Trinity United Methodist Church of Roaring Spring
Sunday, October 25, 2020

Trinity Tidings

Roaring Spring, PA 16673                                                     Summer 2019


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

            I thought I would like to spend a few moments today talking about prayer and share some of my thoughts (and I thought maybe they might be some of your thoughts too).  Have you ever wondered “how do I know that God hears all my prayers?”  Did you ever wander about that?  I know that I do.  I have had a few what I call “prayer warriors” in my circle of friends (people who I can always depend upon – my “go to people” – who I know would drop everything and simply pray for a particular need – not ask a whole lot of questions – simply pray).  They are the people that you simply love being around because when you talk with them, you feel like they know God personally.

            And so, I have to wonder, how do we know God hears us?  Did you ever ask that question to one of your deep faithful, personal friends?  I decided to ask one of my friends recently that question and we entered into a wonderful conversation about prayer and this is what we talked about:  my friend said “I get a feeling that God has heard me, I get this overwhelming feeling deep within my soul – and that is just the way that I feel God has spoken back to me.  But there are times when I feel like my prayers just bounce off the ceiling – it is like I picked up the phone to talk to God and there was no one on the other end.”  Wow, does that sound familiar?  When they said this – I knew exactly what they were feeling.  That has been my experience many times when I have prayed.  I have prayed and there doesn’t seem to be an answer.  But then they said one more thing that help me more than just about anything else: “but I know that God even hears those prayers. I just have to get better at hearing God’s response. And the only way you get better at hearing God’s response is by spending more time listening to it.” 

            I will let you in on a little secret – I am turning 60 in just a few days – and this person is older – and probably a little wiser than I.  After spending many years praying to God, I am getting better at hearing God’s voice now than I used to be. I believe that we have to realize that sometimes God says: “yes, no, and not right now.”  Prayer is a conversation with God.  When we are doing prayer well, it requires the same kind of concentration as when we are talking with a friend about what happened over the weekend.  There is a back-and-forth to prayer, in which we talk and then listen and then talk and then listen.  Prayer is not just a way to get someone with magic powers to do something you can’t accomplish on your own.  It’s a way that we grow closer in our relationship with God.  The more we spend time in this conversation, the better we get at recognizing God’s voice and being open with our thoughts and know our own heart. 

            We have to realize that when we talk to God in prayer – when God answers our requests – sometimes it happens miraculously, sometimes it doesn’t happen at all, and sometimes it goes in a different direction than we could have anticipated.  In my own life, God’s answers to my prayers have even come through people around me.  And you might be asking yourselves – how does that happen?  Well, let me explain.  There may be a situation that I have asked God to give me peace about something and peace wasn’t coming.  I kept praying for peace, and each day kept brining more and more stress.  Then a friend came to talk to me and we talked about the situation and I opened up about my stress, and they told me a story how they had a similar situation in their own life and that they persisted and God eventually sent them an answer (and within 2 weeks I felt this peace that came over me).  It was the kind of peace that the Bible speaks about in Philippians 4:7 – a peace that surpasses all human understanding.  God used my friend to bring peace into my life that I needed all along. 

            Let me try to summarize just a bit:  how can we know God hears our prayers?  First, our prayers need to be more than making a list of things that we want to miraculously do in our lives.  Prayer should be a way for us to spend quality time with God.  Second, we must allow time for God to speak to us. If we don’t allow time for God to speak through scripture, through other people, through that peace that we find deep within our souls – then we need to allow more time for those quiet moments.  The more we pray, the better we become at sensing God’s presence and understanding God’s voice.  When it comes to asking God to do things – sometimes they happen like you want – sometimes not – and a lot of times – God sends people to be there with you and help you with whatever you have been asking God to do. 

            But you know what? If God sends other people into your life as an answer to prayer – Maybe – just maybe – God will use you as the answer to someone’s prayer as well.  As we listen to people in our world who need help, as we hear people asking for prayer about the struggles in their lives - maybe the answer is us – maybe the answer is you – maybe the answer is me.  We can comfort those who are having a difficult time.  We can be a friend to those who are hurting, to those who are lonely, and we can give advice to those who are just not sure which way to go. 

            It is my prayer that God will show you how to be the answer to someone else’s prayers………..




