Trinity United Methodist Church of Roaring Spring
Tuesday, November 20, 2018

March Tidings 2015

Trinity Tidings

Roaring Spring, PA 16673                                                                    March 2015


Musings from Pastor Kevin


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

          Do you know that Sunday is the best day of the week?  Well, it is..  I know when our children were small I would go around the house early on Sunday morning saying “this is the best day of the week.”  Almost every Sunday morning, they would hear those words.  “Best day of the week guys!”  “This is the day when we get to enter into God’s Presence, hear His Word, receive His grace, forgiveness and love.  It doesn’t get any better than that!” “Best day of the week!”  And I meant it.  What better way to start off a week than in God’s presence – receiving His grace and the gifts to equip us for a week of struggle and challenges?  (I don’t know about you – but I need to start every week like this).

          I know the reason why I started every Sunday morning like this, was that I always wanted to cultivate a healthy appetite for the Word of God in our children, and especially that they would always desire to come to Church and be fed by God’s grace through His Word and through the Sacraments.  I knew that there were many distractions that were vying for our children’s attention – sleep, television, being able to relax and unwind, a day to catch up on homework that they put off until the very last minute, and their friends vying for their attention as well.  And our children would at times say “this is just not fair – my friends don’t have to go – and they would often times conclude by saying you just don’t understand.”  They were good at telling us “I don’t want to go.”  “I’m tired.”  “I don’t feel like it.”  And my answer would be “ah yes, there are days when I don’t feel like going as well…but those are the times when I need to go the most!”

          My parents laid a wonderful foundation for my brother and I as they started at the very beginning of the week about how much they were looking forward to being in Church (to be surrounded by other disciples of Christ, how they learn so much through their Sunday School Class, and how God has promised to feed us what we needed most:  forgiveness, grace and the strength to get us through the trials of another week).  And I must admit to you now that like many children today – I thought to myself “I just don’t get it.  It’s not fair.”  And I often would say to myself “when I grow up I am not going to tell my children this.”  But guess what?  I shared the very words that my parents shared with me. 

          I look forward to being where God comes to be with us.  I long for the time when I am assured of God’s great love for me.  I can’t wait to see Brothers and Sisters in Christ, the very people who encourage me and remind me too of just how important it is to live our lives for Jesus Christ.  I look forward to being gathered together with people of God and receiving what I need most from the mouth and hand of God! 

          And that is the important part for me, I realize that I sin frequently, I face attacks from the devil and I realize that the struggles of life are all around me – vying for my attention, my focus and if I am not careful they may take up more and more of my time and focus.  There are things of this world that would love to keep us away from where God has promised us He comes and gives us His greatest gifts.

          I need to be fed by God’s grace.  I still have those thoughts (they don’t happen as much anymore – and I hear myself saying “I wish I didn’t have to go.”  I tell myself “I’m tired.  I don’t feel like it.”  But you know what happens?   These are the days when I didn’t feel like going as well – but I soon discovered that this was the time that I need to go the most.  This is best day of the week.  This is the day when I get to receive what God has promised to give me, right where He has promised to give it – what I need most – His grace, mercy, forgiveness, love, joy and peace.  I hope to see you Sunday, and every Sunday, because it truly is the BEST DAY OF THE WEEK!


Rev. Kevin


Women’s Fellowship

March 19th at 6:00pm

Fellowship Hall

Come and “Kick Your Heels Up” as

Jamie, Katie and Lisa

provide you with an evening of

Irish food, music and entertainment.



Coming to Duncansville – March 7th from 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM       

What is an E-Tour? 

Well, it is a group that comes to us who represent the Susquehanna Annual Conference and they share with us the resources that are necessary to help equip us for future mission and ministry.  There are 2 classes (a morning and an afternoon class) that you may sign up for and Rev. Kev. is encouraging people to sign up for a few classes:

            *Building Bridge Class into our Community – Help us to revamp ministries that  better connect people to Jesus and to the Church. 

            *Safe Sanctuaries Training – Providing a safe environment for children, youth and adults. 

            *Who are the People in our Neighborhood – How best to attract and reach out to the community around us. 

            *Discovering your Spiritual Gifts – Discover ways to discover the gift that you   have for ministry that can then match you to the leadership needs of our                          congregation. 

            *From Newcomer to Disciple – How do people find your Church, why the first 7 minutes are critical, and discovering what brings them back. 

There are E-Tour brochures in the back of the sanctuary and you need to register for this event.  The cost is $5 per person (which includes lunch).



Please Note the Changes in Dates for Manna in March:

Manna on Monday     March 9    11:30am-1:00pm

Lunch will be Spaghetti and Meatballs, Salad and Garlic Bread.


Manna on Main Street        March 21            5:00pm-6:30pm

Dinner will be Ham, Green Beans and Potatoes

The Sign-up sheets will be available in the Round Room.




March 10th at 7 PM

            As many of you may already be aware Trinity Church will no longer be offering the Tot Spot Ministry to our Community because Spring Cove School District will be offering a K-4 Class. Tot Spot has met the needs for our Community for years and has been a vital aspect of our Churches mission and ministry.  And so, Rev. Kevin would like to gather people together who would like to think of children/youth ministry that we might need in the Roaring Spring Community.  If you know the needs of the children/youth of our area, if you have a passion for children/youth ministry, and have thoughts and ideas that you would like to share with us – please come and join us for this discussion.  We have a very active EPIC program but are there other forms of ministry that we might need to offer?  A possible After-School program? Possibly hiring a Children’s Coordinator (to help program future ministry)?  Other needs of our community?  Come and share your thoughts with us



The R. S. Community Library Presents “A Novel Affair”

March 14th at 5:30

Trinity Church will be hosting the Library Dinner again this year.  This is a big undertaking for us and we need many volunteers to help cook, clean and serve.  Please contact Valerie Locker if you would like to help in any way.  We need YOU!



