Trinity United Methodist Church of Roaring Spring
Tuesday, November 20, 2018

01 January Tidings 2016

Trinity Tidings

Roaring Spring, PA 16673                                                     January 2016


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

            I was thinking recently that the President of the United States usually gives an annual “State of the Union” address where the President not only reports on the condition of the nation but also allows the President to outline the legislative agenda (for which they need the cooperation of Congress) and national priorities.  Well, I thought I would write, as we begin a new year, to share with you where we are as the family of Trinity Church. 

            Throughout the last year, we truly have lived out the Good News of Jesus Christ and I want to recap some of the highlights for me and share a few thoughts as we move into God’s future in the year 2016. 

            We have such a gift to be part of a congregation where we have found our calling as “the Church that feeds people” (physically, emotionally and spiritually).  We shared 4,800 meals during our Summer Lunch Program (that is 500 more meals compared to last year’s numbers – and we can only assume that this number will only increase). We continued to share our Manna Meals which is always a joy not only for those who receive the meal (but for us who realize that this is a gift that we can share with the community around us).  We served 130 people with our annual Thanksgiving Day meal and as your Pastor I was able to hear the words that touched my heart – that the meal was delicious, that they might not have been able to feed all of their family like this at home, and that it was nice to spend it with kind and compassionate people. 

            We took the next faithful step when Tot Spot closed this past year as we sensed the calling to hire a children/youth leader (and God has certainly blessed us through the life and witness of Carissa Blair).  Our Wednesday night program continues to reach out to the community around us (and we are reaching children who may not come through our Church doors in any other way).  We repurposed the Educational Wing and have 2 activity rooms, 2 classrooms and a worship space where we share “praise and worship” songs before going off to our classes.  The children/youth are excited for this place that they can call home.  Carissa has encouraged us to look into new Sunday School material and we are excited about the future that God has in store for us.

            Rev. Kev. offered “FREE PRAYER” on the 5 points this fall and that encouraged him to realize that we need to offer opportunities like this in our community.  May I challenge you to realize that Trinity Church is just not housed at 434 East Main Street – but that it extends to the neighborhoods and communities that lie around us.  There are people that we need to reach out to with the Good news of Jesus Christ. 

            I am thankful to be a part of Trinity Church, and I hope you are, too.  This past year has been an amazing one for our Church.  This was quite a year.  Not often do we get to have such visible, tangible evidence of God’s work in our lives.  We have been blessed (lives were touched, people were fed and God’s love has been proclaimed).  But you know what – even greater things are in store for us in 2016. As we begin a new year – take time to count your blessings.  Be intentional to see how God’s hand was present in your life in 2015.  And make a resolution to seek out God more in 2016.  Pray more, give more, and love like Jesus Christ in and through your life.  Allow yourself to be blessed so that you might be a blessing to someone else. I am blessed to be taking this journey with you.

Rev. Kevin


I want to Thank all of you very much for the pink flowering weeping cherry tree which was planted by the Spang Street entrance. It can be enjoyed by everyone who enters or passes by our church.

Gratefully Yours,

Connie Musselman


BIBLE STUDY at the Parsonage…

Rev. Kev. will be once again starting a Bible Study at the Parsonage and we will be looking at the book called (12 Unlikely Heroes) by John MacArthur starting on Monday nights in February at 7 PM.  We will at some men and women who through their human weakness and strengths show how God worked to accomplish His purposes.  We will look at the lives of Enoch, Joseph, Miriam, Gideon & Sampson, Jonathan, Jonah, Esther, John the Baptist, James, Mark and Onesimum.  If you are interested in attending the class please contact Rev. Kev. so that he can purchase a book for you.  This is going to be a great study.   


Praise God!


We wish to thank everyone for their generosity over this past year.  We had some unexpected expenses this past year (and we had to replace the Church roof) but God has been good.  We were able to pay off the last part of the Furnace Fund – so that the only bill would be for the ROOF.  We are also happy to announce that all of our bills have been paid for 2015 and that we were able to pay all of our Shares of Ministry in full.  We have been truly blessed by God and I want to thank you all for your ongoing generosity.  We have an extensive ministry that continues to reach out into the Community around us and we can celebrate that we were able to fund all of these things this past year.  


Audio/Visual Help Needed


        Did you like what you saw on Christmas Eve?  This was our first attempt in adding visual displays in the Sanctuary.  We wish to thank Jason, Jay and Jerry for their work in making that happen.  We would like to see more of this during the year but more people are going to have to step forward.  There is so much more that could be done – if you have an interest in this please contact Rev. Kev. 


WE NEED YOU:  there are a few things that usually happen every year – but we need your help in getting them organized.

1)             We would like to have a FAMILY FELLOWSHIP each month.  This would be a great way to get the Church family together to have fun and fellowship (we have in the past had:  talent night, game night, Curve Baseball Night, Trunk or Treat, and the Church Picnic).  There is a sign-up sheet in the back of the Church for you to sign up.  You can pick the date, plan the event and then advertise it.  Let’s be creative – let’s think about new things.  There are a few people who plan quite a few things at the Church and they would like more people to step forward.  Are you thinking – we would like to do something – but we need a little more help – well, go ahead and talk to a couple of friends and plan an event.  We need to bring the family together more often than on Sunday mornings.

