Trinity United Methodist Church of Roaring Spring
Sunday, October 25, 2020

03 18 Tidings 2018

Trinity Tidings

Roaring Spring, PA 16673                                                     March 2018


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

             Did you ever hear a song on the radio and you just can’t seem to get the song our of your mind?  Well, Matthew West has a song like that, a song entitled “My Own Little World”. “In my own little world it hardly ever rains. I’ve never gone hungry or always felt safe. I got some money in my pocket shoes on my feet. In my own little world. Population me. What if there’s a bigger picture. What if I’m missing out. What if there’s a greater purpose I could be living right now outside my own little world. Outside my own little world. Ooh, my own little world. Ooh. Whoa, whoa, whoa. I’m going to break my heart for what breaks Yours. Give me open hands and open doors. Put Your light in my eyes and let me see that my own little world is not about me.”

            “I’m going to break my heart for what breaks Yours.”   After hearing this song I did some more research about Matthew West and wondered about his reasons for writing this song that touched my heart. Matthew asked his fans to send in stories to him – but he had no idea what he was in for. He was blown away by the responses. All the way through every one of the thousands of stories he read – there was deep honesty and vulnerability that people shared from the stories of their lives. Every song he writes are inspired by a story of real life situation – but this particular song was inspired by the entire experience of everything that everyone wrote to me. He allowed one song to serve as a response to how these stories impacted his life. And Matthew concluded “this song really changed the way I look at the world.”

            This song changed the way that I look at the world too. There is a great big world outside of our door and it’s a world in need of help and in need of hope. Too often we get caught up in the motion that we can be going about life not caring at all about what really matters most in the people around us. Too often we like to protect ourselves (and those around us), and we are good at building up walls, and it is easier at times to live inside our own little world. God calls us beyond our own little world to change the world in need.

            It’s hard for us to realize that there is a bigger picture. It’s hard to think of others before ourselves. We get so caught up in providing for our families that we might never wonder “what if there’s a bigger picture? Once we start to realize that this world isn’t all about pleasing ourselves – and when we ask God to help us sees what really matters, He may just give us situations where we come face to face with some real life challenges. When we ask “break my heart for what breaks Yours…” will we be surprised by what He means. There I was in my car listening to these words and I was there just sitting at a red light, like any other day, and I just happened to notice woman who was begging by the side of the road. How many times have I traveled past people and not pay any attention to them? Those words hit me like a ton of bricks. Literally, there was a person standing right beside my car in desperate need, and I wondered how many times I have passed them by without ever making eye contact? There is another line in the song that says “God, what have I been doing?” which words still speaks to me. So many times when I catch myself starting to just go through the motions and that’s what pops into my mind, “what am I doing,” here I am wasting these days only worrying about myself, when there are so many people that I could be helping right now. There are so many better things that I could be doing. What would happen if we started to live outside of our own little world and start living the life for God’s greater purpose and glory? Can you imagine the way that God wants to bless you? Can you imagine how happier you might be?

            “Father break my heart for what breaks Yours – give me open hands and open doors. Put Your light in my eyes so I can see that my own little world is not about me. That is my favorite part about the entire song. For I believe that as Christians we should always be praying for God to break our hearts for what breaks His. To give us the eyes to see like He sees, to open doors, and also to realize that our own little worlds are not about us. It is so incredibly easy to just go on about life and not seem to care, but that’s not at all what God wants us to do. Can we have the same love for people that Jesus has? What would happen if we prayed that our hearts would break for the people that God has placed around us? What would God be saying to you?


Rev Kevin



March 03 – Manna on Main Street meal at 5 (Corned Beef & Cabbage)

          March 07 – 1:00 Dragon Back Packs

          5 EPIC

                           6:15 EPIC Dinner

                           7 Choir Practice

          March 08 –  6 Women’s Fellowship

          March 10 – LIBRARY DINNER – Mark your calendars – we need


March 11 – 11:30 Education Meeting immediately following Sunday


          March 13 – 6 Men’s Fellowship Dinner

          March 14 – 5 EPIC

                             6:15 EPIC Dinner

                             7 Choir Practice

          March 21 – 5 EPIC

                             6:15 EPIC Dinner

                             7 Choir Practice

          March 23 – 24 Trinity United Methodist Youth – LOCK-IN

          March 25 – Holy Week begins

          March 26 – 12-1 Manna on Monday

          March 27 – 7 Administrative Council Meeting

          March 29 – 7 Maundy Thursday Communion

          March 30 – 7 Good Friday Worship


March 3rd’s Manna on Main Street Menu:

*Corned Beef & Cabbage


Please check the sign-up sheet.



