Trinity United Methodist Church of Roaring Spring
Wednesday, July 18, 2018

May Tidings 2015

Trinity Tidings

Roaring Spring, PA 16673                                                                    May 2015


Musings from Pastor Kevin


     Where is your joy?  Frederick Buechner writes “the place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.”

            Where is your deepest gladness, your truest joy?  Where does God most need you?  Where these two meet – is probably where we are called to serve.  

            I find joy all around me.  I love living in Pennsylvania (oh, did I just say that after the coldest winter temperatures?) where year in, year out, each season brings its own unique joys.  The seasons know exactly when to change.  You can venture out and see the grass turning green and the buds starting to burst forth on the trees.  Summer will be here before you know it and it will be a great time to get out to enjoy the beauty that God supplies through sunshine and the beauty of a white sandy beach.  Personal joy and gladness in some measure is necessary for renewal and revival of our soul.  But the deepest joy I know is the joy that comes in worship, in serving God, in fellowship with Brothers and Sisters in Christ and all God’s people, and the joy of serving God through the various outreach ministry that our God calls us to do.

            We have had the joy of seeing God’s hand of blessing through 40 years of Tot Spot Ministry.  I wonder when we opened the door for our first group of children whether we had any idea that it would bloom and blossom into something that would reach so many children (and adults too) for 40 years?  As Pastor, it has been a blessing for me to see how God called a few people to address the needs of young mothers to go out Christmas shopping and that has grown in truly marvelous ways.  I am reminded that God doesn’t always give us a fully described blue-print of what He calls us to do and I praise God today that there were faithful ones who answered the call to serve.  And I praise God that there were people who came together to dream and access the needs of children in our community. 

            Brothers and Sisters in Christ, we have had the joy of gathering together to see where God might be guiding us to address the needs of children and youth of our community.  Are we 100% sure of where God might be taking us?  No, I don’t think so.  We have shared the thoughts that we may need to focus our attention on an “after school program”, continue to grow our Wednesday night EPIC program and dream of the possibilities of having a children/youth Leader.  We shared at our last meeting that we have the joy of welcoming new faces on a Wednesday night (children and youth that we are not currently seeing on a Sunday morning) and that is a blessing.  And so, I encourage you to think – does this sound like how the ministry and mission of Tot Spot started?  There may be some who are sad to think that Tot Spot is over – but as Pastor I have the joy of realizing that the spirit of Tot Spot continues on at Trinity Church.  The hopes and dreams of those first pioneers addressed a specific need and now that need is being met in other places.  And that is okay.  But we have to continue to ask ourselves – what is the next faithful step?  Where is God leading us now?  Are there more children and youth that we can reach out to?  The answer is a definite YES.  Will you join me in praying for discernment as we talk to some people throughout our community to see what the needs are?  Will you volunteer to participate in whatever God might be directing us to do? The needs are great and we need Brothers and Sisters to answer the call. 

            There are so many other joys that I can lift up before Almighty God.  We had 5 Small Groups answer the challenge of our Youth Sunday School to think about what is the major focal point of their small group and what do want people to know about us (in case there may be others who might join our small group).  The youth Sunday School class has been opening the doors and greeting those who ventured out during those bitterly cold winter months.  We have a faithful group of people who volunteer at the HUB in Altoona (which is an off-shout of Mission Central of the Susquehanna Conference) that thinks about various ways in which we can serve people around us.  We will once again be starting our Summer Lunch Program and we hope that this program continues to grow.  I thank God often for all who visit and check in by phone with our sick and shut-ins.  Jesus says when we do this we visit Him.

            Joy comes in unexpected moments – in the ordinary and extraordinary moments.  And in time spent in prayer and listening for God.  Will you join me in listening for God, recalling all that God has done in our lives – and all we see God doing among us here at Trinity UM Church?  Please know that you are always in my prayers.  And my heart is filled with joy as we continue to realize and answer the call to serve the community around us through mission and ministry opportunities.  Grace, peace and joy


I thank God often for all who visit and check in by phone with our sick and our shut-ins. Jesus says when we do this we visit him.

