Trinity United Methodist Church of Roaring Spring
Monday, October 19, 2020
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Trinity Tidings
Roaring Spring, PA 16673                                                     September 2019

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

         I imagine that we all must have known some people in our lives who have been hard of hearing and we have had to raise our voices in order to speak to them. Valerie’s father was hard of hearing from all of his years of working as a railroad engineer. He would rarely be able to hear my voice and Valerie would practically have to raise her voice a couple of octaves in order for him to hear her (so it was always very interesting trying to communicate with him). And so, we often times learned to speak slower and faced him in order for him to read our lips. 

            I just turned 60 years old at the end of May and I don’t know whether I am more aware of aches and pains in my body (but I, myself have always had problems with my ears – because I have had tubes put in my ears as a child because of a number of ear infections). And so, I am well aware of how frustrating it is to not be able to hear and fully understand what other people are trying to say to me. 

            But I also have to wonder – are we ever hard of hearing – maybe not physically – but spiritually? I heard people say that they haven’t heard the Lord speak to them. Or that they are waiting for God to guide them on what they should be doing in their lives. But I do believe that God does speak to us and I do believe that there are times when we just don’t spend the time to truly listen to what God wants to say. We are often hard of hearing. And God doesn’t like to shout. In fact, God most often speaks to us softly and quietly. Should I say that again? God likes to speak softly and quietly. It says in Isaiah 30: 21 “Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, “this is the way you should go.” Your ear will hear a voice behind you, like someone whispering over your shoulder into your ear, “go right” or “go left” or “keep going forward.” Does that kind of relationship with God seem out of reach to you? It should not. God speaks to us in so many ways. 

            Our creative God is not limited to one form of communication. He is all-powerful. He is sovereign. The Bible is filled with accounts of God speaking to individuals, to families and to nations. God loves to speak to His people in soft and gentle ways. Most effectively – God shared some important messages in a whisper. God doesn’t like to shout. He loves to guide us gently and purposefully – carefully whispering into our ear, “this is the way, walk in it.” How do we get to that point in our Christian journey? How do we have that kind of relationship with our God where He only needs to whisper? In order to hear God whisper, we have to get close to Him. We need to lean into God in order to hear Him whisper. 

Hearing God whisper requires spending time alone with Him, daily. 

Hearing God whisper requires being silent before Him. Sometimes we don’t need to say a word or complain that God is not speaking.

Hearing God whisper means following His directions when He shares them with us. 

What has God whispered to you lately and you refused to listen? God can’t guide you if you refuse to follow directions. 


Do you long to have this kind of relationship with God? One so close that God merely whispers in your ear and you follow? You can have it. God wants it. All you have to do is follow Him. Be still before Him. Be quiet enough to hear Him speak. And follow His Word. 

Rev Kevin

September 1 – Worship

September 2 – Labor Day

September 8 – All Sunday School Classes resume

                        2 Women’s Fellowship Picnic

September 9 – Office Closed due to painting

September 10 – 6 Men’s Fellowship Dinner

September 11 – 5 EPIC resumes
                        6:15 EPIC Dinner
                        7 Choir Resumes

September 14 – Manna on Main Street Dinner (Hamburgers and Hot Dog Dinner)

September 15 – Doug Mingle Preaching

September 18 – EPIC
September 22 – Worship

September 23 – 12 – 1 Manna on Monday Resumes

September 24 – 7 Ad Council Meeting
September 25 – EPIC
September 29 - Worship


          Lord Jesus Christ, we are so good at talking about service but not very good at showing it. We speak of Your love for the helpless and hopeless, but we all too rarely translate concern into action. There is so much more that we can do. We talk about service others but live instead for ourselves; we speak of self-sacrifice but indulge our self-interest; we profess loyalty to Your cause, yet repeatedly deny it through the way we live. 

          We pray dear Lord for our Sunday School program.

          We pray dear Lord for our Wednesday night EPIC program.

          We pray Lord that You will lift up leaders that we come and bring the love of Jesus Christ and want to share that love with our children. 

          We praise You, God, for our wonderful feeding ministry and the way in which we have been able to reach out to the community around us! We praise You for the way in which we have been able to feed Your people physically, emotionally and spiritually. And Lord, if there are ways in which we can better serve You – Lord, please show us the Way!

