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Wednesday, July 18, 2018
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02 February Tidings 2016

Trinity Tidings 

Roaring Spring, PA 16673                                                     February 2016


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

            As we approach Lent, I think back to the “old days” when we used to talk about “giving up something for Lent.”  This, for me, was a way of encouraging people to “do without,” in order to strengthen our discipleship and remind ourselves that our life does not consist in the things we have (or do not have), but is rooted in our relationship with Jesus Christ.  So, you may have fasted (where you may have gone without eating something – chocolate, candy, sweets, or coffee) or you may have given up something that you have enjoyed, or give up some of your money to support a good cause.  These can still be useful practices for us, if we use them to help us reflect on our life and call as God’s children and as followers of Jesus Christ. 

            Sometimes, today, you may hear of a different suggestion – that instead of “giving something up” for Lend, we “take something up” for Lent instead.  This might be a new spiritual practice, such as daily prayer, adding 20-30 minutes of devotion, or Bible reading; you may choose to participate in some service activity (such as volunteering to serve the Church or your community in some way; you may decide to participate in worship (for those for whom this is not already an established goal) – or some other way that we seek to turn ourselves outward toward God and neighbor, in ways that may help us encounter Jesus in our daily life.  These can also be useful practices in our lives that we can certainly continue doing well after Lent is over.

            We do these things – taking up or letting go – not in order to gain some kind of favor with God, or earn points toward our salvation, but in order to open up a new space in our lives where the Holy might be experienced.  You all know that life can get so full of stuff (we all have so much stuff) and we jam our lives so full of nonsense that the things that really matter start to get squeezed out – time with God, time with family and friends, time spent in reaching out to our neighbor, a stranger or reconciling with an enemy.  We all need time to breathe.  We need time to think, pray, and recommit ourselves anew to serving our Lord.

            What might you do this Lenten Season to open that door to the Holy?  It could be something as simple as posting a favorite Bible verse on your Facebook page each day.  You may want to share 3 things with your family and friends that you are grateful for at the end of each day.  Maybe you could consider praying over a map of the world or pray for 20-30 minutes after the evening news, remembering the needs of people who live in constant fear or those who live without basic needs.  Maybe you could consider writing a note or making a phone call to those you haven’t spoken with in a while (or maybe someone you have missed seeing in Church).  These Lenten practices can be as simple or as profound as you want to make them.  But whatever they may be, it helps to be able to reflect upon them, and ask yourself where you saw God present in what you experienced through these experiences.  I would be interested in hearing about your Lenten discipleship this year.  Why not choose a practice and see how God might work in your life?


Blessings for your journey,


Rev. Kevin


March 12th at 5:00pm – Library Dinner


Looking for people to prepare, serve and clean-up. Please tell Valerie if you plan to help.



CONFIRMATION CLASS beginning Feb. 28


Calling all youth - 12 years old or older who are interested in joining the Church - please contact Rev. Kevin.  Classes will be 1:30 - 2:30 on Sunday afternoons. We would receive the new members into the Church on Pentecost Sunday (May 5).  Rev. Kevin would like to have at least 5 confirmands to take the class.  If we do not have a class this year - we will have one next year.  Please contact the Pastor soon if you are interested so he can order materials.


BIBLE STUDY   Twelve Unlikely Heroes

Rev. Kevin will be leading a book discussion on the John MacArthur book entitled “Twelve Unlikely Heroes”.  We will be looking at the lives of Enoch, Joseph, Miriam, Gideon & Sampson, Jonathan, Jonah, Esther, John the Baptist, James, and Mark & Onesimus.  We will be meeting on Monday nights in February at 7 PM.  If you are interested in attending this class please contact Rev. Kev.  





Trinity Church will be having its Annual Pancake Supper on Tuesday, February 9th from 5-6:30 PM.  We will be having pancakes, eggs, sausage and “puddin”.  There will be a free-will offering taken where all of the proceeds will be going to the Roof Fund.  Please make sure to invite a friend to join you.  Valerie will be looking for help in the kitchen so please make sure you contact her.  We need waiters and waitresses because we usually take orders for their eggs.  (So your help is definitely needed)




ASH WEDNESDAY SERVICE – February 10th at 7 PM 

          We will once again begin our Lenten journey, where we mark our reality, remembrance, repentance, reflection, and recommitment, in the sign of ashes on our fore-heads.  We will have a service where we will look at several scripture passages that help to prepare us for Lent and we will have a short message.  The service will include singing, litanies, and times for silence, prayer, Communion, and the imposition of Ashes.  May it be the beginning of a good and faithful Lenten journey for us all.


TUMC December Income

Income:           $42,840.81

Expenses:      $22,825.09




HELP NEEDED – People to coordinate Monthly Family Fellowship

            Do you want to get to know each other better than we do on a Sunday morning?  Do you want to get in touch with the struggles and praises of other people within the Church family?  Do you want to share your life together with more people from the Church family?  Do you want to get together to laugh and cry and praise God together?  If so, then we need to have more Family Fellowship Gatherings.  We need you!


The Pastor is suggesting for 3-4 people to come together and brain-storm about an activity that they would like the Church family to participate in (you are asked to plan the event, advertise it and let the fun begin).  


Dragon Back Packs


Volunteers are needed to fill back packs on February 17th at 2:00. Back packs will be filled at Through, Inc. in East Freedom (The old elementary school).




