Trinity United Methodist Church of Roaring Spring
Monday, October 19, 2020

Trinity Tidings

Roaring Spring, PA 16673                                                     July 2020





What an adventure it is to be a pastor!  A year ago, I thought, thought, I was going to retire, but that all changed when God and I had a conversation late in November.  “Don’t be in a rush,” God said, “I may have something else for you to do.”  So, I told the Bishop and the DS, “If you need me to serve somewhere, I am available.”  And, here I am!!!

My family and I moved to Hollidaysburg in 1989.  Over the years, I have become familiar with the Cove.  When I worked for Altoona Hospital, I was involved with the Student Assistance Program here in the Spring Cove District and throughout the County.  I came to the Cove to buy bird seed, bring my younger daughter to the ER, and drove through it every time I left to go to DC for seminary, so, yes, I am familiar with the Cove.  But, I have so much to learn about you, my new church family, and this community. 

I am inviting you to join me in small groups for a time of conversation after worship on Sundays.  We will either do this in the back of the church or move down to a cooler space, but a space in which we can practice social distancing.  This will help me learn you by name AND attach names and faces.  But, what I am interested in hearing is all about you: how long have you attended Trinity? Are you involved in any activities here?  What are the things you hope will return once we are back to ‘normal’?  What would you hope to see happen here?

God has ministry for us to do together.  We are to be involved in our community, sharing our faith through our words and actions, our demeanor, and our attitudes.  We are to remain connected to the Vine as we worship together, study together, spend time in fellowship, pray for one another, and have fun!  Who is missing in our fellowship?  Are we keeping in contact?  I have learned to do Bible Study via ZOOM, hold meetings on ZOOM, and many other skills involving the computer over the past few months.  In person is still best, but ZOOM allows others to join us for times of study who cannot be out and about!!

Our mission is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.  This begins as we continue to follow Jesus, growing and maturing as disciples.  This continues as we go into the world, sharing God’s message of love, grace, and mercy with everyone we meet.  Our faith is to be visible. The people around us – family, friends, co-workers – should all experience God’s love in our encounters with them.  This is only possible as the Holy Spirit is at work within us, transforming us, revealing to us and to the world the person God has created us to be.


Now we look inside, and what we see

is that anyone united with the Messiah gets a fresh start,

 is created new. The old life is gone; a new life burgeons! Look at it!

                                                                                                                                                     2 Corinthians 3:17                   The Message


A fresh start – this is what God gives to us individually and as a congregation.  As we begin our journey together, let’s keep our eyes and hearts open to God’s transforming work.  Pray for me as your pastor and pray for this congregation as we join together in our mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ!



Rev. Evelyn Louise (Hopf) Madison’s Biography

Born July 22, 1952, at St. Catherine’s Hospital in East Chicago, IN. I was baptized, grew up and was a member of the Indiana Harbor Methodist Episcopal Church until after I was married and moved to Pennsylvania to live.  I am a Methodist Methodist-- my mom was the church organist, my dad often was the lay delegate, my great-aunt, who I usually sat with in church,was chair of the administrative board. 


I am the middle child and only girl.  My older brother Chuck and his wife Jeannie live in Dallas, TX. My younger brother died when he was 18. 


I have two daughters.  Annelise and her husband Steven live in Oakland, CA.  Kristen and her husband Joseph live in Pittsburgh.  NO grandchildren, many, many grand cats. I have been married twice.  Dave and I were married for 20 years.  He lives in Altoona and we have a good relationship.  Scott and I were married for almost 2 years, before he died of cancer in 2003.


1970: B.A. in Humanities and Fine Arts (emphasis in music history),

             Slippery Rock State College 

1980: M.Ed in Counselor Education, University of Pittsburgh

1994: M.S.W., University of Pittsburgh

2007: M. Div, Wesley Theological Seminary


After completing my MSW, I was hired at Altoona Hospital in Behavior Health Services and worked primarily in school-based mental health. I also worked on the inpatient psych unit, in the crisis center, and geriatric assessment.  I am a licensed clinical social worker and have maintained my license to this day.


After moving to Hollidaysburg, I spent almost a year as the organist at Jaggard Memorial and was then hired as the choir director at Hicks Memorial. Hicks Memorial is my sending church.


The call to ministry was a long process.  The first time someone suggested that perhaps ministry was a part of my future was in college.  Rev. Henderson at the Slippery Rock UMC asked if I had ever thought about being a minister of music.  I didn’t pursue that, but God wasn’t done calling.  My first lay speaking class was in 1985 when we were living in Barnesboro.  I then took additional classes and became a certified lay speaker.  When I became active at Hicks, I had more opportunities to preach and do remember a Laity Sunday when I was challenging the congregation to answer God’s call.  As we sang, “Here I am, Lord,” God said, VERY DISTINCTLY, “So, when are YOU going to answer my call?”  That was in 1995.  I told God that I couldn’t do this until my girls were through school, and God, said, “Okay.”  At a church conference in about 2000, Tom Irwin asked me if I had ever given any thought to becoming a local pastor.  “No, no,” I said, only to find myself in his office within the month.  And, here I am today.


2005 – 2007: I served the East Freedom Charge as a local licensed pastor

                      (Mt. Moriah/East Freedom/Canoe Creek)

2007 – 2010: Jaggard Memorial/Fifth Avenue UMC, Altoona

2010 – 2020: Wehnwood UMC

2020 –         : Trinity UMC, Roaring Spring


I was commissioned in 2007 and ordained as an elder in 2010.




 Please continue to pray for these people: Ruth Imler, Linda Acker, Doris and Bob Musselman, Doris Ferry, Richard Butler, Lois Adams, Connie Musselman, Bob & Dorothy Van Natta, Tracy (stage 4 cancer), Patty Harpster (back surgery), Micah Stroud family


FREE Summer Lunch Program

We have served over 4,000 to-go meals!! 

We are asking our church and our community to please remember us when you do your baking. We are serving 12 dozen cookies each DAY! We are asking for cookies, brownies or dessert bars.

(No peanuts Please!)

Anything that is easy to transport in a baggie.


IHS meets virtually each Sunday at 5:00pm

The IHS Sunday School class has been coming together using Zoom on their computers and Ipads. They have been able to do this with the help of Kate Muthler. If anyone wants to join in on this new form of social distancing please let Kate know and she can get you set up for the next class. All you need is a computer and an email address. If you’re interested contact Kate at 224-4555 or


We are still accepting food items for the porch pantry. Please feel free to drop any donations off on the shelves or bring them into the church. This pantry has been a blessing to so many people in the past few months. Thank you to everyone for their help in keeping it stocked and a special “thank you” to Jerry for maintaining the shelves and shopping for items needed.


Items that are needed: canned pasta, veggies, fruit, tuna, chicken, soup, spaghetti sauce, condiments, peanut butter, jelly, cereal, pancake mix, granola bars, mac-n-cheese, and sugar.


View our service at & on our Facebook Page or our Youtube Channel. If for any reason you can not watch the services online a DVD can be made for you to watch at home. If you would like to request a DVD please contact the church office.