            We would like to praise God for the $400 that was raised during our Pancake Dinner on Shrove Tuesday. We served over 125 meals. Wow! We wish to thank everyone who came out to cook, serve and also invited friends to join them. We also praise God that we were able to raise $1,370 from our very successful Turkey Dinner. All of the food was donated. We praise God for the people that came out to help prepare some of the food on Wednesday and everyone who participated in any way on the day of the Dinner. These are great FUN Raising events – times when we can learn about other people – where we can join in a common cause – and we can all rejoice together because just as we were eating this meal – a new window was being delivered.  This is the second window that has been re-leaded.

Rev. Kevin is thinking about sponsoring a Yard Sale some time in April. Would anyone like to sponsor this event with him? We could use some volunteers who would like to help deliver the items that might be left over to the Salvation Army Store in Altoona. If you would like to help in any way please contact the Pastor.


            We had our Financial Audit for 2017 (all the books were reviewed)

            Our Roof Loan is $21,591.  

            Total Income for January        $10,506

            Total Expenses for January     $25,49


We serve over 120 meals each year and we are always in need of cooks, servers, and assistance with clean up following the dinner. If you can help in any way or you are interested in baking a dessert please contact Valerie Locker.


BISHOP PARK is calling for all people from the Altoona District to support the “Miles for Missions” (which will be a walk/run-a-thon at Greene Hills (just south of Huntingdon) on Saturday, April 7 from 10-Noon. Bishop Park is especially calling for the children and youth of our Churches to participate. There are sponsor sheets back on the back table. Rev. Kevin will be participating in this event so if there are other people who would like to join him please get your sponsor sheets today. The money raised from these events (which Bishop Park is doing in all 7 districts) half of the money will go to “Imagine No Malaria” and half of the money will go to retiring the debt of Mission Central.



            The Altoona Volunteers in Mission is planning to participate in a Mission Trip to help put lives back together from hurricane Irma in Florida.  The trip will be April 14-22.  Please contact Marti Shiffler at 946-9412 if you are interested in participating in this trip. 

March 7th at 1:00
Dragon Back Packs to be filled

at Through Inc. in East Freedom





            Living God, we like to imagine that possessions are not important to us but the reality is different. We surround ourselves with all kinds of belongings and we are constantly seeking more. Some of this contributes much to our lives, while other yield nothing, but all of them can so easily keep us from You, closing our eyes to what is ultimately important in life. Forgive us the time, money and resources we waste in accumulating what we do not need (in our own little world). Forgive the selfishness and the wasted opportunities to give to or serve others that all this entails.

          Gracious God, we know we can never repay the love You have shown us, but we long to show our gratitude by loving You in return, by serving You as You desire, by being the person You call us to be.

          Set us free from our preoccupation with the things of our own little worlds, from our obsession with self, from the pride, greed and envy which blind us to all that really matter. Teach us to live according to the values of Your Kingdom, where it is in giving that we shall receive, in letting go that we shall find, in being poor that we shall become rich. Take us and use us, by Your grace – and Lord – break our hearts for what breaks Yours. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

OUR JOYS AND CONCERNS: Richard Butler, Doris Ferry, Laura Mingle (Chemo treatment), Barry Yingling, Margaret Weise (doing well after surgery), Abby Clark (Engagement), Charlotte Karle family (LuAnn Irvin’s mother’s passing), joy of welcoming Chiersten Kai Keegan (Rev. Kevin and Valerie’s granddaughter born February 12), Parkland Florida School shooting victims and their families, Jim Hamm (health concerns), Continued prayers for Alina Rusnak (successful surgery that removed 90% of her tumor) – PRAISE GOD!!! 
Join Women’s Fellowship for a MOVIE NIGHT!
Thursday, March 8th
Movie begins at 6:00

Popcorn and Movie Snacks provided

A message from the Roaring Spring Food Bank:


Please note the new list of Items for the donation list.

1) Rice

2) Pudding Box Mix
3) Jello Box Mix
4) Canned Chicken
5) Boxed Mashed Potatoes

Due to the generosity of the community we are pleased to announce that we Do Not need any Ramen Noodles,  Soup or Vegetables at this time. Thanks to everyone for all the donations that we have.




“Facing Your Fears”
March 23rd 8:00PM – March 24th 8:00AM
Middle School and High School Students
Permission Slips Due Sunday, March 18th