Trinity United Methodist Church of Roaring Spring
Monday, December 10, 2018

01 2015 Tidings

 Trinity Tidings

       Roaring Spring, PA 16673                                                           January 2015


Musings from Pastor Kevin


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

          Beginning points are needed and welcome times in life.  Usually in small, sometimes in big ways, they allow us the opportunity to start over.  Have you ever had a challenging time at work which may have been hectic and when everything you did seemed to create another challenge – and you say, “Monday morning I am starting fresh with my regular schedule and routine.”  Starting points may connect us to milestones in our lives.  Graduations mark both an ending and a new beginning.  A new job or moving to a new location, or getting married, or having a baby are beginning points for new adventures in our lives.  These beginning points can provide us with an opportunity for a fresh start that can be invigorating and helps us to broaden our horizon.  A New Year can be a beginning point too – this is why resolutions are so popular at this time of year.  It is our time to stand up and say “this year I will………

          During the past few weeks in Church we have reflected together about the name Emmanuel, which means “God with us.”  We talked about what it means that God is with us in all aspects of our lives.  We thought about those times in our lives when we experienced the tangible presence of God in our lives.  And we marveled that God would choose to dwell among us, in the birth of Jesus Christ.

          I hope that as this New Year begins that you will continue to think about ways in which God might be moving in your life.  May I challenge you to think about a few things?  Can I be aware of God’s presence in my life and realize how God’s presence can impact my hopes and dreams for a new year?  Can we be aware of the strength and comfort that we find in realizing that God is indeed with us?  What inspiration will it give you?  How does the coming of God, as the baby Jesus, allow us a fresh start?  How can we spread the Good News of “God with us” throughout our community?        


I have been leading and participating in a new Leadership Development called “Equipping God’s People,” and one of the things that surprised us in some of our reading was the fact that the fastest growing group in our community and across the nation is the group that has no faith connection, a group that is called “Nones” (because on surveys they answer questions such as “what is your religious preference” or “to what Church do you belong” and they answer none.  And we quickly learned that Churches are not doing enough to stem the rapid growth of the nones or with connecting or re-connecting with them.  We want to do better. 

          And so may I challenge you a little bit more?  How can we share the incredible life-giving, life-saving message that God is with us in ways that will be heard and received?  How can we reach out to those who presently have no interest in God?  The answers are not easy and I certainly do not know all the answers.  But I know we can work on this together with the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  Are we ready to begin this New Year (this new beginning) can we look forward to a fresh start as we continue to focus on our mission of engaging new disciples of Christ? 

          It is my New Year’s prayer for you to be joyful, prosperous, healthy, and happy.  Remember, in all things, God is with us.  For our Church I pray for a year full of miracles and that every day lives are touched as we continue to share the love and joy of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.  Will you join me in praying that the life-saving message that God is with us can be heard and received in new and exciting ways?

God Bless you all for the journey ahead!     

Rev. Kev.



OUR JOYS AND CONCERNS:    Don Steele (at Homewood), Paul & Marg Bradley (Kate Muthler’s parents returning home),   Gladys Dodson , Sylvia Yingling, Lorna Scritchfield, Linda Auker (eye surgery),  Bob Norris family (lost their home in a fire in Roaring Spring), Doug Mingle, successful surgery for my sister, Peggy Evans (recovering from surgery & has gout), Sondra O’Brien family, the joy of generosity of Church family that provided Christmas gifts for so many people.


Rev. Kevin is so PROUD of our congregation – we coordinated the Angel Tree program (along with our friends from the True Value Store) and when 14 angels were still left on the tree 14 families stepped forward.  There were 6 more angels gifts that were not returned to True Value and April Galbraith received money to purchase the remaining gifts.  The EPIC children made ornaments for the residents of Graystone and we shared these gifts along with cookies before Christmas.  The Youth Sunday School Class has been thinking about more service projects that they can do for people in the community and they decided to make ornaments for the residents at the Village at Morrison’s Cove.  We bought 38 gifts for children at the Mechanicsburg Children’s Home (which was doubled the amount of children that we helped last year).  And we purchased gifts for our shut-ins.  Wow!  Trinity Church is amazing!  Thank you for your generosity!  I know that there will be many hearts that will be so happy on Christmas morning because of your love.



This is a new year and we have 11 dates for Manna on Main Street Meals – please see Valerie Locker or Dee Hite if you would like to volunteer for a meal.  Valerie has all the information that you need to plan a meal and she would be happy to share that information with you. 


MANNA ON MAIN STREET –January 10th  5:00-6:30 PM

Sandy and Gary have stepped forward to serve January’s Manna on Main Street. “Thank you Sandy and Gary!!” They will be serving Pork, Sauer Kraut and Hot Dogs with Mashed Potatoes and a vegetable. Cake will be served for dessert. They will be looking for volunteers to help serve and clean up. A sign-up sheet will be made available in the round room. A sheet for food donations will also be in the round room.


TECHNOLOGY SUMMIT planned for Monday, January 12th at 7 PM.  We are looking for “Techies” who would like to get together to share ideas about technology needs of our congregation.  The items that we have discussed in various committees throughout the Church are:  Advancing the Visual component for our Worship Service, and  Internet Service for the Sanctuary and Youth Room (where everything will be networked and password protected).  We will need to involve people who have experience in equipment needs, people who can put together Power Points to be used in our morning worship, and people with internet experience as well.  We want your input – so if you are interested in this please plan on joining us for this meeting.



