Trinity United Methodist Church of Roaring Spring
Wednesday, July 18, 2018

November Tidings

Trinity Tidings

Vol. 2 No. 9               Roaring Spring, PA 16673               November 2014


Musings from Pastor Kevin

I would like to start by sharing a portion of Scripture with you this month:  “Rejoice always; pray without ceasing; in everything give thanks, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”

            Wow – rejoice always – in everything give thanks.  I know that I have shared this with you before but I believe that we have Thanksgiving all wrong – we set aside 1 day to give Thanks to God and spend the rest of the year whining and complaining – where we should spend 364 days giving Thanks to God and spend 1 day to whine and complain.  Think about that for a moment.  If you do a search in the New Testament for the words “thanks” or” thanksgiving” you will find that this is constant exhortation and expectation from all of the Apostles.  Jesus was always giving thanks and Paul writes about giving Thanks in almost every single letter that he wrote.  After a while, it begins to sound like the chief activity of the Church (as it should be).

            We are to give Thanks in everything.  That doesn’t mean just to give thanks for all the things we enjoy, but in everything and in every moment.  Think about all of the blessings in your life.  God gives us life.  We have our health, our homes, our families, and many friends.  We have a wonderful Church family where we know that brothers and sisters in-Christ love, support, encourage and strengthen us on our journey of faith.  We have all that we have – and are all that we are – by God’s rich and abundant blessing.  So, what else have we to do, really, than to give thanks? 

            Thanksgiving was a consistent instruction by the Apostle Paul, as I mentioned before.  Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift (2 Corinthians 9:15).  It says in Ephesians 5:4 (in the Message Bible) that Thanksgiving is our dialect.  And whatever we do in work or in deed, we do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through Him to Almighty God (Colossians 3:17). 

            Do you realize God’s great love for us?  In the 70’s and 80’s we used the cliché “the attitude of gratitude” which was popular.  It is a cliché, but it does capture the proper mind-set for Christian living.  For us, as disciples of Christ, however, thanksgiving is not simply something we speak – or even an attitude.  It needs to be part and parcel of how we live.  Do we live out THANKSGIVING in our lives?  Can we consider how love and thanksgiving can challenge us to be a blessing to all of the people that God places around us? 

           Thanksgiving is a way of life and by living out the reality of our dependence on God.  When we are secure in our knowledge of God’s abundance towards us, it can enable us to share all of that abundance with those around us, and our lives can be a testimony of His goodness and not only do we express our Thanksgiving – but it should cause others to give thanks to God because of the ways in which we live out the thanksgiving as a child of God. 

            So are you ready to join me to make the 364 days ahead of us – days in which we can be ready to speak aloud our thanks and praise?  I believe that our thanks givings ought to well up inside of us – which shapes the way in which we live and how we make decisions and what our values are.  God is so good.  God is gracious.  God forgives us.  God loved us so much that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever would believe in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.  God is good – all the time – thanksgiving is all that He has left for us to do…


            God bless you for your journey,

Rev. Kev.

