Trinity United Methodist Church of Roaring Spring
Wednesday, September 23, 2020

03 March tidings 2017

Trinity Tidings

Roaring Spring, PA 16673                                                     March 2017


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

            Did you know that there are people who are getting themselves ready for August 21, 2017?  What?  You don’t know what is happening on that day?  I didn’t either until I read about it recently.  August 21, 2017 is the day that we will have a rare and spectacular celestial show.  That’s when we will have a total eclipse of the sun.  And this is amazing because we haven’t been able to see one like it in the United States since 1979. 

            But did you know another interesting fact – that there are people in a Western Kentucky town that are saying that while the eclipse will travel across the country – “that the greatest eclipse will occur at 1:25:32 PM in an “unassuming field” about 12 miles northwest of Hopkinsville, Kentucky (information that is provided by an eclipse expert, Fred Espenak).  This is the point where the axis of the lunar shadow will pass closest to the center of Earth, turning day into darkness for 2 minutes and 40.1 seconds.  There are reports already that some people are already renting out their homes for the people who are wanting to witness this astronomy spectacle. 

            Can you believe that there are some people who are willing and excited to embrace the daytime darkness, if only for a few minutes?  I thought that usually the opposite occurs – that most folks try to run from any darkness in their lives (because they are terrified of it).  Author, Barbara Taylor Brown, wrote in her book “Learning to Walk in the Dark” most of the books on the New York Times bestseller list are about how to avoid all kinds of darkness.  That is understandable.  Dark and/or wilderness part of our lives are scary.  We feel alone and often far from God in our struggle.  This “place of unknowing,” as Brown calls is, is not a place we want to dwell.  We want to get out of the dark as soon as possible.  We want to walk in the light.

            But God dwells in the deep darkness, the author notes.  In fact, God does some of His best work there:  “…new life starts in the dark.  Whether it is a seed in the ground, a baby in the womb, or Jesus in the tomb, it starts in the dark.”  If you have ever experienced that darkness for yourself, you may have also discovered that it is in the dark where we can also grow the most. 

            Our Lenten wilderness journey may be a time for us to experience the dark.  It is a time for us to do some deep soul searching (to see if there are areas in our lives where the darkness of sin has hardened our heart).  Lent can be a time of denying ourselves of some things (chocolate, TV, the internet, sweets), so that we can be drawn closer into God’s presence. And so, it is my hope and prayer, that you realize the gift that Lent is for us – that the deeper we know the pit of our sin, the deeper we’ll be able to drink from the draughts of joy.  May we have opportunities to sit in the darkness of Lent – and feel the warming face of God’s grace, mercy and love.


Blessings for the journey,


Rev. Kevin




OUR JOYS AND CONCERNS: Rev. Paul Marsden’s family, The Strum Family, Leona Ruggles (Carol Hetrick’s mother), Glenn Detwiler (Kidney cancer), Brent Brunner family  




Prayers for March

     Living God, forgive us that, too easily, we slip into a faith of negatives, imagining that You are more concerned with what we shouldn’t do than with what we should.  Lord Jesus, You faced temptation in the wilderness – enticement to put Yourself first, to seek worldly glory, to compromise Your calling – and steadfastly You refused.  You faced pressure throughout Your ministry – hostility, ridicule, threats, rejection – yet You carried on regardless, true to Your message, true to Your mission.  You faced the greatest test of all in Gethsemane, as You wrestled there with the prospect of betrayal, denial, suffering and death, but once again You held firm, putting God’s will before Your own.  What You said and what You did were always one, each testifying to the other.  Lord Jesus Christ, we fall so short of that goal, words coming easily, deeds to match rarely coming at all.  Forgive us, and help us to show in our lives the things we proclaim with our lips, for Your name’s sake.  Amen.    




            Will you continue to pray for our Confirmation Class?  Please keep Kerstin White, Luke Knisely, Kacey Rodland, Jacob Dick, Noah Dunmire and Alexia Finochio in your prayers.  We have been having some in depth discussion concerning the significance of being “the Church,” Books of the Bible, the importance of the 10 Commandments, and better understanding God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  Rev. Kevin is grateful for the assistance of Carissa Blair in the Confirmation Class as well.  We are truly blessed.  We will welcome the new confirmands into our Church on Sunday, June 11th.   




            Rev. Kevin will be available for visits to your home during the next few months (he has openings for the afternoon and evening).  Please contact him at 224-2815 or 224-2186.  This visit would be an informal meeting (where he would like to know more about you and your family).  




            There is still 1 open date available for people to step forward to coordinate the August Manna Meals.  This is such a wonderful outreach into the Community around us and we are serving approximately 100 meals each month.  Valerie Locker would be willing to assist you in coordinating the meal and she will help guide you through the process.  There is great joy working together in meal prep, serving the meal and getting to know the people of our Community.  We may never know the needs that we might be addressing as we serve these meals – but we praise God that God has called us to reach out into our community in this way.  Lives are touched, hearts are warmed, bellies are fed, and great fellowship has happened!  Not only do the lives of people who come out for the meals are blessed but the workers are blessed too in the knowledge that we are the hands and feet of our Lord, Jesus Christ.  


Highlights of our recent Administrative Council

Our new Ad Council has met for their first meeting and it was very productive.  We would like to share some highlights of the meeting with you (and if there is ever a time that you would like to ask a question don’t hesitate to ask one of our members Fred Hetrick, Jerry Green, JoEllen Mingle, Bob Harpster, Norm Hostetter, Amy Knisely, Dee Hite, LuAnn Irvin, Neil Gartland, Jason Dick, Sandy Elliott, or Chris Hinton). 


