Trinity United Methodist Church of Roaring Spring
Sunday, January 21, 2018

Summer 2014

Musings from Pastor Kevin


I am the Church, YOU are the Church, WE are the Church together…all who follow Jesus, all around the world, WE are the Church together!


This is such a beautiful song for me.  Its words ring true and I love to share the last line of the song which (in my estimation) should be sung with great gusto.  I hope that you realize that there is a Church family that comes together every Sunday morning (and even a few times during the week) when we can come together for worship to praise our Mighty God.  The summer months are filled with opportunities for us to explore the beauty that God has given to us at the beach, on the mountain tops, where we can praise God with the fresh smelling evergreens and the beautiful creatures that surround us too, and it is all good!

            As the song reminds us, we are the Church together as a Church family.  In the passing of my father, Rev. William Locker, I found out the true blessing of what it means to be part of such a loving and supportive Church family.  I felt the prayers of so many people and it was those prayers that lifted my family up and gave us the strength to face our sorrow and grief (as well as our joy) as we realize that my father has gone on to his heavenly home.  In Matthew 12:50, Jesus teaches, “The person who obeys my heavenly Father’s will is my brother and sister, and mother.”  Our Christian life and faith thrives on fellowship with one another, reaching out to share the joy of Jesus Christ, joining with brothers and sisters in Christ on a Sunday morning, and weeping with those who weep and rejoicing with those who rejoice. It is through our brothers and sisters in Christ where we experience the gracious gifts of God with one another.

As I write this newsletter article today, we received 7 new brothers and sisters into our Church family (Ben and Hanah Smith, Candace Holt, Noah Muthler, Jarod Dick, Hailey Ritchey, and Alyssa Reed. I have had the joy of exploring the joys of what it means to be a part of God’s family.  And I reminded everyone who was present on Pentecost Sunday that these young people are not the Church of the future – but that they are the Church of today… They have great thoughts of what it means to be a disciple of Christ and I am certain that they will help us explore further ways in which we might be able to reach out to the community of Roaring Spring and reach out into the world. 

            Brothers and Sisters in Christ, thank you for sharing with me the love of Jesus Christ.  Thank you for your thoughtful cards and for lifting up our family before God’s presence. Maybe you have experienced the same joy that I experienced in the realization that the Trinity Church is a family.  We truly care for one another.  We love each other with Christ-like love.  And we are called to continue to share these blessings with all of God’s people all around us. 


            WE ARE the Church together!  Amen?  Amen!


Pastor Kevin


Manna continues this Summer

            For the summer months we will only be doing our Manna on Main St meals, Manna on Mondays will resume in September. Our June meal will be held on Saturday, June 21st, which is a week later than normal. Valerie Locker is coordinating the meal that will feature roast turkey and mashed potatoes. July’s meal will be on Saturday the 11th and will be coordinated by Mel Edmundson; the menu will include beef and noodles with mashed potatoes. Manna in August will be coordinated by Doug and Jo Ellen Mingle and will be on Saturday, August 9th.  This meal will be our yearly summer cookout. Yum!

            As always volunteers are needed to help prepare, serve and clean up for each of these meals. As each date approaches there will be sign-up sheets in the round room for volunteers, as well as any items that might need to be donated. So be on the lookout.

            These meals will all take place from 5 to 6:30p.m. and are free to the community. We hope to see you there!


Birthing Kits

Thanks to your generous donations we were able make 44 birthing kits that Rev. Kevin took to Annual Conference with him this past week. These kits will be given to Mission Central and be used to aid expecting mothers in other parts of the world.



Food Pantry

      Non-perishable food items requested by the Roaring Spring Food Pantry for the month of June are cereal, canned fruit, pasta (preferably something besides spaghetti), rice and spaghetti sauce. They are also now accepting monetary donations. Checks can be made out to the Roaring Spring Food Pantry and sent to 508 E. Main St, Roaring Spring, PA 16673.

 The food pantry, located in the annex building of St. Luke Lutheran Church, is open from 1 to 3 p.m. each Thursday and also from 5 to 7 p.m. on the second Thursday of the month. The pantry served 47 families in the month of May.