Joy comes often in unexpected moments…in the ordinary and extraordinary moments of the day… And in time spent in prayer and listening for God. Mornings on the porch or at the kitchen table, with bible, pen and notepad for journaling at hand… Listening for God, recalling all God has done in our lives… And all we see God doing among us here and now…

Know that you are always in our prayers – and all your prayers for my family, me, and all our church are greatly appreciated. May the grace, peace, and joy from Jesus Christ be with you always.

            Rev. Kev

books.jpegbooks.jpeg12 Extraordinary Women Book Study

at the parsonage

Monday, May 4th at 7 PM


            There were 7 of us who journeyed through John MacArthur’s book entitled “12 Ordinary Men” and we will have 10 joining us on the journey through the book entitled “12 Extraordinary Women”.  We have been blessed to realize how God uses common, ordinary people just like us to carry out His mission and ministry.  We have continued to grow in our faith and the Pastor continued to encourage us to see how our lives may be very similar to that of the disciples.  And we have come to know that what God wants of us – is that we make our lives available to Him.  God used the lives of the first disciples (not because of what they knew) but when they made their lives available to Him.  It was then and only then when God empowered them to do great and mighty things. 




The Trustees of the Church will meet on Thursday, May 7th at 7 PM to discuss several things.  We will discuss the following:  installing windows in the Youth Room and in the Nursery, replacing the old and cracked sidewalk in the back of the parsonage, resurfacing the parking lot and drive-way between the church and the parsonage and a new roof on the garage and the Sanctuary.  The Carpets throughout the church need cleaning in the near future. We have collected some estimates on some of these projects and they will help to guide our next meeting.

                The Trustees will also be scheduling a “Work Day” at the Church so we hope that you will look for announcements in the bulletin about when that may take place.  The Church belongs to us and each one of us are responsible for its maintenance and upkeep.












May 16 and 17

Are there projects that you would like to participate in or spear-head for the “Change the World” Weekend?  The United Methodist Church held this yearly event and you can see what other Churches may have done by going to and search for “Change the World” weekend.  There were a few people who gathered together at our recent “Church Conversation” Discussion where we discussed this.  We did talk about what might be the needs of the community and we would like to ask the congregation – do you know of any projects that could be done in our community?  Is there a neighbor or someone you know where we could come and paint a porch, clean up a yard, clean up the “Spring Dam” grounds?  Would you like to volunteer to organize a project in our community?  If the date is too soon for a particular project – we can organize it for another time.  We are blessed to be a part of a congregation that things about the ways in which we can serve the people in our community.  We were also challenged during the Church Conversation to realize that we have to expand (in our thoughts and minds) that the walls of our church expand beyond the lines of the community of Roaring Spring.  Please pray about this and let’s see where God might be leading us.




    We would like to thank you for your generous contributions for the Insulated Windows for the Youth Room and Nursery.  We have collected over $1,300 and we need $2,400

(just for the windows only).  And so, we are still asking for $1,100 for this project.  We

also would like to inform the congregation that we have been told that the Church Roof needs to be replaced and we are currently seeking bids from several contractors.  We will see what they suggest to us whether or not the shingles will last for another winter and

 make a decision based on their findings.  We realize that the cost to replace the roof

will be high (especially in light of the fact that the shingles over the Round Room need

to be cut).  People can start making donations towards our new roof.  They would be

greatly appreciated. 



A Friendly Reminder:

We currently combine the Tidings for June, July and August – so please make sure that you get your items in to the Church office no later than May 25th.  If there are ANY events going on within these months – please make sure that you do not miss the deadline. 



Friday, May 22nd at 7:00pm

Benefit Concert for the Claysburg and Roaring Spring Food Banks

“THEM PREACHERS” (a local group of clergy) will be having a Benefit Concert at St. Luke’s Lutheran Church. A free will offering and or non-perishable food donation will be taken.We hope that you make every effort to come and enjoy this night of fellowship and we will have the blessing of giving to such a wonderful project.




We need volunteers who are willing to step forward to prepare and serve our Manna on Main Street Meal for Saturday, June 13th.  You will need to prepare the food – and you can ask for assistance in serving and clean-up.  You can set the menu and there are some monies available to buy some of the food for the meal.  And then you can ask for volunteers to bake something or donate a particular food item for this meal.  And then we ask you to set out a Serve and Clean-up list asking for volunteers.  If you would like to volunteer for this (or you may talk to a couple friends to organize this – or maybe your Sunday School Class or Small Group could step forward).  We need your help!  Please contact Valerie Locker if you wish to volunteer. 