Rev Kevin



            June 9 – Day of Pentecost – 9:30 Confirmation Class to lead morning Worship

                          10:45 Welcoming our newest members to the Trinity Church family

  10:45 (IHS Sunday School Class)

            June 10 – 14 Lisa will be out of the office on Vacation this week (We will have

                           volunteers answering the phone Monday – Thursday 9-12 Noon)

June 10 - 12-1 Summer Lunch begins

            June 11 – 6 Men’s Fellowship Dinner

            June 14 – 8:30 Outdoor Movie

            June 16 – Father’s Day

                             Last day to order blueberries

            June 26-30 – Creation Festival – Carissa will be going with some youth from

                           the Church

            June 26 – Rev. Kevin attending Stewardship Foundation meeting in Lewisburg

            July 2 – Blueberries to be delivered

            July 4 – Have a safe and enjoyable Independence Day

            July 7 – 12   6-8:30 Vacation Bible School at Shawnee Park

            July 9 – 6 Men’s Fellowship Dinner

            July 10 – 9:30 Roaring Spring Ministerium Meeting at Bare Memorial Church

            July 13 – 5-6:30 Manna on Main Street

            July 22 – 6:30 Bible Study

            July 23 – 7 – Administrative Council Meeting

            August 9 – 10 Rev. Locker will be performing Abby Clark/Adam Somogyi

   Wedding at Stone Hedge Lodge

            August 10 – 5-6:30 Manna on Main Street   

            August 13 – 6 Men’s Fellowship Dinner

            August 18 – 10:45 Education Committee Meeting

            August 23 – Last Day of Summer Lunch

August 26 – 12:30-6 Blood Drive




OUR JOYS AND CONCERNS: Richard and Audrey Butler, Doris Ferry, Jim Hamm, Ruth Imler, Louise Holsinger, Doris and Bob Musselman (Pace-maker surgery),  Anne Crawford, Ralph Grove (Eye surgery), Gary Black Family (Kate Muthler’s Uncle who passed away), Peggy Steele, Mike Butler (upcoming hand surgery), tornado and flood victims, Pat Bollman family (Cancer treatment), Mel Edmundson (Cataract Surgery), Bob Zeigler (Heart by-pass surgery), Glenn Detwiler (Broken Neck)


            Mighty God, there are times when life doesn’t seem fair, when faced by the cold realities of this world.  Life brings us joy and beauty, but it also brings pain and sorrow, there are times of testing that may stretch our faith to the limit.  Tragedy and disaster strike us all, irrespective of virtue, untold suffering afflicting the most innocent.  We cannot make sense of it, try though we might, and we cannot help wondering sometimes why You allow it.  Yet You have shown us through Your suffering and death in Jesus that You are not removed from our need, but You know full well the pain that we feel, You share in our grief, You endure the same sorrow, and You feel our pain.  You faced and triumphed over everything that denies Your love, giving us the promise that one day such things will be over.  We cannot pretend this is the answer to all of our questions, but it reminds us that Your heart understands our heart and it longs to tend to our wounds.  Teach us to hold on to this thought, until that day when Your Kingdom comes, through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen. 


We have a NEED - Pray with me

This summer, as we re-gather ourselves and prepare once more for the fall, our church is facing a need. This is a need not only in our church, but in many around the area, country, and world. The children, youth, and young adults are leaving the church at alarming rates. Our low attendance problem is quickly becoming an epidemic. Each individual has a need to come to know God, Christ, to know our living Savior. I ask you to pray with me. Pray for this need to be met. Pray for the girls and boys, young ladies and young gentlemen who have an empty spot in their lives. Whether they have realized it or not, there is something in life that this world cannot provide. But we, as the body of Christ, have an opportunity to point in the right direction. To plant the seed, offer good soil, regular waterings, and sunlight. God and each person work together to make the seed grow, but a seed has many needs that must be met. I ask that you pray with me, that the needs of those in our community are met. That the needs of those coming to Trinity as a means to seek out Jesus are met. Pray with me that we may water all the seeds that come to us thirsty.


If you would like a visit from the Pastor or the Pastor and his wife in the late afternoon or early evening please call the Church office to schedule a visit. 




          Valerie and her team have all of the meals planned out for the Summer.  We have volunteers in place.  There may be some additional help needed – so please contact Valerie if you would like to assist in any way.  If you know some children in your neighborhood that would benefit from having a free meal during the summer please reach out to them and tell them about our program.  Valerie is looking for people to volunteer to make cookies and cake during the summer as well – so please make sure you contact her if you would like to donate these items. 


