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Monday, October 19, 2020
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10 October Tidings 2017

Trinity Tidings

Roaring Spring, PA 16673                                                     October 2017


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Wow!  There has been so much unrest in our world today.  We went from the racial tensions in Virginia to Hurricanes in Texas and Florida.  Hurricane Harvey raved towns in the Texas Gulf Coast and then parked itself over Houston and dumped more water into it than Houston has ever seen.  And then we have had our eyes glued to the devastation that Hurricane Irma unleashed on the Florida Keys. 

            One of the most amazing things that has happened between Virginia and Florida is that we have gone from 2 extremes – from dividing and spewing hate – to reaching out and going out of our way to help those in times of great need.  Isn’t it amazing to see how natural disaster has such a unifying effect.  For a moment, people have forgotten about their political, religious and racial differences and people (of all colors) work shoulder to shoulder to provide rescue and relief.  People have gone out of their way to rescue people who have been trapped in their homes.  People have risked their own safety to care for those in need.  It is a shame that it sometimes takes a natural disaster to remind us we need each other.  It is a shame that we need a disaster to force us to work together.  The Gospel of Jesus Christ unifies us.  The Good News of Jesus united people. 

            I have been reading through the Psalms in my devotional time and I have been going back to a small part of Psalm 56 that encourages me: “This I know, that God is for me.  In God, whose Word I praise.  In the Lord, whose word I praise, in God I trust:  I shall not be afraid.”  These verses do not talk about natural disasters but they hold truth that so many people need to hear today.  Not only is Lord, Jesus Christ, sovereign over any natural disaster, His love for us is from everlasting to everlasting.  God is for us!  Can I repeat that again?  God is for us!

            And so the first thing we do is pray.  We praise God for His love.  We pray for mercy, for the rains to stop, for people to be rescued, and for minimal loss of life.  And we rest, knowing that God has not left us to fend for ourselves.  I have always been encouraged in knowing that during times of natural disasters that the United Methodist, Committee of Relief are usually the first people that go in to access the damage and begin to find ways in which we can help.  It is wonderful to know that because of the ongoing ministry of Mission Central in Mechanicsburg, that flood buckets are already on their way to Houston to assist people in cleaning up and starting to put their lives back together.  I can rest assured that when I give a donation to the United Methodist Committee on Relief for Hurricane victims in Houston or in Florida that 100% of the money will go directly into the hands of people who need it the most.  That is the United Methodist Church at work.  I know that a few people have asked me if I know of any work teams that have been sent out to Houston or Florida yet (but at this time it is too early to know the immediate needs).  But rest assured that there will be teams of Volunteers in Mission who will be sent out soon to those areas that have been hardest hit.  As soon as we find out any additional information of Work Teams we will make that information available to you. 

            Brothers and Sisters in Christ, when a disaster occurs we realize what is really important in our lives.  We have seen pictures and have heard stories of people coming to the aid of people who need it most.  I have witnessed with my own eyes how people can come together to help people put their lives back together again?  Why do we have to wait for a natural disaster to force us to lay down our differences and pull together as children of God? 


Blessings for the journey,

Rev Kevin


October Prayer

     God of wind and water, stillness and storm, give us faith to seek You in times of trouble.  Reach out Your hand to us when we are singing so that we may believe and worship You.  We praise You for all those who work to rescue those who are in need; especially the police, paramedics, firefighter, and volunteers.  Give them courage in danger, skill in difficulty, and compassion in service.  Sustain them with strength and calmness of mind that they may perform their work to the well-being of those in need so that live may be saved and communities restored.  Turn our eyes to Your loving kindness in this time of loss.  Comfort those who mourn the loss of loved ones because of  these disasters.  Shine Your light on those whose only companion is darkness.  Eternal God, amid all the turmoil and changes of this world Your love is steadfast and Your strength never fails.  We come to You trusting that Your steadfast love endures forever.  Look with mercy on those who have been misplaced.  Grant them Your strength to meet the days ahead.  All those who are affected to experience Your peace which surpasses all human understanding and new hope in the resurrection.  Give us the assurance of Your presence so that we can cling to Your promise of hope and new life.  Where anxiety is infectious and widening, grant imagination and resistance.  Where distrust twists our thinking, grant healing and wholeness.  Where spirits are daunted and weakened, grant soaring wings and strengthened dreams. 

          Gracious God, Your word of Peace stills the storms that rage in our world.  Bring hope to all persons and places that know devastation in the calm following the winds and rains of these Hurricanes.  Bring comfort to those who grieve the loss of life and property.  Let Your love be known through those who work to bring order to the chaos.  Help us to come to the aid of those in need.  May we hear the cry of those in need.  Make us bearers of hope that can be found in You, through Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord.  Amen. 