High School or College Graduates

Do you know someone from our church

 family who is graduating this year?

If so, please contact the church office.


Safe Sanctuaries

The Legislature in Harrisburg last year passed more comprehensive mandates for screening for persons working with children. Effective July 1, 2015, any person working with any of the Children’s programs on a regular basis will need to get new clearances. Any Clearances that the Church has done previously will not be Valid. If you have gotten clearances recently through your place of employment or through another group that you volunteered with they will not have to be redone. If you have clearances all you will need to do is to bring the original to the church where we will make a copy and verify that we saw the original. If you need to have your clearances redone, see April Galbraith, or Lisa Ebersole in the Church office. Remember this must be done by July 1, 2015. Thank you to all who are willing to help with the Children’s programs. 




VBS weird animals Day4_Shred.pngvbs weirs animals Day5_Iggy.pngVBS weird animals Day3_Milton.pngVBS weird animals Day2_Fern.pngvbs weird animals Day1_Axl.pngVacation Bible School

June 21-25

Weird Animals

Katie is still looking for a few people to help with games and ushering the groups from one activity to the next. If you are willing to help with Bible School please contact Katie Decker at 931-8860. Registration forms are available in the Round Room.



We praise God for the ministry of Tot Spot.  Please keep the following events in your prayers: 

                        May 15- Tot Spot’s last day,             

                        May 19 – Promotion for Tot Spot Children


                        May 20 – Picnic for Tot Spot.



TUMC Night at the Curve

Curve vs. Erie Seawolves


 Friday, June 26th at 7:00pm

Ticket Price is $7 each

Seat Section 215 - First Base Side

        Ticket money is due to April Galbraith or the church

       office by June 19th

Youth Athletic Socks to be given to the first 1000 kids

            Fireworks following the game



            May 01 – No Tot Spot

            May 02 – 8 AM  Tot Spot Yard Sale

            May 03 – 9:30 Celebration of 40 years of Tot Spot Ministry

            May 04 – 7 PM  12 Extraordinary Women Book study at the parsonage.

            May 07 – 7 PM  Trustees Meeting

            May 09 – 5-6:30 Manna on Main Street

            May 11 – 7 PM  Pastor to share prayer at Borough Council Meeting

                            7 PM  12 Extraordinary Women study at parsonage

            May 12 – 6 PM Men’s Fellowship Dinner

            May 15 – Last Day of Tot Spot Ministry

            May 16 & 17 – United Methodist Change the World Weekend

            May 18 – 11:30-1 Manna on Monday

                            7 PM  12 Extraordinary Women Book study at parsonage.

            May 19 – Tot Spot Promotion

                            7 PM  Administrative Council Meeting (NOTE change due to

                            Pastor’s vacation)

            May 20 – Tot Spot Final Picnic

            May 22 – 7 PM  “THEM PREACHERS” will be having a benefit Concert

                             for the Roaring Spring Food Bank

            May 23 – 11 AM  Spring Fling (Vendor Fair in the Fellowship Hall sponsored by                                                         the Friends of the Library)

            May 24 – Pentecost

            May 25 through June 5 – Rev. Kevin will be on vacation

            May 26 – 6 PM Women’s Fellowship “When Life Gives You Scraps” 

            May 31 – Rev. Tiffany Freeman will be preaching at Trinity UMC


OUR JOYS AND CONCERNS:  Guy Marcocci Family, People of Nepal (The Pathak Family), Gladys Dodson (broke hip), Betty Price (heart), Mr. and Mrs. John Morse (newly married), Marg Bradley, Lorie Davis, Wib Hite


Loving God, we thank You for those moments in our lives that have been

milestones in our journey of faith – moments when we have been especially conscious

of Your presence, when faith has grown, when truth has dawned on us in an unmistakable

way.  We thank You for such times but we pray You will help us always to recognize

that our journey is not ended but only just begun.  Teach us that, however many answer

we may have, there is always more to see, more to learn and more to understand,

through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.