Trinity United Methodist Church of Roaring Spring
Monday, October 19, 2020
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Trinity Tidings
Roaring Spring, PA 16673                                                     March 2020

Grace to the People of Trinity United Methodist Church,

            I feel that having been here for more than a month already as your interim pastor, it is time that I introduce myself to you. I am the Rev. Charles Baughman. Some of you may remember me as your pastor from 2000 to 2008. It was then that I retired for the second time in my life ¾ having retired the first time in 1983 after fourteen years as a teacher of senior English at Tyrone Area High School.

            Of course, retirement was only my plan, not God’s plan. So, in 2009 I was asked to pastor the Llyswen United Methodist Church in Altoona as a retired pastor. I had already served at Llyswen for eight years before coming to Trinity in 2000; so, it was like going home again ¾ although the writer Thomas Wolfe wrote that “you can’t go home again.” And now ¾ once again ¾I’ve come home, though only until July when your new pastor will be appointed.

            These first few weeks have been quite pleasant for me. I’ve renewed my relationships with some of the long-time members (notice that I didn’t say “older” members, although we’ve all grown a little bit more of that in the twelve years that I’ve been away.) And I have met so many of the newer (if not younger) members who have joined the church on her journey of faith since last I was here.

            I’m sorry that I have trouble remembering old names and learning new names; just put it down to my age. At 76 and hopefully to turn 77 in May, I’ve become a step slower than when I last served Christ in this location. In June of 2019, I retired for the third (and I thought the last) time because I felt I couldn’t do the job as well as I wanted, or should.

            I know we are not to apologize in advance for our mistakes and shortcomings, but rather after the fact; but I suspect that I shall disappoint many of you in the coming months, and I wanted to get the apology out there. I will forget to do things I should do, and I will do things I should forget. So, if I let you down or disappoint you, I’m sorry; please forgive me.

            There is a character in the British comedy As Times Goes By who explains that as a retired man, he has a method for his life. “I do very little ¾ slowly,” he says. I like his having said that, and I had adopted that same method in my retirement. Now, as a favor to the District Superintendent (and I hope as a favor to Trinity Church), I have come out of retirement one last time, and I have adopted a new plan for the next few months. It is a plan and a hope espoused by country singer Toby Keith in a song in which he sings, “I ain’t as good as I once was but I’m as good once as I ever was.”

            I will try to make that a reality while I’m here, but I wouldn’t lay odds on it if I were you.


                                                                                                Grace and Peace,



Let’s talk…

          Many people are talking with uncertainty about the future of The United Methodist Church.  I believe that we should be looking for information in places other than newspapers, broadcast news, and social media.

            Our quadrennial meeting, known as General Conference will be held this year in Minneapolis from May 5-15 and often referred to as “GC2020”. Many things are on the official docket for this meeting.  What we are hearing the most about is a potential split in the church over issues of human sexuality.

            The United Methodist Church has an information center known as United Methodist News Service.  This is an excellent place to find out all sorts information about and from our denomination. You can access this online at

            I believe that it is very important for United Methodists (particularly Trinity United Methodist Church) to come together for holy conversation about possible changes rather than scatter or give up due to fears and anxiety about our future together in ministry.

            I believe that our dialogue should be a result of creating a space that is safe for everyone to speak freely. Most folks know how they feel about these matters. We should resolve to express our views, knowing that persuading others to change their point of view is not the main objective. We should be striving to find ways to be the church together.

            Pastor Charles and I, as well as others in our church family are quite willing to speak with anyone.  It is important to sort out these matters individually, but ultimately we speak and minister as a community of believers.

Grace and Peace,


Jo Ellen Mingle


General Conference Prayer


Informational Session

Saturday, March 14th at 2:00pm

First United Methodist Church

801 Allegheny Street

Join us in March for our General Conference Prayer and Informational Sessions. These sessions will be held in every district and are designed to equip clergy and laity with the resources to respond to their congregations on some of the issues being discussed at General Conference. Prayer is a central part of our gathering. We will intentionally pray for our church, our delegates, and to seek God’s yearning for the United Methodist Church. Please register at so we can be fully prepared.

Manna on Main Street
March 14th    5:00-6:30

Hosted by Gary & Sandy Polchito

Porcupine Meatballs, Mac-n-Cheese,


Apple Sauce & Dessert
Manna Host/Hostess Schedule

Please sign up at the back of the sanctuary for

a month that you can be a host/hostess.

April: Choir

May: Youth

June: Mel Edmundson



September: Doug & JoEllen Mingle

October: Mel Edmundson

 Office Hours for Rev. Charles Baughman

Tuesday & Thursday 9:00-3:00

Wednesday 1:00-8:00

Rev. Charles Baughman will be available for

emergency calls & appointments.

He can be reached by calling the

office (814)224-2815 ext. 101 or by

calling his cell phone at (814)-207-4941

 January Income:       $16,367.54

 Janaury Expense:      $30,942.86
 Net Loss:                  $14,575.32         
Men’s Fellowship invites you to join them every 2nd Tuesday of each month. Fred and Jerry begin cooking at 5:00 & the meal is served at 6:00. There is plenty of food, so stop by when you can.      
Holy Week:

April 5th – Palm Sunday

April 9th – Maundy Thursday
April 10th – Good Friday
April 12th – Easter Sunday

Winter Jam - State College

Saturday, March 28th

Doors Open @ 5:00pm

Departing ~ 1:30pm and early dinner

RSVP to Carissa by March 14 for Pre-Jam tickets!!


AMERICAN RED CROSS: We would like to Thank everyone who came out to donate blood on February 17th. We appreciate your efforts. We had 16 people register, 1 donor was deferred and 16 units were collected. Thank you for your contribution and ongoing support of this important community program. We hope to see you at our next blood drive.

Chi Rho
Susquehanna Conference
United Methodist Church
Pastors’ Choir
March 26, 2020
7:00 PM
Hosted by TUMC of Roaring Spring

                                        *For those that don’t know…

Our new pastor, Evelyn Madison, is a singer with this group. This could be a good time for you to meet her & to see her perform.