2)            The Women’s Fellowship needs to have women of the Church sign up to host an event each month.  They usually meet every month on a Tuesday or a Thursday night.  Once again – we would like 2 women sign up to host an event each month.  You are asked to pick the date, plan an event and then advertise it.  We would like to see all the months filled up because if we do not fill it up – we will not be meeting for that month. 

3)            People need to step forward to organize our Manna on Main Street meals.  Yes, it’s that time of year to start planning these.  If you don’t go to Valerie – I am sure that Valerie will be coming to you.  So, give some thoughts in organizing a meal.  There is some money available for you to purchase the food needed for the meal.  We also have some food on hand that you might be able to use as well.  If you would like to get together with other people to plan a meal – or volunteer to do a meal as a family – that would be AWESOME.  The Manna Meals are the second Saturday of every month.  You would plan a menu – solicit some donations if you would like – and then put a sign-up sheet in the Round Room for the help that you might need for the dinner. 


                PLEASE NOTE – with all of these areas – they just won’t happen if only a few people are involved.  In order for them to be successful we MUST have people step forward or we just won’t be able to have an event.  These are fellowship opportunities where we work alongside of sisters and brothers – we get to know people and we reach out in new and different ways.  So, please, think about these things – pray about them – and let God work out the details.  WE NEED YOU!  


Income/Expenses for November:


Income:     $31,680.00

Expenses: $38,685.08







We are happy to announce that we collected $1,427.00 for the Roof Fund as our special Christmas Eve Offering.  We wish to thank everyone who contributed!  This money will be added to our $1,100 regular monthly payment.  We have taken great strides in paying this off and we appreciate everyone’s participation in this regard.  We will probably announce another Spaghetti Dinner and Apple Dumpling Sale soon.  


Happy New Year! The youth are off to a busy start, with two big weekends coming up. On Sunday the 24th, the youth will be leading Sunday service for a youth weekend. On Saturday, January 30th, the youth are heading to Pittsburgh for Winter Jam! We will be departing at 10 am and be stopping at Station Square to experience the incline and have a late lunch/early dinner. Then we will be heading over to the Consol Energy Center with early admittance to meet the artists and worship! The concert will end at about 11:00, putting our return at about 1 a.m. If there are any youth interested in attending, please contact Carissa at or 931-2461.

God Bless,




January Prayer


             Lord Jesus Christ, we are not good at letting go of the past, at recognizing there are times when we need to move on in life; to take a step forward in faith if we are ever truly to grow.  We prefer the security of the familiar, the comfort of that which does not stretch or challenge us too far, and we are wary of the prospect of change, afraid that it might ask more of us that we are willing to give.  We are not good at letting go of the old and putting on the new, at turning away from our former way of life and taking instead the way that You set before us.  We are reluctant to abandon old habits, fearful of being thought different, unwilling to deny ourselves the pleasures of this world for the promise of the world to come.  SO we try to keep a foot in both camps, to combine the old self with the new.  We think we can balance the two, but, of course, we can’t, and the result is that we compromise both and embrace neither.  Help us to understand that, while the old has its place, there are some areas in life where a complete break is needed, a turning away from what has been, before we are ready to receive what shall be.  Lord, Jesus, You want to work within us to finish the new creation You have begun.  Give us courage to trust You completely, so that You may refashion our lives to Your glory. We ask it in Your name.  Amen.  



            January 3 –      Worship/Vance Hart is preaching/No Communion

            January 6 –      5 PM  EPIC

                                    6:15 EPIC Dinner

                                    7 PM  Choir

            January 9 –      5-6:30 PM  Manna on Main Street Dinner

            January 10 –    Worship/ Renewal of Baptismal Vows/No Communion

            January 11 –    7 PM  Finance Committee Meeting

            January 12 –    6 PM  Men’s Fellowship Dinner

                                    7 PM  Trustee’s Meeting

            January 13 -    5 PM  EPIC

                                    6:15 EPIC Dinner

                                    7 PM  Choir

                                    7 PM  Education Committee Meeting

            January 17 –    Worship/Communion

            January 18-20 Rev. Kevin and Valerie will participate in Bishop’s Retreat for

                                    Clergy and their spouses

            January 20 -    5 PM  EPIC

                                    6:15 EPIC Dinner

                                    7 PM  Choir

            January 22 – 23  Boy Scouts/Pinewood Derby

            January 24 –    The children and Youth of our Church will be leading the

Morning Worship. 

            January 25 – 11:30-1 Manna on Monday

            January 26 –    7 PM  Ad Council Meeting

            January 27 -    5 PM  EPIC

                                    6:15 EPIC Dinner

                                    7 PM  Choir

            January 30 –    Winter Jam/Consol Stadium in Pittsburgh

            January 31 –    Worship/Communion





Manna on Main Street                              Manna on Monday

Saturday, Jan. 9th                                                  Monday, Jan. 25th

5:00-6:30                                                              11:30-1:00

Hosted by: Sandy Elliott & Gary Polchito           Hosted by: Valerie Locker

Meal: Pork & Sauerkraut                                     Meal: Chicken & Scallop Potatoes