March 15 – HEALING as part of the Morning Worship Service

We will focus our Worship on March 15 on healing and will have praying and laying on of hands during the morning worship service.  We will not be serving Holy Communion this Sunday.



Financially Speaking:


                                                          Income:           $17,951.74

                                      Expenses:         $23,542.57


                                      Difference:        -$5,590.83


March 29

Palm Sunday

This will begin Holy Week for us.






Please remember our Shut-ins in your thoughts and prayers.

RESIDENTS OF HOMEWOOD – Ada Adamski, Don Steele, Peggy Steele (for Physical Therapy), Janet Ebersole, DaisyPote (for Physical Therapy). 




SHUT-INS AT HOME – Lorie Davis, Martha Moore. 

(May I encourage you to visit them or send them a card – sharing with them that you are thinking about them.)

Please continue to pray for the ongoing needs of Paul & Marg Bradley (Kate Muthler’s parents.





            Lord Jesus Christ, You didn’t take the easy way as we would have done:  the path of popular acclaim, of least resistance.  You took the right way: the way of truth, love and service, and You followed it faithfully, knowingly, undeterred by the consequences, intent on serving others rather than Yourself.  Forgive us that we are so easily led astray, thoughts so much for ourselves and so little for You.  Forgive us for our willingness to compromise, even when we know the way we ought to take.  Strengthen our resolve, increase our faith, and help us to stay true to our calling and true to You, to the glory of Your Holy Name.  Amen. 



            We have received several generous contributions for our Wish List items over the past few months and we would like to share an update on the progress that we are making.       We have received money that will help to purchase a Modem and Router (so that we can have more internet access throughout the Church – which will all be Password protected).  We received $750 for a Computer that will be used for the Visual component in our Sanctuary.

            The Kitchen is looking great.  Jay Ebersole and Darin Decker installed the new 3-tiered sink in the kitchen and then Tim Smith has been helping with some additional remodeling of the Kitchen.  A few women of the Church selected new paint colors for the kitchen and there will be a group of volunteers who will come together to paint the kitchen. We received $400 for the work that needs to be done to update the Bathroom outside of the Fellowship Hall.  We hired Tim Smith to install the new flooring (donated by Leighty’s Carpet by Knisely, Inc.), vanity, light fixture and new paint (donated by Roaring Spring True Value) for the bathroom. This work should be completed soon. 

            We wish to thank everyone for their generous gifts.  We would like to put in Energy Efficient Windows in the Youth Room and in the Nursery – there are 4 windows in each room that are not insulated.  The cost of each window is $300.  If you would like to donate a window- that would be greatly appreciated.  There may be some more Wish List Items moving forward as the Technology Summit thought about doing some of the Visual Needs in our Sanctuary in installments ( we will work on building a New Console for audio/visual needs) and we will be purchasing a new computer and care for the wiring for future Visual needs.  This will begin soon.  






The Second Part of our Equipping God’s People Class will begin again on Sunday, March 15th at 2 PM.  Rev. Kevin will be leading this class.  You do not have to read a book for this class.  You are encouraged to start reading the book entitled “The Externally Focused Church” written by Rich Rusaw and Eric Swanson for our April 26th Class.  Praise God – we have 14 people who are signed up for this class.


March 01 – 2nd Sunday in Lent
        March 04 – 5 PM EPIC
      6:15 PM EPIC Dinner
      7 PM  Senior Choir
March 05 – 7 PM  Trustee’s Meeting
March 06 – World Day of Prayer
       Pastor’s Sabbath Rest
March 07 – 9 AM – 3 PM   ETOUR at Hicks Memorial Church, Duncansville
March 08 – 3rd Sunday in Lent
March 09 – 11:30 – 1 PM  Manna on Monday Lunch
March 10 – 6 PM  Men’s Fellowship Dinner
       7 PM  Meeting to discuss children/youth ministry 
March 11 – 5 PM EPIC
      6:15 PM EPIC Dinner
      7 PM  Senior Choir
March 13 – Pastor’s Sabbath Rest
March 14 – 5:30 PM   Library Dinner (Volunteers are needed to serve)
March 15 – 4th Sunday in Lent
       (We will be celebrating Healing as part of our morning Worship – we will Not be receiving Communion on this Sunday)
       2 PM  Equipping God’s People Class
March 17 – 7 PM  Boy Scout Meeting
March 18 – 5 PM EPIC
      6:15 PM EPIC Dinner
      7 PM  Senior Choir
March 19 – 6 PM  Women’s Fellowship
March 20 – Pastor’s Sabbath Rest
March 21 – 5-6:30 PM  Manna on Main Street Dinner
March 22 – 5th Sunday in Lent
March 24 – 7 PM  Administrative Council Meeting
March 25 – Last Day for EPIC until September
      5 PM EPIC
      6:15 PM EPIC Dinner
      7 PM  Senior Choir
March 27 – Pastor’s Sabbath Rest
March 28 – Boy Scout’s Blue and Gold Banquet 
March 29 – Palm Sunday (The start of Holy Week)