Trinity United Methodist Church of Roaring Spring
Monday, October 19, 2020

05 May Tidings Newsletter 2018

Trinity Tidings

Roaring Spring, PA 16673                                                     May 2018


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

               The last few months have been full of mission, ministry and opportunities to worship our Risen Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. There are people in the world who did not do anything to celebrate; but there were millions of people who celebrated the Risen Christ. Along with the preparations for Christmas, Easter can be an exhausting time for the Pastor and for the musicians of our congregation (as we lead people in experiencing the joys and blessings of the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus). Right after Easter someone came up to me and asked: “have you recovered from Easter?” And I just stood there for a few moments and I said “I don’t know how to answer that question.  I know that my body is tired and I have a vacation coming up that will help me in recharging my batteries. But I will have to give some further consideration to that question.”

            Well, I have been able to think some more about that question “have you recovered from Easter?” And the more I think about the question the more the answer had come “I HOPE NOT!”  We often get so wrapped up in the events and activities of Easter and Christmas – that we can get weary from them. But Easter is NOT about the events that we do, but Easter is all about what happened on that day so long ago. Easter is so much more than Easter Egg Hunts. Easter is much more than buying a new dress. Easter is so much more than the activities we put on or participate in. I hope you have recovered from the activities and have been able to rest; but I hope you never recover from Easter….Jesus’ glorious Resurrection!

            We live in a world today that needs hope, healing, redemption more than ever and the power of the Resurrection reminds us that the worst thing in life is NEVER the last thing. We have this incredible power because of Jesus Christ, because of the grace of God, through the Holy Spirit, that we can use to walk with God bringing His message of hope, light, and life into the world.

            The Resurrection was, is, and always will be life changing for the world around us. Instead of recovering from Easter- I hope and pray that we get so full of hope – so full of love – so full of knowing the victory of God that we proclaim, with great joy, each and every day, “Christ is Risen. He is Risen Indeed”.  That’s the message that the world needs to hear today. It is my hope and prayer that as a Church we will be filled with the love of Jesus Christ and are willing to continue to share His love in the world around us. Because of Christ, death has been defeated, sin has no control over us, lives are changed, hope is restored, love is known, and so much more happens that we can ever imagine!

            If you have some time during the next few weeks – may I challenge you to read through the Gospel of Mark and see the life of Jesus and the miracles that He performed.  I may have been well rested (after vacationing right after Easter) but I have and never will recover from Easter. Because of Easter – people are changed and empowered by the Holy Spirit. May you wake up every morning and remember how the Resurrection of Jesus has changed your life and then go into the world knowing and sharing this life changing power and grace to the world around you. 


Blessings for the journey!


Rev Kevin





             Dear Lord Jesus, of all Your post-Resurrection appearances, my favorite is Your visit to the lonely and abandoned friends on the road to Emmaus because we have so much in common with them (Luke 24:13-35). We are foolish and slow of heart. We are in constant need of Your Holy Spirit’s power at work in our lives – freeing us from our unbelief. We remain deeply grateful for Your tenacious tenderness, limitless patience, and Your steadfast love for us always.

            Jesus, continue to work through us as You did for those who traveled the Emmaus Road. Help us to see You everywhere in Your Word. As Moses gave us the law – may Moses’s words constantly point us back to You. For You have fulfilled the demands of the law for us, and now the beauty of the law can be reflected in our lives. Oh Lord, we live in a world where many people only focus on themselves. They look after what pleases them. Help us, we pray, O Lord, to grow in Gospel-astonishment.

And Lord, keep convincing us that You are the resounding “YES!” to every promise God made through Your Prophets – not just with respect for what You did on the Cross -  but also to Your crown of Glory. Things in our world are not as they appear. Having risen from the dead – You are now making all things new. You are sovereign over everything. Faith, NOT FEAR, is the order of this and every day. Faith is the way that we must walk in the world today.

            Jesus, give us an incurable case of the power of Your redemption, like that which You ignited in the hearts of the folks that journeyed at that road to Emmaus. Keep showing us more and more each day – Your glory and Your grace, Your mercy and Your love, that we might give You all the adoration and allegiance of which You alone are worthy. And so we shout a collective AMEN – SO BE IT – in Your Holy and Transforming name. Amen. 








May 6 – Mental Health Awareness Sunday

            May 8 – 6 PM Men’s Fellowship Dinner

May 9 – 5-7 EPIC Fun night at Martinsburg Memorial Park (where we will play basketball and Volleyball – invite a friend and join us. We are having pizza, pretzels and chips to eat. Come out and celebrate a wonderful year of EPIC with us). (No Roller skating)

May 12 – 5-6:30 Manna on Main Street. The Sunday School and Youth of our Church of our Church will be cooking a Spaghetti Dinner, salad, Texas Toast and desserts. Come out and support the youth of our Church.

May 14 – 6 PM Rev. Kevin will be sharing the Prayer for the Borough Council meeting.

May 15 – 11 AM All Adults who are planning on working with the Summer Lunch Program should plan on attending this Summer Lunch Training.