            If you would like to volunteer to serve in any aspect of the Worship Service please contact the following people:

            Julia Williams – Nursery Coordinator

            Louise Drake – Liturgist and Greeter Coordinator

            Sandy Elliott – Communion Stewards

            Heather Ritchey – Acolyte Coordinator


            (If you would like to be removed from sharing in any of these you may contact the Coordinator as well)


From April Galbraith:

A big thanks goes out to the Trinity United Methodist Church

Family. This year we had 115 Angels whose Christmas will be a little

brighter because of you.  Of the 115 Angels that were on the tree we

had 6 that were not returned.  Besides those 6 we also shopped for 21

children who needed to have their gifts supplemented.  We made sure

that each child had a toy and one outfit as a minimum.  We did receive

$185 in donations from both the congregation and the community.  First

Brethren Church of Roaring Spring again donated one dozen of cookies

for each child.  Added funds were taken from the discretionary fund.  Gifts

were distributed on Thursday December 18, 2014.  The parents were all

very grateful for the gifts.  I want to thank everyone that helped with this

project, those that bought gifts, those that helped transport and sort gifts

from the department store, those that went shopping with me and finally

those that helped on the night of distribution.  A really big thanks to Lisa

who took all the names, and dealt with all the phone calls.


Because of all of you 115 children will be blessed this Christmas.




People with Leadership skills will be meeting on Sunday, January 11th and we will be reviewing the Book called “Simple Church” written by Thom Rainer & Eric Geiger at 2 PM.  


Safe Sanctuary Clearances


          The Pennsylvania Legislature has recently made sweeping changes to the Child Protective Services Law.   These changes have an impact on all persons working with children.  What does this mean for folks at Trinity? To put these changes simply, previous clearances are no longer valid.

      We are now required to get Pennsylvania State Police Criminal Reports, Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance, and FBI Criminal Report (this is a Fingerprint-based background check).  All pastors of our Susquehanna Annual Conference and other paid staff working with children will be required to have these clearances completed by Dec.31, 2014.  Pastor Kevin is working on his already.  All Volunteers will be required to have this completed by July 1, 2015.  Volunteers who have been a resident of Pennsylvania for 10 years or more will only need to sign an Affidavit, which will be in place of the FBI Criminal report, but will still need the other 2 forms of clearance.

      Pastor Kevin and April plan to attack these new regulations regarding clearances after the first of April.  We just wanted everyone to have an understanding about what is happening and why.  As part of the Safe Sanctuary policy volunteers are also required to have safe sanctuary training.  This training is being offered several times this spring.  Trinity will offer this training in our building towards the end of April, or the first of May.  Dates will be announced after January 1, 2015.  Anyone who did the “Trak 1” training and clearances earlier this year, will not be required to attend the training.




            We have received several gifts for Wish List items and we would like to give you an update.  We received $250 for a Church Modem and router, $750 for a Computer for the Visual component for Sanctuary, $300 for kitchen repair, $100 for Handicapped Bathroom outside of Fellowship Hall and $50 for special projects. We wish to thank everyone for their generous gifts!  We are in the process of placing the 3 tiered sink in the kitchen and we cared for moving the electric panel box (which has helped us tremendously in the kitchen). 

                People can still contribute to the following items:

1)             Retrofitting handicapped bathroom $100

2)        Energy efficient windows in youth room and nursery $1,800

(If you wish to pay for 1 window – the cost would be $300)

3)       Relocate Kitchen Cabinets $2,000

4)        3 tiered sink $1,400


5)        Storage Shed $300


                                  Financially Speaking…


                     Income:          $20,335.62

                    Expenses:        $22,774.39


                     Shortfall:       - $2,438.77


While Pastor Kevin is on vacation your emergency calls can be directed to:

December 30-January 1  Pastor Gary Blankley (Claysburg UMC)       239-2135


January 2-9             Rev. Mick Dawes (Faith UMC- Woodbury)            766-2484 



          January 01 – 9 Rev. Kevin on vacation

          January 04 – Rev. George Mauk will be preaching

          January 07 – 5 PM  EPIC

                             6:15PM  EPIC Dinner

                             7 PM  Choir Practice

          January 09 – Tot Spot Trike-a-thon

          January 10 – 5:00-6:30 PM Manna on Main Street

          January 11 – No Communion/John Wesley’s Covenant Service

                             2 PM  Equipping God’s People

          January 12 – 7 PM  Technology Summit

          January 13 – 6 PM  Men’s Fellowship

                             7 PM  Finance Committee Meeting

          January 14 – 5 PM EPIC

                             6:15  PM  EPIC Dinner

                             7 PM  Choir Practice

          January 15 – 7 PM  Trustee’s Meeting

          January 19 – 21 – Clergy and Spouse Retreat in Lancaster, PA

          January 21 – 5 PM  EPIC

                             6:15 PM  EPIC Dinner

                             7 PM  Choir Practice

          January 23 – 24 Boy Scout’s Pinewood Derby

          January 26 – 11 AM – 12:30 PM Manna on Monday

          January 27 – 7 PM  Administrative Council Meeting

          January 28 – 5 PM  EPIC

                             6:15 PM  EPIC Dinner

                             7 PM  Choir Practice





Lord Jesus Christ, like the wise men following Your birth, teach us to search for You until we come to faith, and then to go on searching just as eagerly and whole-heartedly to discover more of Your will and purpose for our lives.  Continue to surprise us with the wonder of Your love and the awesomeness of Your grace, and so may we know You and love You more and more each day, to the glory of Your name.  Amen.