Trinity United Methodist Church of Roaring Spring
Wednesday, July 18, 2018

June-Aug Tidings 2015

Trinity Tidings

Roaring Spring, PA 16673                                                       June-August 2015


Musings from Pastor Kevin


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

            I don’t know if it has anything to do with me getting another year old – but I have been thinking lately that I cannot imagine anything less desirable than being poured into the mold of predictability as I grow older.  I don’t know if I am getting more rebellious as I get older because I have settled into the routine, the norm, and I have gone along with the expected and the status quo.  There is so much more to life and I think I am going to venture through unchartered territory. 

            I must admit that I have stopped acquiring new skills and new attitudes in any aspect some areas of my life.  Does that surprise you?  It has made me  stop and think about my life?  And this has challenged me to think about the way I approach a problem….how will I handle a new idea?  Will I want to retreat back to the ways in which I have always handled new things?  Or will I look at this new thing as a discovery or an adventure.  And so I wonder – have we become addicted to predictability? 

            I have been thinking more and more and have been challenged to know that living and learning go hand in hand.  The constant curiosity and probing inquisitiveness of children make every day completely fresh and exciting.  Valerie and I will have the joy to spend about 7 weeks with our Granddaughter this summer and I know that we will be encouraged by her inquisitiveness, her enthusiasm and be surprised by the way that she experiences life as a 6 year old.  As I have interacted with her I have come to realize that learning is natural for her and I must admit that as I get older – I may not always think that this should happen.  But I have set a goal and challenge for my life, that I will always be a  LLL (Life, Long, Learner).  As our granddaughter, Brianna, continues to challenge our thinking – life is new every day, every day is a new adventure and we are convinced that it okay to experience new things. 

            When have you said to yourself lately:  “well, that’s just the way I am, I can’t change?”  I know that I have said that recently and as I thought about saying it I soon thought that I just might be limiting God, discounting the POWER and denying the PRESENCE of a Mighty God.  Jesus wants to offer us an “abundant life” and I know that I may have settled for a bland diet of tasteless existence. 

            Now (don’t get me wrong) I am not suggesting that you go out and do some silly stunts to prove your unpredictability.  But I wonder, can we look at things differently – and can we turn our everyday problems into creative projects?  Why not take life and actively pursue things that you have been thinking about doing for some time now?  Why not broaden your horizons in some new way to the greater glory of God?

            Do you remember the life of Caleb?  He was eighty-five when he grabbed the challenge of the future.  At a time when the ease and comfort of retirement seemed predictable, he fearlessly faced the “invincible” giants of the mountain.  His story is shared in Joshua 14.  Do you know what Caleb did each morning?  Every new sunrise introduced another reminder that his body and a rocking chair weren’t made for each other.  While his friends were yawning, Caleb was yearning.

            If you are determined and work quickly, you can stop the predictability from creeping up around you.  But if the risks of sailing your ship in the vast ocean of uncertainty makes you seasick – may I suggest that you stay near the shallow shores of security.  But if you are up for a challenge – can you think about doing something totally unpredictable, even if it’s only taking a different route to work?  How about a change of scenery – maybe it could change your outlook – but you’ll never know until you try.  Maybe it’s time to acquire a new skill – so sign up for a new class.  Break the routine – but a book on a topic you’re interested in but have never pursued. There is more to life out there.  And always remember – Jesus wants to give us life in abundance.


Blessings for the journey!      

Rev. Kevin





He will be deployed from the end of May through the end of August.  Please pray for all persons serving in the Armed Forces (whether in combat or here in the United States).  The Locker’s would solicit your prayers.





Annual Meeting 

June 11 - 13

Rev. Kevin, Mike Galbraith and Doug Mingle will be attending this Annual Meeting at Messiah College. 



NEXT “EQUIPPING GOD’S PEOPLE” CLASSES will begin again in the fall.  If you are interested in attending – please contact April Galbraith or Rev. Kev. 



If anyone would like to provide Special Music during the summer months or people may know of singing groups in the area that they would like to see come to Trinity Church – please contact Rev. Kev. or Doug Mingle. 



Church Wishlist Update:

          We received over $1,343 (of the $2,400 that was needed) for the Insulated Windows in the Youth Room and Nursery.  The Trustees of the Church agreed to purchase the windows and have them in place for the fall so that we can improve the heat in these 2 rooms.  Tim Smith has installed these windows.  They look wonderful! If you would like to donate monies towards the windows – your generous contributions will be graciously accepted.






INCOME:             $13,978.36

EXPENSES:         $16,446.94

SHORTFALL:      -$2,468.58




  Living God, we thank You that before ever we thought of seeking You, You sought us;

  that You have time for us even when we lived only for ourselves.  Teach us that You are

  constantly at work in our lives, even though we may not always see it, speaking through

  people we meet and moving in each and every situation to challenge, guide, confront or

  inspire.  Open our eyes to see You and our hearts to respond, so that we may live and

  work for Your greater honor and glory, through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen. 