Summer Lunch Lessons

Weekly on Tuesdays at 12:50

About 15 minutes with activity

Carissa would love some help in ministering to the beautiful children of Roaring Spring. No preparation required, just willing hands and open hearts!




We will be joining efforts with Bare Memorial and 1st Church of the Brethren with a combined Vacation Bible School at Shawnee Park this year from July 7-12 from 6-8:30.  Carissa still needs to have 2 volunteers to step forward to walk along with some of the groups so that there will be a familiar face in all of the groups.  Rev. Kevin and Carissa will be opening up each night of VBS with the evening Skit.  This will be a great community effort and we look forward to see how God will be working in our midst. 




Still time to sign up!

Creation: June 26-June 30th

Parent/Student Meeting: June 13th @ 1pm, following summer lunch

Contact Carissa for paperwork to have completed before the meeting.


CONFIRMATION CLASS – It is with great honor that we welcome the Confirmation as our newest members to the Trinity Church family.  They have studied hard.  They have challenged Carissa and Rev. Kevin with some tough questions.  They are some really deep thinkers.  We praise God and we welcome Eli Muthler, Austin Bassler, Sophia Marko, Sophia Holt, Macie Smith, and Izabella Finochio. 




We are starting 2 new Sunday School Classes in the fall and we need your help.  There is a group of Middle School students that need some adults to step forward in the Fall to show them the love of Jesus Christ.  We also feel that there is a need for Young Adult Class (because we have so many graduating seniors – and we don’t want to lose them).  So, it is our hope and prayer that we as a congregation will be praying for some people to step forward to take on these exciting possibilities.  Carissa will be able to suggest a whole host of curriculum for you to use and all you would have to have is a desire to share the love of Jesus Christ. 


American Red Cross

Blood Drive Date Set

August 26, 2019





We are in need on a Middle School Class for EPIC as well for the Fall and Sandy Polchito will be looking for 2 additional volunteers each week to meet the needs of the children who are coming to grow in their life of faith. We are also going to need to have some volunteers for our Youth Class because Jason Dick has decided that he needs to take some time to renew himself. We wish to thank Jason for his dedication for teaching the Youth Class for the past 3 years! You have been such a blessing! 


Spring Dam Weekend

July 31-August 4

Wed.   7pm Little Miss R.S. Pageant

Fri.      5:30-8:30pm FREE Comm. Picnic

            Movie to Follow

Sat.     9am-2pm Caft & Vendors

            11am Food Vendors Open

            6pm Parade

Sun.    6-9am Pancake Breakfast

            9:15am Comm. Worship Service

TUMC will have a tent Friday night. We are in need of greeters to help hand out food & milk to the community.







TRUSTEES NEWSThe Trustee’s have been hard at work.  They recently had a work day at the Church and parsonage and we would like to thank those who participated.  We received a quote to pain the hallway from Duane Oakes outside the IHS Classroom and Duane has already started on this project.  We are gathering some quotes to remodel the bathrooms in the parsonage (to be spread out during the next few years) and we will be doing one of the bathrooms before the end of the year.  We are looking at updating some of the Electrical needs of the parsonage.  We will be purchasing some new parking stoppers for the parking lot.  We are looking to move the Nursery to the top of the Educational Wing to the left and will be carpeting that room.  We will look into the possibility of making the Educational Wing handicap accessible.





Rev. Kevin would like to have a Bible Study that would look at the Book entitled “Run with the Horses” by Eugene Peterson on Monday nights starting July 22nd at 6:30 that would meet in his office. If you would like to sign up for the class please contact the Pastor. 


Manna on Main Street

*We need a host/hostess for the July 13th Manna on Main Street.


*The August 10th Manna on Main Street will be hosted by Mel Edmundson.


Will you or your group volunteer to host the July Manna?


Please let Val know if you are interested.




Blair Senior Services is in need of your help. They are looking for someone who can deliver Meals on Wheels in the Roaring Spring area. They specifically need help on Friday. The coordinator, Chelsey said almost half of the deliveries will be to the Greystone. If you can help, give her a call at 946-1235.


10 lbs. box (approximately 13.5 pints)
Checks payable to ADMCHUB
Tuesday, July 2nd
Orders can be turned into Ruth Adams
or to the church office by June 16th.