October 1 –    World Communion Sunday

October 4 –    5 PM  EPIC

                        6 PM  EPIC Singing

                        6:15 PM  EPIC Dinner

                        7 PM  Choir Practice begins

October 8 –    4:30 PM  Church Conference at 1st UMC in Hollidaysburg

October 9 –    7 PM  “Half Truths” Study at Parsonage

October 10 – 10 AM  “Half Truths” Study in Memorial Room

6 PM  Men’s Fellowship Dinner

                        7 PM  Finance Committee to draft Ministry Spending Plan for 2018

(All Ad Council members may attend)

October 11 -   5 PM  EPIC

                        6 PM  EPIC Singing

                        6:15 PM  EPIC Dinner

                        7 PM  Choir Practice begins

October 14 – 5-6:30 PM  Manna on Main Street Dinner

October 16 – 7 PM  “Half Truths” Study at Parsonage

October 17 – 10 AM  “Half Truths” Study in Memorial Room

October 18 -   5 PM  EPIC

                        6 PM  EPIC Singing

                        6:15 PM  EPIC Dinner

                        7 PM  Choir Practice begins

October 21 – White/Dibert Wedding

October 23 – 12-1 Manna on Monday Luncheon

                        7 PM  “Half Truths” Study at Parsonage

October 24 – 10 AM “Half Truths” Study in Memorial Room

                        7 PM  Education Meeting

October 25 -   5 PM  EPIC

                        6 PM  EPIC Singing

                        6:15 PM  EPIC Dinner

                        7 PM  Choir Practice begins

October 30 – 7 PM  “Half Truths” Study at Parsonage

October 31 – 10 AM  “Half Truths” Study in Memorial Room





Choir Practice begins on

October 4th at 7 PM

            Have you been thinking about joining the choir?  We would love to welcome you!  Here are some reasons why we sing in the choir: 

1) Singing gives us opportunity to express our love for the Lord.  We can express the profound spiritual understanding of the goodness of God through the gift of music. 

2)  Singing in the choir is a calling.  What a privilege to know that God has given me the gift of music so that I can bring Him glory and to share that with Sisters and Brothers in Christ.  God has given us incredible gifts – there is great joy in fulfilling your calling and giving praise to God. 

3)  There are many different ways to praise God and music gives us a different form of praise.  There is just something magical as voices join together as a choir shares the love of Jesus Christ in such a beautiful way. 

4)  We can share the joy and blessing that God has given to us.  Whether we sing a new song or an old son, a hymn, a worship song, it is a joy to share messages of hope and faith with the people of God and to give Him glory and praise as well. 

5) Singing in the choir implants incredible messages within our hearts and souls through the lyrics of the songs.  Many of the songs we sing are wonderful words found in scripture and we have the blessing of remembering them so often as the Lord uses them to speak to our hearts over and over again. 

6)  We get to know some wonderful people.  A choir becomes a family as we serve and care and pray for one another.  We love each other and share God’s love with each other.  There is an incredible bond when you have worshiped and cried and smiled and laughed and learned and prayed together. 

            Please pray and think about sharing the gift the gift that God has given to you. 



             We have $22,153 dollars in our Checking account.  We have been able to keep ahead of our Shares on Ministry and we have paid them through the month of September.  We have been able to continue to pay down the debt that we owe on the Roof Loan (we only owe $25,000).  Can we pay off that loan during the next year?  I think that would be awesome.  That is my hope and prayer that by this time next year we might be able to pay off that debt in full. We have paid over $40,000 in a 2 year time period and we could pay it off next year.  Would you like to consider doing a fund raiser so that we can pay off the debt completely? 

          The Finance Committee will be meeting on October 10th to draft the Ministry Spending Plan for 2018.  If you are the head of a particular area in ministry and you would like to request funds for 2018 please give that information to Fred Hetrick.  That would be greatly appreciated. 




            We have been thinking about a few projects:  new carpeting in church office, a hand rail for outside the church office, painting the exterior doors of the Church, and repairing the chimney over the church office.  We have decided to revisit the conversation that we started 2 years ago in repairing the Stained Glass Windows in the Sanctuary.  Some of the Stained Glass Windows are cracking and need to be fixed.  We were really pleased with the work that Reliable Glass did from Hagerstown, Maryland and they increased the costs of replacing the window by a small amount.  We voted at our last Ad Council Meeting to start replacing the windows. There are 19 windows that have to be repaired and the good thing about working with Reliable Glass that they can come and remove a window – come and reinstall it and then take the next window with them.  We think that the project may take 2 years but we think that we can do this.  We are going to need your help.  The cost to repair the window (where you replace the lead around the glass and repair any of the broken pieces of glass) are between $1,475 and $2,350.   When we spoke about the need to repair the windows – we heard how some of them are cracking badly and it was our thought that we should be thinking about them proactively instead of reactively.  If you would like to donate the cost for one or part of any of the windows – if you would like to use some Memorial Gift money that your family may have shared during the last few years or would like to have a Fun (Yes, it is fun) Raiser for this project that would be greatly appreciated. 




We have had a whole lot of fun participating in 2 fund raising events to help raise funds for a Hoyer lift for Rachel (Mingle) Galloway’s mother-in-law in North Carolina.  There was a group of 14 people who gathered together to make raisin filled cookies and there were 140 dozen of cookies made (can you imagine that?).  WOW!  And then we also decided to have a Spaghetti Dinner during September and we raised OVER $660.00 We wish to thank everyone who participated in any way to make these a great success. What a blessing it is to know that someone with Multiple Sclerosis is going to be able to have some mobility around her house.  Praise God!


Women’s Fellowship Will Be Raising Money For John’s Way

Vegetable Beef Soup Sale

October 19th

$5.00 a quart

Please use the sign-up sheet in the back of the sanctuary

or call the office with your order.



The Youth of the Church participated with the youth of 1st Church in Hollidaysburg in putting flood buckets together to be shipped to Houston and Florida.  There is also a Flood Bucket in the front of the sanctuary where the money will go directly to the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) where 100% of the money that is given goes directly to meet the ongoing needs of people in Houston and Florida.  Thank you for all of your donations.  They are greatly appreciated.