Trustee’s – the sanctuary will be painted in the areas where the ceiling was repaired.  We have been receiving estimates for a mini-split system at the parsonage.  We decided to contact Knisely’s and Bovard’s for bids as well.  We discovered at our last meeting that we had not given consideration for heating the basement – so we will gather some estimates for a ventless gas heater.  It was also suggested that we look into have insulation blown in to various parts of the parsonage.   

   We agreed to purchase some light-weight tables for the Fellowship Hall to replace the old heavy tables.  There will be new carpeting (long lasting commercial grade carpet) placed outside the Church Office by Don Knisely. 


            Financial Information – We discussed our investments, Trust Funds, Roof Fund, and Shares of Ministry.  We are in a good financial position.  We owe $35,979 for the Roof Fund.  Last year we agreed to pay our “Shares of Ministry” 3 months in advance (if the monies were available) and that helped us significantly this past year.  We had all of our Shares of Ministry paid in full by the end of October.  The Church received $10,000 to add to the William’s Book Fund and we sent it down to Conference Loan Fund to be invested in a 5 year investment. 


            Staff/Parish Relations – Rev. Kevin has asked for the following vacation (March 19, 26, and June 4).  Sandy Elliott will ask retired pastors to fill in.  Rev. Kevin shared that people need to step forward to host Manna Meals and other ministry programs.  We agreed to get more people involved.



January’s Finances:     $18,487.06  Income

                                            $23,842.08  Expenses

                                             -$5,355.02  Net Loss



Ash Wednesday

March 01 at 7:00 PM

We will have a worship service and we will share both the “Imposition of Ashes” and Holy Communion to begin our Lenten Journey.   Rev. Kevin will be looking at the Gospel of John during the Lenten Season.  The Gospel of John is the most deeply spiritual of the 4 Gospels and it is filled with rich images and profound truths.  John tells us that his aim in writing the Gospel wasn’t just so that his readers would believe in Jesus, but so they would have “life in His name.”  Join us during Lent as we study the Gospel of John and learn how Jesus brings us both Light and Life. 


Pastor’s Vacation in March


Rev. Kevin and Valerie will be away from March 17-26 to perform their son’s wedding.  This will be a special day in the Locker household where we will welcome Rosie, Anthony and Eli to our extended family.  





There will be a group of young people from Trinity Church who will be attending “Winter Jam” which is a Contemporary Christian Concert at the Bryce Jordan Center on Friday, March 24th.   More details to follow.



            Give up harsh words:  use generous ones.

            Give up unhappiness:  take up gratitude.

            Give up anger:  take up gentleness and patience.

            Give up pessimism:  take up hope and optimism.

            Give up worrying:  take up trust in God.

            Give up complaining:  value what you have.

            Give up stress:  take up prayer.

            Give up judging others:  discover Jesus within them.

            Give up sorrow and bitterness:  fill your heart with joy.

            Give up being unforgiving:  learn reconciliation

            Give up words:  fill yourself with silence, and listen to others.  




Trinity Church has been asked to serve the Library Dinner on March 11th.  This is the largest fund raising event for the Church and so we need a lot of people to volunteer.  If you would like to assist with the Library Dinner in any way (preparing the food, serving the food and cleaning up after the dinner) please contact Valerie Locker.  The schedule for the dinner is not set up yet – so please make sure to ask Valerie about the details.  


Dragon Back Packs

We will be filling back packs on

March 15th and May 3rd


at Through, Inc. in East Freedom.


*Dressers Needed


Rev. Kevin knows of a family in the area that are in need of some dressers to hold clothes for their children.  If someone has a dresser that you would like to donate to a family in need please let the Pastor know.  


March 01 – 7 PM  Ash Wednesday Service

            March 01 – NO EPIC

            March 03 – World Day of Prayer

            March 05 – 1st Sunday in Lent

                             2:30 PM  Confirmation Class

            March 08 – 5 PM  EPIC

                             6:15 PM EPIC Dinner

                             7 PM  Choir Practice

            March 11 – Library Dinner

            March 12 – 2rd Sunday in Lent (Daylight Saving Time begins)

                             2:30 PM  Confirmation Class

            March 14 – 6 PM Men’s Fellowship

                             7 PM Finance Meeting

            March 15 – 1:00 PM Dragon Back Packs

     5 PM  EPIC

                             6:15PM  EPIC Dinner

                             7 PM  Choir Practice

            March 17 – 26 Rev. Kevin on vacation (he will be officiating at

                                his son’s wedding on Thursday, March 23rd)

            March 18 – 5-6:30 PM  Manna on Main Street Dinner

            March 19 – 3rd Sunday in Lent (Rev. Myron Jones preaching)

                               NO Confirmation Class

            March 22 – 5 PM  EPIC

                             6:15 PM  EPIC Dinner

                             7 PM  Choir Practice

            March 24 – Youth to attend “Winter Jam” in State College.

            March 26 – 4th Sunday in Lent (Rev. Bob Rupp preaching)

     NO Confirmation Class

            March 27 – 12-1 PM  Manna on Monday Lunch

            March 28 – 7 PM  Administrative Council Meeting

            March 29 – 5 PM  EPIC

                             6:15 PM EPIC Dinner


                             7 PM  Choir Practice