          We have preferred our ways to Yours, more concerned with our own advancements than Your Kingdom. We have been weak in our commitment and half-hearted in offering our service. Forgive us all the ways our lives fail to reflect Your goodness and all the ways our faithlessness betrays Your grace. 

          Touch our lives afresh and fill our hearts with Your love so that we may truly live for You, making known Your love and bringing closer Your Kingdom. In Your name we ask it. Amen. 


OUR JOYS AND CONCERNS: Louise Holsinger family, Charlie Yingling family, Anne Crawford, Ruth Imler, Linda Acker, Doris Musselman, Glenn Detwiler, Lauren and Dan Rhodes (Pregnancy), Doris Ferry, Richard Butler, Rev. Byron Shafer-Stroud


INCOME        $14,364.10
EXPENSES  	$15,952.97
NET LOSS 	$ 1,588.87




What a summer it has been! We have been truly blessed in so many ways. We have been blessed in abundance through the donations of so many vegetables (tomatoes, cabbage, fresh sweet corn, peppers, zucchini, lettuce, peppers) and the various ways in which the community has supported us has been overwhelming. People know about our program and they want to give. Then people from our Church donated baked good items which were greatly appreciated (at just the right time). And what can we say about the endless amount of tireless energy and the love for our Lord and Savior that fills the hearts of the people that serve in the kitchen and out in the fellowship hall every single day? We may never know the full impact that this program has made in the lives of the people of our community. We served 159 meals on the day we celebrated Thanksgiving and there was laughter as well as tears (as we rejoiced and were blessed in so many ways). We praise God for the way in which God is working in our midst. 



TEACHERS NEEDED! We are in need of teachers to help us on a rotating basis for a Middle School and Youth Sunday School Class on Sunday mornings. We have been praying that people would step forward during the summer months and a few people have stepped forward and we still need a few more volunteers. Carissa has curriculum that is easy to follow and is easy to teach. Christian Education is vital in the lives of our children today and we are praying that more people step forward. Please talk to Carissa or Rev. Kevin soon. Sunday School will be resuming on September 8th so time is running out. 




The Pastor will be starting a study on September 25th and he will be offering either a Book Study called “Run with the Horses” which is a book written by Eugene Peterson (looking at the book of Jeremiah). We would read 2 chapters each week and then discuss them together. The other option would be a DVD format, where we would look at the material “Follow” from Andy Stanley. We would read a chapter each week – watch a 20 minute video and then we would discuss what we have read and heard. There will be a sign-up sheet in the back of the Church so that you can decide which format you would like best. The study would be on Wednesday nights at 5 PM and then people are encouraged to stay for the EPIC dinner at 6:15. 




      The Trustees have decided to care for remodeling the bathrooms at the parsonage and the most recent Ad Council Meeting. They have not been remodeled for some time and the total project will be $21,000. If you would like to make a donation to the Bathroom Remodeling Project – please mark your envelopes or your check “BATHROOM REMODEL” – that would be greatly appreciated!!!!!



The church office is going to be closed on September 9th due to painting. It’s been many years since the office has seen a fresh coat of paint. Duane Oakes will be taking care of this task for us.

*We will need help moving furniture away from the walls that weekend


The Scarlet Dragon Packs program has been started to provide food for deserving children over the weekends when other food sources may not be available to them. Every Friday, from October to May, backpacks will be packed with nutritious, non-perishable, kid-friendly foods to include 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 2 dinners, 2 drinks, and 2 snacks for Saturday and Sunday.

In the Spring Cove School district, approximately 100 students will benefit from this program. It has been calculated that $199 will benefit 1 child for this entire school year. Please consider making an investment to a child in need. (Any checks can be made out to “CPCF”. Write “Scarlet Dragon Packs” in the memo.)

TUMC will also be sponsoring a food drive during the month of September to give to the program. The items listed are what the program is in need of. Feel free to drop off items in the round room any time during the month of September.

Items Needed:

Single Serving Cereal Bowls

Instant Oatmeal Packets
Ramen Noodles Soup Packets
Macaroni & Cheese Individual Serving Bowls


Macaroni & Cheese Boxes


Individual Juice Drink Boxes
Small cans of canned meat.
Cans of Soup
(No fresh or perishable items.)
(Please avoid nuts in ingredients.)