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Wednesday, September 23, 2020
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09 September Tidings Newsletter 2018

Trinity Tidings

Roaring Spring, PA 16673                                                     September 2018


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

               Did you ever hear the expression:  “where God guides, God promises to provide?”  Have you realized that blessing in your life?  I have been well aware of this promise of God throughout our Summer Lunch Program. It’s a good thing that I am not in charge of the Program because I would be too worried all the time (worried that we were not going to have enough). But God showed us many times that God will provide. We would come in the morning and we wouldn’t have any vegetables and the next thing you know that someone would bring in lettuce from their garden. We would come on another day with the same realization and then someone would come in with produce that was donated from the Monastery Garden.  There were even days when we didn’t have anything prepared for a snack and someone would walk in with a plate of cookies, a cake, some gobs or some no-bakes.  And it happened like that over and over again.

            Maybe you’ve been waiting, or have been praying, for help, for a breakthrough. Maybe you feel like an answer has been slow in coming, or that you can’t see a way through your current situation. Maybe the needs seem to far outweigh the reality you’ve living in. And maybe you’ve lost hope, you feel alone, and the weight of the world seems to be too hard on your shoulders.

            Brothers and sisters in Christ, whatever the need – physical, spiritual, emotional – God’s truth reminds us – I’ve got it covered. I will care for you. There is a story in the Old Testament where Abraham was asked to sacrifice of his son Isaac – but at just the right moment, God provided a ram instead. Abraham called that place “Jehovah-Jireh” (which is translated to mean – “The Lord will provide.” (Genesis 22:14). 

            Jesus also said “your Father knows the things you need before you ask Him (Matthew 6:8).  God is constantly caring for us and seeking out the best for us. We have to remember that the next time we face hardship, need or fear – we have a God who always cares for us. God will give you the strength and endurance that you need when you are faced with a challenging situation. But do you know what I have realized too?  When we are faced with a challenging situation – there’s work that we must do and then we are charged with handing the rest over to God. But what often times happens with us?  I believe that when the problem comes – we often times before impatient and we start trying to get creative in doing God’s part. We try to equip ourselves for what God wanted for us in the first place. We have to learn to do our part and then we have to have the patience while God does His. He will provide for what you need when you need it. I know it feels like we need things a whole lot sooner or we may even think that God has forgotten all about us. But we have to be patient and wait. The Bible is full of people who didn’t want to wait and they tried to do God’s part. Today, it is my prayer that you realize that you have a part to do and then we have to let God get to work. God knows best. Where God guides – God always promises to provide. I have learned that over and over again this summer as I waited on God. And guess what?  God provided at every turn. God showed up. God gave us the thing that we needed most. God never disappoints us. God is there all the time.




Rev Kevin



OUR JOYS AND CONCERNS: Richard Butler, Doris Ferry, Laurel Mingle, Christian Spielhagen Ruth Imler, Jim Hamm, Ada Adamski, praise that 6 Stained Glass Windows have been finished, Butch Garth (fire on Main Street), Praise for Reilly’s good test results, Heidi Allison, David Spencer (Valerie Locker’s Brother in hospital), Cheryl Treese (Hospice care), Steve Shover (hospitalized in Pittsburgh)




             Sovereign God, we cannot always make sense of life, Your purpose sometimes hard to understand and our experiences a puzzle. We feel frustrated when things don’t work out as we had hoped; confused when the way we thought You were leading us no longer feels right; troubled when doors that once had beckoned suddenly seem closed firmly in our face. We cannot be sure whether such moments are meant to happen or whether they run counter to Your purpose, but what we know for certain is that where one door closes You are able to open another.

            Help us, Lord, instead of regretting what has been, to look forward to what is to come and to be ready to grasp the future, responding to each opportunity You give to us as it comes. In the name of Jesus we ask these things. Amen. 