United Methodist Home for Children

            The men and women of the Church had agreed to each give a $500 donation for 5 consecutive years and both groups have been more than successful in giving above and beyond the amounts that they agreed upon.  We have one more year to share in this commitment.  There has been some friendly rivalry between the men and the women – and the Children’s Home has been richly blessed through our efforts! 
The Women’s Group is selling Apple Dumplings. The Apple Dumpling orders need to be turned in by November 2nd. The dumplings will be delivered November 6th. The Ladies have a goal of selling 500 dumplings!!
The Men’s Group will be sponsoring a Spaghetti Dinner on Thursday, November 13th from 4:30 – 6:30 PM. Jerry is making his homemade sauce!!
All apple dumpling sales and spaghetti dinner donations will go to the children’s home in Mechanicsburg.
Thanksgiving Eve Worship Service
November 26 at 7 PM
We will have a Thanksgiving Eve Service on Wednesday, November 26th at 7 PM.  Rev. Kevin is looking for several people who are willing to share how they are thankful in their day to day life, even in some difficult situations and challenges that you might be experiencing in your life.  Rev. Kevin believes that it is powerful to feel the impact of someone sharing their life journey and being honest with struggles – but also sharing how they are choosing thankfulness.  Rev. Kevin will focus his message on “Giving Thanks in Everything”…..
Thanksgiving Day Dinner
November 27th 11:00am-1:00pm
A traditional Thanksgiving meal will be prepared for our church family and the community. A scrumptious meal is planned. We will be serving roast turkey with all the trimmings-dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, green beans and cranberry sauce. 
OH!! Don’t forget the pumpkin pie!!! 
The ladies will gather together on Monday the 24th to bake the pies. If you would like to help with the meal or baking of the pies please contact Valerie. We will also be asking for help with the serving and clean up on the 27th.
CHURCH GARDENER STILL NEEDED – Connie Musselman has been caring for the Church and Parsonage gardens for over 40 years now and Connie feels that it is time to let someone else take on this responsibility.  If gardening is something you enjoy please think about sharing this gift with the Church – please contact Dee Hite, JoEllen Mingle or Rev. Kevin
Healing Service 
Sunday, November 30  
We will be having Healing as a part of our morning worship on Sunday, November 30th.  Rev. Kevin is calling it “A Service of Wholeness and Healing”. The Advent and Christmas Season may be difficult or challenging because people may be grieving over the loss of a loved one, struggling with illness, or have experienced the loss of a job.  And we wonder how we will get through the holidays.  There are moments in our lives when we need comfort.  These are tough times when we yearn for consolation.  There were suffering people who looked for the long-awaited Messiah. They were given a hope-filled image of God in the writings of Isaiah.  Through the service, Rev. Kevin will share throughout the service that God is there to comfort and support us. 
Money has already been given for 2 items on the Church Wish List (1.  The Router so that we can have computer access in Sanctuary and Youth Sunday School Room and  2. Water Softener for the entire Church which will be installed soon). There has been a donation given for the Computer in the Sanctuary as well.
There are still a few items on the Wish List if you would like to give a donation for the following items:  
1)  New 3 tiered sink in the kitchen $1,400
2)  Relocate Kitchen cabinets $2,000
3)  Computer for Visual aspect for Sanctuary $600 ($175 already given)
4)  Energy efficient windows in youth room and nursery $1,800
(There are 6 windows that need to be purchased – someone
could decide to purchase 1 or more windows at $300 a piece)
5)  Retrofit handicapped bathroom near Fellowship Hall $300
6)  Storage shed $1,300 (will be placed soon)
Please contact JoEllen Mingle, Dee Hite or Rev. Kevin if you have any question in regard to any of these items.
Trinity UM Church will be having their Church Conference on Sunday, November 2nd at 2 PM.  A church Conference means that everyone who is a member of the Congregation can come and have a voice at the Conference Meeting.  All Churches in the Williamsburg Cluster will be having their Church Conferences at Trinity Church (along with 1st Church, Hollidaysburg and Hicks Memorial, Duncansville).  We will gather together as a whole group and have a worship Service in the sanctuary at 2:45 PM.  Rev. Heather Hughes will be presiding over our Church Conference and Rev. Kevin will be presiding over the Wolfsburg/Trans Run Church Conference.  Everyone is invited to attend this meeting.
We will be having 2 classes during the month of November (November 9 and 30).  There are 2 books that need to be read during the first 4 sessions (Renovate or Die and Simple Church).  These books will help to strengthen the Church as we continue to be faithful to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  
From time to time, Rev. Kevin receives calls from people who need a ride to a Dr’s appointment in Altoona and he would like to start a list of people who might be able to provide this service.  There are a few times when he also receives calls from people wondering if someone could drive them to Pittsburgh (If you would like to volunteer for this  – the Pastor would make sure that the person who has the appointment must provide for transportation costs).  Please contact the Pastor if you would like to volunteer to drive in Altoona or Pittsburgh.  This would be greatly appreciated.  
Prayer Chain
     Are you interested in being a part of the Prayer Chain?  We have had the One-Call-Now Phone system for over a year now and we have been enjoying the fact that it is very easy to receive a telephone call about the prayer needs within the Church.  Sally Weicht prepares a message and spells out the names of the people being placed on the Prayer Chain.  If you would like to be a part of this vital Prayer Ministry within the Church please contact Sally Weicht, April Galbraith or Rev.Kevin.

