packs @ Through Inc.

7 PM  Choir Practice

THURSDAY through SATURDAY: Rev. Kevin and Jason Dick attending

                        Susquehanna Annual Conference at Hershey Lodge.

SATURDAY: R.S. Community Library will host vendors for the Spring Fling in

                        Fellowship Hall

            NEXT SUNDAY:  9:30 AM  Worship/Communion

                                    10:45 AM  Sunday School for all ages

                                    2:30 PM  Confirmation Class – Sessions 10 & 11

                                    2-5 PM Altoona Hub “10 Year Anniversary” Celebration    

                                    (they are having an outdoor festival) 


OUR JOYS AND CONCERNS: Glenn Detwiler, Roger Bowser’s brother (John Bowser – cancer), Roger Bowser’s sister-in-law (Luella Bowser – cancer), Rev. Bob Rupp, Lois Ann Glass (moving to the Ecumenical Retirement Community in Harrisburg), Doug & Cyndi Musselman (Wedding), Nancy Hamil

PRAYER VIGIL – The Susquehanna Conference (along with other Annual Conferences) are having Prayer Vigils with the intent on Praying Our Way Forward (where will are praying for the ongoing Mission of the Methodist Church and praying for the Commission that has been developed at General Conference).  The Commission has been charged with the task of exploring options that will help the Church maintain and strengthen the unity of the Church.  Each District is also having Prayer Vigils within the Conference and the Altoona District has been asked to pray on Friday, May 12th.  Trinity Church will be having a Prayer Vigil from 7-9 PM.  Rev. Kevin will be establishing Prayer Stations – where there will be several Stations around the Sanctuary – where you are invited to pray for various aspects of the United Methodist Church (and you can go from Station to Station) within the sanctuary.  The Church will be open for that 2 hour time period and you can come and stay as long as you feel led. 

Prayer for May

            Sovereign God, we don’t understand how You raised Jesus from the dead – how You breathed life into His broken body, how You rolled the stone away from the tomb, how He somehow appeared unrecognized to Mary in the garden and to disciples on the Emmaus Road; how He walked through locked doors to be with the Apostles; how He repeatedly appeared from nowhere to stand among His followers.

            What we do understand is this: that He changed the lives of all who met him, turning their sorrow into celebration, their despair into hope and their doubt into faith; and that He is with us now through His life-giving Spirit, remaking our lives in turn, giving us joy, peace and a sense of purpose such as we never imagined possible before. 

            We do not understand, but we believe, we rejoice and we offer You our grateful worship in the name of that same Jesus, our Risen Lord and Savior.  Amen!




The Altoona Hub has been open for 10 years in Altoona and they are having a 10th Year Anniversary Outdoor Festival on Sunday, May 7th from 2-5 PM.  There will be much to do (Tours will be given, there will be hot dogs and pretzels, games and music, and the Toontown Klowns).  You will not want to miss this event.


 WILLIAM’S MEMORIAL FUND - The William’s Fund is a fund that was established by the Carl and Hazel Williams family where the funds are available for students who are pursuing the following degrees (Ordained Ministry, Director of Christian Music, Director of Christian Education, Teacher, Nurse, Doctor, Social Worker).  Priority consideration is given to persons who are members of Trinity UMC.  If you would like to apply for monies from the fund please contact Fred Hetrick.  Monies are payable twice a year and you must apply in May or November.




GRADUATE BREAKFAST – Sunday, June 11th

We will have our Graduate Breakfast on Sunday, June 11th at 8:30 AM for those graduating from High School or College.  We will be honoring Adam Dixon, Andrew Brumbaugh, Matt Hetrick and Jacob Muthler.  If there are any additional graduates please contact Rev. Kevin or Fred Hetrick.




We are going to try something different this year and have Vacation Bible School in the morning.  We are going to try to have the kids come out early and then have them stay for the Summer Lunch Meals.  We will start at 9:30 AM and finish up at 11:50 AM.  We have a large number of children who come out for the lunches and we would like to try a different approach this year. If you would like to help in any way please contact Carissa Blair or Rev. Kevin


August 13 - FAITH NIGHT at the Altoona Curve 
The Church will be participating in this event.

The game starts at 6 PM.