    September Calendar


            September 2 – Worship/Communion

          September 3 – Labor Day

          September 6 – Rev. Kevin will participate in Boundaries Training

          September 8 – Manna on Main Street (We will have picnic food)

          September 9 – Worship/Communion/Bible Presentation to children                                      going into the 3rd Grade

          September 11 – Men’s Fellowship Dinner

          September 12 – EPIC begins

          September 16 – Worship/Communion/Rev. George Mauk preaching                                      for Rev. Kevin

          September 19 – EPIC

          September 23 – Worship/Communion

          September 24 – Manna on Monday

          September 25 – Administrative Council Meeting

          September 26 – EPIC

          September 27 – Committee on Lay Leadership (Nominations                                                 Committee)

          September 29 – Rev. Kevin has a wedding in Port Matilda

          September 30 – “The Gathering” will be leading our Worship Service

                                   2 PM – Women’s Fellowship Auction/Picnic at the                                        Polchito home


Text Box: 5th SUNDAY IN SEPTEMBER – we usually do something different on the months that have a 5th Sunday. We have contacted “The Gathering” from the 1st UMC of Hollidaysburg and they will be leading us in worship on September 30th.  You will not want to miss this service!  We will not be having Communion on this day.














            We power-washed outside the main entrance all the way down to the driveway at the walls of the Church because water was leaking into the basement of the Church. We were able to caulk around the perimeter of the building.  The carpets in the offices will be replaced in the early part of September by Leighty’s Carpet. 




We were able to have our 6th Window re-leaded this Summer.  We had 2 Fun-Raising Events to help offset some of the cost of the windows.  Thus far we raised $5,861.00 of our total project balance of $44,000.00. Cindy Schaper had a TEA at her home and we had a family donate Altoona Curve Baseball tickets.  We are still looking for people to step forward to do some more Fun-Raising events – please contact the Pastor if you have an idea.


          The Administrative Council would like to pay off the Roof

          Loan, $9,750.68 by the end of December 2018 so that

          we can concentrate on the stained glass window project.

          We appreciate all your donations for the roof!!


  Text Box: HAYRIDE
If you would like to organize a Church Hayride for October please contact Rev. Kevin.



TUMC Finances for July


                Income:     $15, 653.47

                Expenses: $16, 260.43

                Net Loss:           $606.96






The Choir will not resume until October 3rd.

Doug Mingle has been filling in at the Mennonite Church and he will not be finished until the end of September. We encourage more people to come out and join us – so if you have an interest in music and would like to join us – we would love to have you. We meet at 7 PM (right after EPIC and DINNER) – if you would like to join us for an evening meal – you are welcome to do that.   



Roaring Spring Food Pantry

These items are very low at this time:

1.     Cereal

2.     Jelly

3.     Pancake Mix (boxes)

4.    Peanut butter

5.     Oatmeal (boxes or circular containers)

6.     Spaghetti sauce


















WOULD YOU LIKE TO JOIN THE CHURCH?  Rev. Kevin would like to take new people into the Church in October. If you would like to join the Church please contact Rev. Kevin and share with him the information of the Church that you would like to transfer from. 




Wow!  What a summer!

We have realized the true blessing of the words “it takes a village..” well, we have added to those words by saying “it takes a community of faithful people to make our Summer Lunch Program successful. We have had great leadership of the program but this program would not be successful without a whole bunch of volunteers. We have had many more people step forward to cook and help in the kitchen. We have had people who donated vegetables from their garden (our own church people plus people from the community and we even received vegetables from the Monastery Garden this year as well). We have had people volunteer to bake cup cakes, cookies and gobs. We had donations that we received for free from a local surplus store.  And we were able to feed 6,012 people this year (which is an increase of over 650 people from last year). We were not expecting to serve 6,000 meals when we first started this summer but we knew from the very first day forward that we had increased numbers.  God continued to provide for all of our needs. 




Rev. Kevin has some evenings and daytime hours open if you would like him to visit in your home. If you would like to schedule a visit please contact the Church office at 224-2815.




Rev. Kevin would like to have a study on the book entitled “Anxious about Nothing” by Max Lucado from 5-6:15 on Wednesday nights (the same night as EPIC). We would not be able to start the study until September 26.  If you would like to participate in the class – please contact the Pastor so that he can order a book for you.


We will starting EPIC again on Wednesday, September 12th and we need your help.  We have 2 groups that usually meet on this night – an elementary group and a youth group. We have regular volunteers for the Youth group but we need people to volunteer for the Elementary Group. Sandy Polchito is looking for volunteers so if you would like to volunteer once or several times please contact Sandy today. The Pastor would like to have a class for Adults that would meet in his office during EPIC and then stay for dinner as well so if you would like to join him – he will be looking at the Max Lucado Book entitled “Anxious About Nothing”.  (The Pastor’s Class will not begin until September 26th.)


Women’s Fellowship

is looking or Hostesses for October, November



If you are interested in hosting one of these months please call the office or let Valerie know.