SCARLET DRAGON PACKS UPDATE – There have been 5 people who have been in the planning stages for the continuation and expansion of the weekend Back Pack Food Program and we are hoping to restart giving food out in the Martinsburg Elementary School in November and we are planning on starting the program in the Spring Cove Elementary School in January.  We have received good news from Through Inc. (which is an Outreach Program which is housed in the old East Freedom Elementary School) that they will allow the Food to be received and distributed through their building at no charge to us.  In order to start we are in need of start-up money to purchase food.  The Central Pennsylvania Community Foundation will be accepting donations for our program and ALL money received will be used for Back Pack Food items.  They also have a program where they match funds given – so we are encouraging individuals, businesses and organizations within the Martinsburg/Spring Cove area to send donations to “Central Pennsylvania Community Foundation at 1330 11th Avenue, Altoona PA  16601 and make sure to include in the check memo line “SCARLET DRAGON PACKS”.  You donations are greatly appreciated.  You will be happy to know that Trinity UM Church gave a donation of $250 already. 



November 8         5:00-6:30 PM

Pat Muthler along with the help of Kathy Shehan will be preparing the Manna Meal. They will be serving a wonderful dish that will include pork, mashed potatoes, peas and applesauce. There will be a sign up sheet in the round room with items to be donated for this meal. This sheet will include dessert also. If you are willing to cook or help with any Manna Meal please let Valerie know. She could always use new helping hands in the kitchen. 


November 02 – 2 PM  Church Conference 
 6:30 PM  Financial Peace University
November 05 – 5 PM  EPIC
November 06 – 7 PM  Trustee’s Meeting
  Apple Dumplings will be delivered
November 08 – 5 PM  Manna on Main Street
November 09 – 2 PM  Equipping God’s People Class
 6:30 PM  Financial Peace University
November 11 – 6 PM  Women’s Fellowship (Soup, Salad & Dessert in the IHS Rm.)
November 12 – 5 PM  EPIC
November 13 – 4:30 -6:30 PM  Spaghetti Dinner
November 16 – 6:30 PM  Financial Peace University
November 19 – 5 PM EPIC Thanksgiving Dinner
November 23 – 2 PM  SPRC Training at 1st Church Hollidaysburg
      6:30 PM  Financial Peace University
November 25 – Tot Spot Thanksgiving Dinner
      7 PM  Administrative Council Meeting
November 26 – No EPIC
November 27 – Thanksgiving Day
      11 AM – 1 PM  Thanksgiving Meal Served at the Church
November 30 – Healing Service
      2 PM  Equipping God’s People
                               6:30 PM  Financial Peace University
Great and wonderful God, You have blessed us in so much, showering us with Your love and blessings. Your goodness is greater than we can ever hope to measure, Your love beyond anything we can even begin to fathom, Your gifts more than we can start to number, and yet we know You as a living reality in our hearts, as the One who gives shape and purpose to all of life.  So we come to You with grateful hearts in joyful homage, seeking, as best we can, to make thanks-giving our response.  Teach us in all aspects of our lives to receive the gifts You want us to enjoy and to turn life into one long celebration of Your goodness.  So may the people we are, as well as the words we say, truly proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ.  You are our God, and we praise You, through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.