Trinity United Methodist Church of Roaring Spring
Sunday, October 25, 2020

Trinity Tidings

Roaring Spring, PA 16673                                                     January 2020


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

            It’s January, so it’s time for us to take this time in order to live out God’s call on our lives to be a welcoming Church.  It just doesn’t happen by accident.  It takes intentional behavior on the part of everyone sitting in the pews and serving in mission and ministry for all people to feel welcome.

            And so, I thought I would like to think about some of the ways we can continue to reach out to the people within our community.  (And I know – there might be some of you who are saying to yourself:  “Oh, I don’t need to do this because I feel awkward or uncomfortable or other people are better at it than I am,” you may need to re-think your response.)        

            If you are the person sitting next to someone new and you don’t take the opportunity to greet or talk with that new person for at least a minute or two, that new person will perceive our Church as unwelcoming and unfriendly.

            This really is one of those things that we all need to engage in – even if we just say one or two things to the new person and then take them over to someone who enjoys meeting new people!

            So, here are some of my humble suggestions:

            *talk to anyone you don’t know before or after worship.  Give them the opportunity to share a little about themselves and not overwhelming them with Church “stuff.” 

            *remember the “Rule of 3”:  During worship – identify people you do not know and make a determined effort to talk to them within 3 minutes of conclusion of the service.  Many newcomers try to slip out quickly, but if we can connect with them, they will have a greater sense of welcome.  This is an important outreach focus that must take priority over greeting friends.  Ideally, every member can serve in this way.

            *remember the “Circle of 10 Rule”- talk to and learn the names of everyone you do not know who is within a radius of 10 feet from you where you are sitting.

            If you are not sure if someone is new, you might say, “Hi, my name is Kevin.  I haven’t had the opportunity to meet you before.” And then ask them if they are new to the Church, and if they are, if they are new to the community.  You can ask them about what they are looking for in a Church, the most interesting place they have lived, or their first memory of God.


And once they are here – think about these things:

            *invite them to join you in Sunday School

            *get their name and address and invite them to your home for dinner or         lunch

            *having a picnic?  Invite a newcomer

            *invite a newcomer to join a small group with you

            *having a party at your home?  Invite a newcomer


            Can we make a New Year’s resolution to invite a friend or family member who does not have a Church home to worship or a special event?  How about picking them up, sitting with them and introducing them to the people around you?  Research shows that the great majority of people (86%) first come to a Church because they were invited to do so by a family member or friend. 

            Let’s not underestimate the power that a person connection has with a newcomer searching for a place in God’s family – you may be that connection!  Let’s think about these things and pray about them as we think about the new year that is in front of us. 


            Blessings for the journey,


            Rev. Kevin 




Well, the packages must have arrived and I am sure that Nicholas must be sharing the abundance of snacks, treats, tissues and Christmas Cards with his friends.  Lisa and the Pastor got 2 large boxes together and we were able to send them off right after Thanksgiving.  Thank you for your generosity in making Christmas extra special for our troops in Iraq.


If there are Pastoral emergency between Dec. 31 – Jan 15 please call


Rev. Mick Dawes at 766-3742 (church) or 766-2484 (home)



          We have been able to meet all of our obligations during this past year and we praise God for the way in which you have been generous in serving our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, in mission and ministry. The Gospel has been preached. Lives have been touched by the Good News of Jesus Christ. And Christ-like-LOVE has been shared throughout our community and the world around us. PRAISE GOD! 



ANGEL TREE CHRISTMAS PROGRAM – We had a wonderful year this year. We had 104 Angels that we purchased presents for. The Angels flew off of the Tree at the Department Store in record time and there were only 2 angels that did not find their way back on time (which is also a record). But we sent out shoppers and we had to supplement some gifts too – and I wish everyone involved in this program could see the joy on the parents faces as they received the outpouring of love from the community around them. This Pastor is honored by such a wonderful ministry and I praise God for everyone who participated in any way. Can you imagine the joy that must have been on the faces of children on Christmas morning? Can we lift up a prayer for the child that we might have purchased a gift for? Can we lift up prayers for families struggling to make ends meet? Can we praise God that we are able to share the love of Jesus Christ in this special way? 


We are asking all willing and able to join us on Monday, December 30th at 9:00AM to help take the Christmas decorations down here at the church.


Many hands will lighten the load!!


BATHROOM REMODELING to begin on January 6th. 

The Trustees have been working on this for some time now and the work will start on January 6th. All 3 bathrooms will be remodeled and updated. I think the Pastor is going to miss the pink colored tile in the one bathroom and the old light fixture in the powder room on the 1st floor – but the Locker’s are looking forward to the updates. 


STAINED GLASS WINDOW UPDATE – We only have 5 smaller windows left to finish up our Stained Glass project! Can I hear an amen? (You might have heard an AMEN from the Pastor as he wrote this!!!). The windows look amazing and we know that they might be able to last for another 100 years. And the Trustees don’t have to worry that they are going to fall in because they were really wobbling for a little while. We are going to be able to finish up this work within the next 6 months. PRAISE GOD!


     Lord Jesus Christ, we are not good at letting go of the past, at recognizing that there are times when we need to move on in life; to take a step forward in faith if we are ever truly to grow. 

            We prefer the security of the familiar, the comfort of that which does not stretch or challenge us too far, and we are wary of the prospect of change, afraid that it might ask more of us than we are willing to give.

            We are not good at letting go of the old and putting on the new, at turning away from our former way of life and taking instead the way of new life that Jesus brings to us.

            We are reluctant to abandon old habits, fearful of being though different, unwilling to deny ourselves the pleasures of this world for the promise of the world to come. So, we try to keep a foot in both camps, to combine the old and the new. We think we can balance the two, but, of course, we cannot, and the result is that we compromise both and embrace neither. Help us, O God, to understand that, while the old has its place, there are some areas in life where a complete break is needed, a turning away from what has been, before we are ready to receive what shall be. 

            Lord Jesus, You want to work within us to finish the new life that You have begun. Give us courage to trust You completely, so that You may refashion our lives to Your glory. We ask it in Your Precious Name. Amen. 



            January 1 – January 15 – Rev. Kevin is on Vacation

            January 1 – New Year’s Day – NO EPIC

            January 5 – Epiphany Sunday – Rev. Charles Baughman preaching

            January 6 – Scout’s Christmas Party

            January 8 – 5 EPIC (Pastor’s Group not meeting)

                               6:15 EPIC Dinner
                               7 Choir Practice

            January 11 – 5-6:30 Manna on Main Street (Mel Edmundson cooking)

            January 12 – Baptism of the Lord – Rev. Charles Baughman preaching

            January 14 – 6 Men’s Fellowship

            January 15 – 5 EPIC (Pastor’s Group not meeting)

                                 6:15 EPIC Dinner
                                 7 Choir Practice

            January 19 - 2nd Sunday after the Epiphany

            January 22 – 5 EPIC

                                 6:15 EPIC Dinner
                                 7 Choir Practice

            January 25 – Pinewood Derby

            January 26 – 3rd Sunday after the Epiphany

            January 27 – Manna on Monday

            January 28 – 7 Administrative Council Meeting (All new members and existing

                                 Members should plan on attending this meeting)

            January 29 – 5 EPIC

                                 6:15 EPIC Dinner


                                 7 Choir Practice


OUR JOYS AND CONCERNS: Ruth Imler, Linda Acker, Doris and Bob Musselman, Doris Ferry, Richard Butler, Jim Brown, Peggy Steele, Nicholas Irvin (Serving in the Army in Iraq), Lois Adams