Financially Speaking…

Fred Hetrick, the Finance Chair and Ralph Grove, the Financial Secretary have reported that our income for the month of May was $11,419.94 and our expenses were $19,963.84, leaving a shortfall of $8,543.90.


Spring Dam Weekend – July 25-27

Most of the events will be held at the Fire Hall in Roaring Spring this year except for the Pancake Breakfast and the Spring Dam Worship Service. The Roaring Spring Lions Club will hold their 26th Annual Community Pancake Breakfast on July 27th from 6-9am.  Sunday’s Community Worship Service will begin at 9:15 am; there will be pre-worship music starting at 8:45am. Jerry Stern will be speaking at this year’s service and Faith Assembly will lead the music.


Confirmation Class Continues

            Because of missed classes due to the events in the life of the Pastor – the Pastor would like to have 3 additional sessions with the Confirmation Class.  He would like to meet on June 28, July 6 and July 13 at 3:30 PM.  He asks that our recent confirmands make every effort to attend these one-hour classes.


Special Music 

During the summer months, while the choir is off, we are looking for people to bless our congregation with their musical talents.  If you would like to provide special music at some point this summer please contact Rev. Kev and share your interest with him. If there are other musical groups within the area who you would like to invite to our church please inform the Pastor of that as well.


A Note from Connie Shafer and the Administrative Council

The Administrative Council works to plan and implement a program of nurture, outreach, witness and resources to support the mission and ministry of the church.  Council's recent focus has been directed at:

Outreach:   Trinity has maintained a long and active commitment to children's ministry in our community. For more than 30 years the Tot Spot program has been a cornerstone of that ministry. During that time frame the needs of families with young children have changed, and the resources available to meet those needs have increased significantly. In April, the Council held a special meeting and approved the following recommendation from the Staff Parish Relations Committee:

Contingent upon the Spring Cove School District's decision to establish a full day Pre-K program for eligible 4 year old children in the school district, Trinity UMC will:

  • Discontinue the Tot Spot program
  • Work diligently and intensively to discern the unmet needs of young children and their families in our community
  • Celebrate the contribution that Tot Spot has made in the lives of young children and families over the years.

The School Board voted to establish their Pre-K program in the 2015-2016 school year. This coming school year will be the last year for Tot Spot operations.  We are grateful that the current staff including our Tot Spot Director, Rose Shaulis, have agreed to stay on with the program through its final year.  As we celebrate the great impact of Tot Spot over the years, we will be working to discern the next call of God to serve children in our community.

Resources:  The Trustees have been busy addressing needed repairs to the church property in an expedient and cost effective manner. They expect to be submitting a recommendation to Council for approval of funds to replace the parsonage roof.


Rev. Kevin is Returning

            In case you didn’t hear it in Church – Rev. Kevin and Valerie will be returning to Trinity Church where they will begin their 4th year here in Roaring Spring.  Each day is a joy to be a part of such a loving church family.  God continues to guide and direct us as we reach out in mission and ministry to the Community around us.  God has great things in store for us.  If you have a new form of ministry or wish to volunteer your time and energies to serve the Lord in a particular way – consider stopping by the office and sharing that need with the Pastor.

A Note from Jason Dick and the Education Committee

The Education Committee has been busy preparing for Summer Sunday School and Vacation Bible School.  At our last meeting we finalized plans for VBS, which will be held June 22nd through June 26th.  The theme this year is Knights.  We have a signup sheet in the round room for anyone willing to help with the program so please consider participating.  I believe you'll find it very rewarding.

Starting June 1st we moved to our one room Sunday School and will be using a DVD series, from Discovery Place, titled Jacob's Ladder.  This series follows a group of kids as they enter into various Bible Stories and become personally involved.  Thankfully numerous volunteers have stepped up to lead all the classes throughout the summer so that our regular teachers can have a break.  If you get a chance, stop by the youth room and share in this DVD adventure.