The children and youth are planning to participate in 2 different programs this summer.  CREATION in Mount Union  (June 28 – July 2), SUMMER MISSION WEEK – (July 24 – 28) in Hollidaysburg and Altoona.  If there are any children/youth who would like to attend either events please contact Carissa Blair.  They are having some fundraising events to raise money to go – so please keep an eye out for those opportunities.  If there are youth and adults who would like to participate in the Mission WEEK you can participate for 1 to 5 days.  There will be various Mission opportunities all week and we also need adult drivers for this as well (please let Carissa know of your interest). 

May 13th

Manna on Main St. will be hosted by our Youth Sunday School classes. They will be serving lasagna, salad, bread sticks and ice cream.


            The Confirmation Class decided to do a coordinated Mission Project.  And so for the entire month of May we will be collecting items for “Health Kits” for the Altoona District Mission Hub.  The items include:

            1 hand towel

          1 wash cloth

          1 toothbrush (in original packaging)

            1 regular toothpaste (expiration date good for 1 year)

            1 bar bath soap

            6 regular sized band-aids

          1 nail file or fingernail clipper

          1 large comb

(The Altoona Hub has to be very particular with these items since they are sent directly to another country and they have to follow strict guidelines). 

            We thank you for bringing those items in and in June we will be putting the kits together and taking them to the Altoona Hub.  Thank you for assisting us in this Mission Project. 

            The Confirmation Class will be brought into the Church on Sunday, June 11th during the morning worship Service.  The Confirmands will also be participating in the Sunday Service as well.  


June 12 - 15 Vacation Bible School 9:30-11:50 AM
June 18 - 10:30 AM  Church Picnic at Shawnee Park (with lunch to follow)
June 28 - July 2 - Creation 
August 6 - Trinity Church Day at Greene Hills Camp Ground (Swimming, games and picnic)
August 13 and 27 Lemonade on the Corner (Fellowship out on the Church Lawn)
September - Block Party on the Church Lawn and Parking Lot

**Please remember that the next Newsletter is for June, July and August - so please make sure that Lisa receives any information that you would like people to know by May 22.

MAY 9th – 7 PM

Planning Meeting for Angel Tree Christmas Gifts

Roaring Spring Lions Sandwich Sale orders are due by May 14th to Wib Hite. You can call Wib at 224-4228 or sign up on the sheet hanging on the bulletin board  between the kitchen and the office. Sandwiches will be delivered Thursday, May 25th. Sandwiches are $3.00 each - Ham & Swiss or Turkey & Provolone


We will gather together on Tuesday, May 9th and share thoughts and ideas concerning Fund Raising ideas concerning Angel Tree.  The program continues to expand and we had to do significant shopping this past year.  Last year we had a Garage Sale, a Spaghetti Dinner, a Stromboli Sale and Chinese Auction.  If you have any ideas please come and share them.  


Dragon Back Packs

Wednesday, May 3


Through Inc.

This will be the last day for us to help pack backpacks for the

2016-2017 school year.





TRUSTEESThe Ad Council agreed to award the contract for the Heat Pump System in the parsonage to Knisely and Sons.  The Parsonage has been having heating problems for some time now.  The heat/cooling heat pump system will cost $20,165.  They will be starting the job soon.  IF you would like to make a donation you may submit it with the acknowledgement that it is for the HEAT PUMP SYSTEM.  The only other debt that the Church has is for the roof and we have been making significant strides at working on eliminating that balance. We only owe $33,000 still on the Roof Fund.  We wish to thank everyone for their ongoing support of both of these.  Whenever there is a need – people from the Church family always step forward and we do appreciate all of your contributions. 



We wish to thank Mel Edmundson, Fred Hetrick, Neil Gartland, Barry Musselman, Jason Dick, Jarod Dick, Jacob Dick, Rev. Locker, Valerie Locker and Sandy Elliott.  The kitchen looks great along with the flower beds.  Thank you for your hard work! 



Summer Lunch Program

June 07 – August 18,

Monday - Friday: 12pm to 1pm


Trinity United Methodist Church

434 E. Main St

Roaring Spring, PA 16673

(814) 224-2815


Free to children 18 and younger; Adults will be charged $2.50