May 19 – Rev. Kevin conducting Ashlee Fagans, Kevin Dincher Wedding in State College

May 20 – PENTECOST SUNDAY – Plan on wearing red to Church – reminding us of the Holy Spirit that came down like the brush of a mighty wind.

            **Last Day of Sunday School for elementary and youth class.

**There will be a Training Event for the youth who will participate in Summer Lunch during Sunday School.

3-5 PM The Bishop’s RUN/WALK (that was cancelled from last month) will happen at Greene Hills. Come and join the Pastor in this walk as we have raised $100 for “Imagine No Malaria” and retiring the debt for Mission Central.

May 21 – 12-1 Manna on Monday (Hot Dogs, Baked Beans, Potato Salad and Dessert)

            May 22 – 7 Administrative Council Meeting

            May 23 – 7 PM Prayer Meeting for our Church

May 24 – 6 PM Women’s Fellowship – Light refreshments will be served. Please make sure you sign up if you are planning on attending.

May 28 – Memorial Day – The Church Office will be closed

May 30 – 7 PM Prayer Meeting for our Church

May 31-June 2 Rev. Kevin and Jason Dick will be going to the Hershey Lodge for our Annual Conference Meeting. Please pray for Jason and the Pastor as they represent Trinity UMC.



Rev. Kevin and Valerie received good news that their grandson’s need for a heart is not immediate at the present time. The Doctors in Colorado has suggested that the family would consider a different climate for Christian to live in (because the high altitude is affecting his lungs and heart). So, the family would like to ask for continued prayers as they consider the possibility of moving. They are thinking about moving closer to Boston (so that they can be closer to the Children’s Hospital there). Christian will be going back to Boston Children’s Hospital for an appointment and will be placed on the heart transplant list there.

        **It is also a great joy that Rev. Kevin will be able to baptize Christian and his brother Eli on June 3rd. What a joy and blessing this will be!!! The Locker’s would like to thank everyone for their continued prayers and they realize that they have been certainly blessed and sustained through the love and prayers uplifted by Sisters and Brothers in Christ (which we call “family”). Thank you!










OUR JOYS AND CONCERNS: Richard Butler, Doris Ferry, Laurel Mingle (Chemo treatment), Christian Spielhagen (Rev. Kevin and Valerie’s Grandson), Ruth Imler (as she returned to Homewood for some continued therapy), Ed Weise (Congestive Heart Failure), Shelly’s eyes, Darren Harker (serious health concerns), Praise for Gladys Dodson’s 99th Birthday, Marg Bradley (returning home).



            Reliable Glass has taken the 5th Window away to be re-leaded. The windows are shining a little brighter and they have been able to replace some of the cracked pieces of glass in the process (if they have the glass available in that same color). The Pastor will be taking a trip down after the next window is removed and would welcome other people to join him in seeing how they are refurbishing our Stained Glass Windows. The windows are costing over $2,000 to be re-leaded so we are grateful for the Yard Sale and the Penny Challenge that have been given for this very important project. The Pastor would like to thank everyone who participated in the Yard Sale in any way. 



Text Box: ****Date Change**** 

Women’s Fellowship will be on May 24th at 6:00.













The “Miles for Mission Walk/Run” which was scheduled for April 7th was cancelled to bad weather. They have rescheduled the walk on Sunday, May 20th from 3-5 PM at Greene Hills. Rev. Kevin is planning on attending and would like to take some people along form the Church. We collected $100 for the project – and if anyone else would like to contribute you may give your donation to the Pastor.  Half of the money will go to “Imagine No Malaria” and the other half will go to retiring the debt at Mission Central.  






Bedford United Methodist Church

May 29th

There will be 2 training times on this day – the first one is at 2 PM and the second one is at 6 PM. The first session will last from 2-4 PM and there will be a light dinner prepared for those who attend. The second session will be from 6-8 PM (but you can also come early for the light meal that is being provided by the Church. Bob Winters from the Department of Homeland Security will be the main speaker for this event. There is a sign-up sheet in the back of the Church if you are planning on attending. There is no cost for this event – but the Church needs to know how many people are attending.


            If you are planning on assisting with the Summer Lunch Program again this year you must attend one of the Summer Lunch Training Events. Valerie Locker has scheduled the following events:

          May 15 – Adult Training – 11 AM in the Fellowship Hall

          May 20 – Youth Training – 10:45 During the Sunday School









Rev. Kevin will be available on Wednesday evenings May 23, 30 from 7-8 PM where we will meet in the Sanctuary to pray for our Church’s Mission and Ministry. The Pastor is encouraging all prayer warriors to join him in praying for our Church.











We have already received the names of Tom Metzger, Hunter Wierman, Hannah Smith, and Carissa Blair. We are going to recognize our graduates June 3 during the morning worship service. If you know of someone that we have missed please call the church office, talk to Fred Hetrick or let the Pastor know.

  Text Box: Roaring Spring Food Bank is asking for these items:
1.	Rice
2.	Cereal
3.	Pancake Mix (boxes)
4.	Canned Tuna
5.	Boxed Mashed Potatoes   
At this time they do NOT need Ramen Noodles, Soup or Vegetables.