Valerie Locker only has 3 more months available for the Manna on Main Street Meals available.  The meals are on the 2nd Saturday of every month and we have the months of March, April and May open.  We ask the sponsor to plan the meal, make an appeal for donations, purchase some of the food, organize the making of the meal and serve the meal (along with the help of others).  We encourage you to invite some of your family and friends to get involved with you (invite children and youth of our Church family)….maybe there is a Sunday School Class, a small group within the Church that could provide a meal.  There are people within our community who are looking for us to bring them together.  They are looking for encouragement.  They are looking for someone to care for them.  We have a wonderful feeding program here at Trinity Church and we need you to step forward.  Please don’t wait for Valerie to approach you – make her job easier and go to her first. 



Blue and Gold Banquet for the Boy Scouts


The Boy Scouts will have their annual Blue and Gold Banquet at Trinity Church and they would like to invite people from the Church to attend this banquet so that they can thank the Church for the use of the building (Rev. Kevin is planning on attending and would like a few others from the Church to join him – if you are planning on attending – please let Rev. Kevin know).   


“Soup”er Bowl Sale

The Women’s Fellowship will be holding a soup sale to profit John’s way. The ladies will be selling quarts of ham & Bean Soup and Vegetable Beef soup for $5.00 each. Orders will be taken in advance. The order form can be found near the round room & the bulletin board outside of the kitchen.

(Soup will be made on February 4th at 9am. All ladies are welcome to come help)





OUR JOYS AND CONCERNS:   Please remember our Shut-ins in your thoughts and prayers – RESIDENTS OF HOMEWOOD – Ada Adamski, Don Steele, Janet Ebersole.  RESIDENTS OF VILLAGE AT MORRISON’S COVE – Mid Banner, Paul & Louise Holsinger.  RESIDENT OF HILLVIEW CHATEAU IN ALTOONA – Betty Hamm.  LUTHERAN HOME IN HOLLIDAYSBURG – Bernice Shafer.  SHUT-INS AT HOME:  Lorie Davis, Martha Moore.  (May I encourage you to visit them or send them a card – sharing with them that you are thinking about them).  Evan Glass (Deployed to Iraq), Fred Hetrick (chemo treatments), Gary Shank, Doris Ferry, Justin Williams, Glenn Ritchey, Helen Settlemyer (grandmother of Curtis White), Sandy Anderson



Lord God, prepare our hearts as we prepare for Lent (a season of repentance, of self-examination, of silence and waiting for the leading of Your Holy Spirit).  Through Your Spirit You lead us into the temptations of Jesus, forty days in the wilderness, where our lives are laid bare, and we come face to face with our desires for power – power over our lives and the lives of our friends and enemies and maybe even power over You.

            Open us to Your grace and mercy, Your love and provision, as we confront the devil’s temptations, the demons that try to run our world and our lives.  Give us the power of Your Son that we may also throw off the insidious powers of sin – the forces of selfishness and pride, the forces that keep us from confronting the truth about lives and the world.

            During this season of Lent, shatter our illusions, save us from ourselves, and open us to the new life of Your Holy Spirit – a life of faith, hope, and love.  As we let Your Spirit lead us into repentance, may we discover the goodness and fullness of life in Your Kingdom of peace.  In the words of the Psalmist, may we find in Your presence a refuge, a dwelling place, a place of rest (Psalm 91). 

            May we also resist the temptation to find our rest in places that muffle the cries of injustice – the desperation of the needy, the anger of the wronged, and the despair of the hopeless.  May those voices echo in our Lenten slice, for the call of Your Spirit also speaks through those voices.  Your Word is near us, on our lips and in our hearts.  May we use this season to empty ourselves of all that makes us deaf to that Word, the Word of God, Jesus Christ, who is already on our lips and in our hearts.  Amen!  



            February 3 –    5 PM  EPIC

                                    6:15 PM EPIC Dinner

                                    7 PM  Choir

            February 5 –    Pastor’s Sabbath Rest

            February 7 –    Scout Sunday

            February 9 –    5-6:30 PM  Shrove Tuesday Pancake, Egg and Sausage Dinner

                                    (Free Will offering received)

            February 10 – NO EPIC

                                    7 PM  Ash Wednesday Worship Service

            February 12 – Pastor’s Sabbath Rest

February 13 – 5-6:30 PM  Manna on Main Street Dinner  (The Hetrick family

will Host this Manna Meal and they are serving Chili and corn bread).

            February 14 – First Sunday in Lent

            February 15 – 12:30  Red Cross Blood Drive at Trinity Church

            February 16 – 7 PM  Staff/Parish Relations Committee Meeting

            February 17 – 2:00pm Packing Backpacks

                                    5 PM Discussion on Prayer (War Room)


                                    6:15 PM  EPIC Dinner

                                    7 PM  Choir

            February 19 – Pastor’s Sabbath Rest

            February 20 – 5 PM  Blue & Gold Boy Scout Banquet at Trinity Church

            February 21 – Second Sunday in Lent

                                    1:15 PM  Church Audit

            February 22 – 12:00-1PM  Manna on Monday (serving Toasted Cheese &

Note time change for Manna on Monday’s beginning Feb. 22nd.


                                    Tomato Soup)

            February 24 – 5 PM  EPIC

                                    6:15 PM  EPIC Dinner

                                    7 PM  Choir

            February 26 – Pastor’s Sabbath Rest

            February 27 – March 6 Carissa Blair away on Mission Trip (Please keep

Carissa and the Mission Team upheld in your prayers)

            February 28 – Third Sunday in Lent