Church Clean Up – Saturday June 28th

The work will commence at 8:30 AM.  There is plenty of inside and outside work that needs to be done around the Church.  One of the main things that we will be doing is cleaning and rearranging (Parsonage Garage, Choir Room, Storage areas, place office supplies in Church offices and a few other places).  If there are items or areas that you have an attachment with – please make sure to be there for the Church Clean-up or let Rev. Kev or JoEllen Mingle know. Please note that all the red and white checked tablecloths will be thrown away; if you’re interested in having any please feel free to take as many as you want. They will be placed under the coat rack outside the fellowship hall until the 28th. We are also thinking about removing the fencing around the Parsonage because the posts are rotting away.  WE ARE ASKING FOR YOUR HELP!  As Rev. Kev shared in his article – this is our Church TOGETHER.  So, we need you to come and join us.  If you cannot join us on this day – please contact JoEllen Mingle or Rev. Kev to see if there is some work that you can do before this event. 


Healing Services

Trinity will be having Services of Healing on Sunday, June 29th and August 31st during the regular morning worship service. Invite your friends and family.  There will be no Communion on these days.



Thank You, Libby Green…

            If you have not done so already – please make a point of taking the time to thank Libby Green for stepping into the Administrative Assistant position after Sharon Snyder’s sudden death.  Libby has helped the Church so much and has created a booklet that we can hand to the new Administrative Assistant on June 23rd.  Thank you, Libby, for your willingness to be a part of our lives.


…Welcome Lisa Ebersole!

We welcome Lisa Ebersole to the role of Administrative Assistant at

Trinity United Methodist Church.  Lisa is not a stranger to Trinity Church – her husband Jay and children, Morgan and Tanner have been a part of our Church for some time now.  Lisa is coming to us from a job at the Spring Cove School

District and we know that she comes with a lot of experience and joy in serving people.  I hope that you would take some time to stop into the office during the summer months and spend some time to get to know her.  Lisa has many gifts to share with us and it is with great joy that we welcome her to this position in the life of our Church.


            Almighty God, the warmth of the sun’s embrace, the gentle breeze that sweeps in by incoming tide, the rhythm of seasons, of new birth, death and recreation, all these speak so clearly of Your love, Your power and Your beauty.  All are expressions of Your creativity, and more importantly of Yourself.  As an artist might share their personality within each brushstroke, so within the myriad colors of a butterfly’s wing You share the exuberance of Your love. Creating God, open our eyes that we can have a glimpse of You within creation, but also tells us that You desire to be seen, to be found and known.  Open our eyes, Lord, as walk through this world, feel the wind and sunshine, see the majesty of creation unfolding before our eyes.  Help us to see You.  Help us to see You.  Help us to see You.  Amen.  



Trinity’s Summer Events



Events for June:

            June 15:  Immediately following Church – Acolyte Training

June 19:  7 PM  Trustees Meeting

June 21:  5-6:30 PM  Manna on Main Street (We will be having Roasted Turkey, mashed potatoes, vegetable and dessert).  Please make sure to sign up to prepare food, serve, or clean up.

June 22-26:  Vacation Bible School (We start at 5 PM with a evening meal and we conclude at 8:15 PM in the Sanctuary, parents can start arriving at 8pm to pick up their kids).

            June 28:  8:30 AM – 12:30 PM  Work Day at the church. 

            June 29:  Healing Service.  We will have Healing as part of our Worship.

                        3:30 PM  Confirmation Class


Events for July: 

            July 5:    Mike Moore/Alicia Brant Wedding

            July 6:    3:30 PM  Confirmation Class

            July 8:    6 PM  Men’s Fellowship

            July 10:  7 PM  Staff/Parish Relations Committee

            July 12:  5-6:30 PM  Manna on Main Street

            July 13:  3:30 PM  Confirmation Class

            July 22:  7 PM  Administrative Council

            July 25-27:  Spring Dam Weekend


Events for August:

August 7:    7 PM  Trustees Meeting

            August 9:    5-6:30 PM  Manna on Main Street

            August 10:  6:15-8:15 PM Pool Party

            August 12:  6 PM  Men’s Fellowship dinner

            August 25:  12:30-6 PM Blood Drive

            August 26:  7 PM  Church Conversation

            August 31:  Healing Service





Trinity United Methodist Church

Worship each Sunday at 9:30 a.m.; Sunday School at 10:45 a.m.



Rev. Kevin Locker, pastor

Church Office 224-2815                                                       Parsonage 224-2186