            The Trustees of the Church have been hard at work.  We have heard from a few people who have been concerned about the side-walk in back of the parsonage.  The sidewalk will be ripped out and the new sidewalk will be poured during June 5th-7th.  The sidewalk will not be in use that Sunday-this will give the concrete time to set up. The Trustees accepted bids for the re-surfacing of the parking lot. The parking lot project should begin shortly after the side walk is done. A date has not been set as of yet. They also found out that we will need to put some new blacktop down on the alley way between the church and the parsonage.  We will be accepting bids for that as well.  The Education Committee has asked the Trustees if we could repurpose the Tot-Spot rooms and we have agreed.  The youth will be using one of the rooms for their new Sunday School Class and will have a Rec room and the elementary Sunday School Class will be meeting in one of the rooms and have a Rec area as well.  They will be working on their rooms during the summer months and if you would like to assist them in moving – please volunteer by contacting Rebekah or Jason Dick, Katie Decker, Jay Ebersole or Rev. Kev.  The roof on the Garage has been replaced recently.  We also will be putting some concrete and patch around the Main Entrance way into the Sanctuary during the Summer as well. 

     We want to keep you all informed as well that the Church Roof needs to be replaced either this year or next year.  We have been acquiring some bids and we need to get more.  The Round Room Roof is a little challenging for roofers (as we have been told).  So, we are continuing to receive bids.  If you know of Contractors in the area who would like to submit bids for the Roof – please contact Jay Ebersole. 



12 Extraordinary Women Book Study

There have been 10 people who having been studying the John MacArthur Book entitled

“12 Extraordinary Women” and we have learned so much.  This has been a very positive experience and we have been growing in our fellowship as well.  We praise God for this opportunity to learn and grow in our faith.



            June 13 – Fred & Gordon Hetrick will be serving Chili, Cornbread, Cole Slaw, Rice,                       Fruit Cup and Cookies

            July 11 – Mel Edmundson is organizing this meal and we will be serving                                        “Beef and Noodles”.

            August 8 – Doug and JoEllen Mingle are organizing this Manna Meal and they are                       planning on having a cook-out. 

            Please watch for items that will be needed in future bulletins and the round room.




June 9 at 7 PM 

Education Committee will continue discussion about our next faithful step in children/youth ministry.  We have been thinking about the possibility of hiring a youth or children director and we have been discussing the possibility of having an after-school program.  Rev. Kevin have gathered some additional information about what some other churches are doing in the area – so we will look at this and continue to listen for God’s voice.


 FREE Summer Lunch Program

Begins June 15 and ends August 21

M-F from 12-1PM

Free to children 18 and younger; Adults will be charged $2.50




The Staff/Parish Relations Committee will be meeting on Thursday, June 18th at 7 PM at the Church.  Members of the Committee have received evaluation forms in regard to the Pastor and they will also evaluate what they think their evaluation would be of themselves.  They are encouraged to work on those evaluations before the next meeting.  If for any reason – you are not able to attend –turn in your evaluation sheets to Rev. Kevin or Scott Muthler 


Vacation Bible School

Weird Animals

June 21-25

Meal 5:15, VBS 5:45

Letters and registration forms have been mailed to the children that attended in the past. Registration forms can be found in the Round Room



Administrative Council



July 21st at 7PM

July 14th

6PM Men’s Fellowship Dinner

7PM Finance Committee Meeting

All members of the Finance Committee should attend.




VBS Volunteers Needed

Please contact Katie Decker if

you are interested

     in helping.

June 21-25          













                                                                        SPRING DAM WORSHIP SERVICE

                                                                        Sunday, July 26th  

                                                                        8:45 Pre-Service Music

                                                                        9:15 Worship Service. 

                                                                        Rev. Rachel Sleasman (from Bare Memorial Church of God) will be preaching.  Don’t forget to support the Lion’s Club by attending their Pancake Breakfast before the service as well.  If it is raining –Worship Service will be at Bare Memorial Church. 



TUMC Night at the Curve

Friday, June 26 at 7:00PM

$7.00 per ticket (terrace level, 1st base side)

Deadline to purchase tickets is June 19th . Order forms can be picked up in the Round Room or in the church office.








Church Fellowship Picnic

July 19th, 2015

Greene Hills RV Park Pavillion

9:30am TUMC Worship Service or

10am join the campers for worship lead by Vance Hart

11am picnic lunch on your own

11-4pm enjoy activities such as lawn games, volleyball, ladder golf, giant jenga, tubing, kayaking, swimming, fishing, hiking or just sit and enjoy nature at its finest and the company of others or bring an activity that your family would like to share with others. April will have some quiet games to enjoy also. There is a playground for smaller children.

2-3:30pm pool will be available if there is enough interest.

4pm gather for a pot luck supper. April will provide the meat and beverages. Please bring your own table service and a dish to share.

5pm bonfire for smores

We invite you to come as early or as late as you would like. There is no refrigeration available. So bring food in a cooler. There are electrical outlets available for hot foods.






     Trustees Meeting – Aug. 6th at 7 PM       Women’s Fellowship – Aug. 13th at 6:00 PM



August 16th

TUMC Pool Party

(More information coming in your bulletin announcements in August.)



August 24th

TUMC will be hosting a Blood Drive with the American Red Cross.