Trinity United Methodist Church of Roaring Spring
Sunday, October 25, 2020

04 18 April Tidings

Trinity Tidings

Roaring Spring, PA 16673                                                                                                                               April 2018

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

              Christ is Risen!  He is Risen Indeed!  We proclaim it quite readily. We share it with enthusiasm. But what exactly does this mean for our lives today?  What does it mean that Jesus rose from the dead? Do we just celebrate that Jesus miraculously came back to life or is there something more to it than that?  What we celebrate is not just that Jesus rose from the dead but that His Resurrection confirms who Jesus is (Savior), it validates all that Jesus said and did throughout His life (in His Word) and proclaims that sin and death have been defeated once and for all (A Promise from God’s Word).

            We have been looking through John’s Gospel during the past few months and we learn from the very beginning of John’s Gospel that Jesus is the FULLNESS OF GOD in human form. Jesus was the WORD OF GOD in the flesh and the FULLNESS OF GOD in this world. The fact that Jesus rose from the dead confirms that Jesus is God because only God can create life and only God can restore or resurrect life. The Resurrection of Jesus tells us that all the teaching of Jesus is true and it needs to be followed in our lives. It means that loving one another and serving those in need is the way we experience ultimate meaning and joy in this life. The Resurrection of Jesus tells us that we get more out of life when we forgive those who have hurt us instead of seeking revenge and that putting others needs before ours will help us experience full and abundant life. The Resurrection of Jesus validates all the teaching of Jesus and every example He gave to us.

            Brothers and Sisters in Christ, the Resurrection of Jesus proclaims that sin and death have been defeated – once and for all time. The Apostle Paul said that death has been swallowed up in victory – the victory of Jesus Christ. This is not only what we proclaim when those we love have died, but this is where we place our hope throughout our lives. The fact that sin and death have been defeated means that no matter where we find ourselves in life – there is hope. When our jobs or marriages or families are broken and all seems lost – the Resurrection proclaims that there is hope for healing and hope for new opportunities because the power of God is at work in our lives. When we think we have nothing to offer the world and that no one cares about us and that our lives simply don’t matter, the Resurrections tells us that we have value and worth in God’s eyes and that we are deeply loved because God overcomes sin and the grave for us – for you and for me. God went to the Cross because of His great love for us. The Resurrection proclaims that there is hope for our lives.

            May I just share with you one more important fact about Easter – The Easter Story is never complete without understanding that it asks something from us in return. It is not just a confirmation of who Jesus is and a validation of Jesus’ life and teaching and a proclamation of Jesus’ victory it is also a call for us to offer the light and life of Jesus to the world around us. When Mary realized that she had seen the Risen Lord – she shared the Good News of God with those around her. After the Resurrection, Jesus sent the disciples out to continue the work that He began, so the Resurrection tells us that what Jesus began – we need to continue.

            We need to bring God’s Kingdom into this world. The world around us is in need of a Savior. We have a Savior to offer the world. We must share the Good News of Jesus through our witness and service to the community around us. We must live out the mission of God in the everyday activities of our lives. Rev. Adam Hamilton has said “every conversation we have, every decision we make, every action we take is an opportunity for God’s Kingdom to come on earth as it is in heaven.” When we take every opportunity we have to share the light and life of God in this world we are working to complete what God began. So yes! Christ is Risen!  He is Risen Indeed!  That is not just something we announce on Easter Sunday – but this needs to be how we live every day. Let us live knowing that God is with us and let us give ourselves to the mission of sharing the love, forgiveness and grace through our very lives- so that we can bring about the Kingdom of God.

Have a joyous and blessed Easter!
Rev Kevin

             Lord Jesus Christ, just when it looked all over, when the world had written You off and even Your disciples had given You up, You came back – this defeat was revealed as VICTORY. Teach us what that means for us today: not only the promise of eternal life, but also Good News for life here and now. Help us to understand that whatever we might be dealing with today, whatever tragedies we may suffer, whatever obstacles we may face, whatever disappointments we may experience, we can bounce back from them with Your help. We can get through any tough choice in our lives with Your help, for You are a God who is able to transform even the darkest moments and to lead us through them into the light of Your love.

            So, Almighty God, we put our hand in Yours, knowing that in life or in death You will never fail or forsake us. There are no better hands to be in (than in the hands of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ). To You be praise and glory, now and always. And as God’s people we pray - Amen.



Manna on Main St.

Hostesses Needed for:


April Calendar

            April 1 – 9:30 EASTER CELEBRATION/COMMUNION

                        10:45 IHS Sunday School Class to meet

                        (HAVE A JOYOUS AND BLESSED EASTER)

            April 4 – EPIC – 5 PM

                        6:15 EPIC Dinner

                        7 Choir Practice


                        10 AM – 12 Noon

            April 10 – 6 Men’s Fellowship Dinner

            April 11 - EPIC – 5 PM

                        6:15 EPIC Dinner

                        7 Choir Practice

            April 14 – 5-6:30 – Manna on Main Street (Choir will be Hosting)

            April 16-26 – Rev. Kevin and Valerie on Vacation

            April 18 - EPIC – 5 PM

                        6:15 EPIC Dinner

                        7 Choir Practice

            April 19 – 6:30 Women’s Fellowship

            April 22 – Rev. Kevin on Vacation – Doug Mingle will be preaching

                        NEWSBOYS UNITE – Bryce Jordan Center – Youth depart at 2 PM

            April 23 – 12-1 Manna on Monday

            April 25 - EPIC – 5 PM

                        6:15 EPIC Dinner

                        7 Choir Practice

                        6 Education Committee Meeting

            April 29 – 5th Sunday Healing Service/No Communion

                         3 to 5 – Wills Workshop – Rev. Phyllis Bowers, Attorney Terrance

                         Tomasetti and John Forney (Forney Financial) will be sharing the

                          importance of preparing a Will and planning for the future. 


Text Box: OUR JOYS AND CONCERNS: Richard Butler, Doris Ferry, Laura Mingle (Chemo treatment), Alina Rusnak, Christian Spielhagen (Rev. Kevin and Valerie’s Grandson – Denver Children’s Hospital – placed on Heart Transplant list), Mariana Cimino (last stages of cancer), Joell Fowler (Mission Trip to Florida), Diane Lingenfelter (her husband – George, died suddenly at the Graystone this past week), Health concerns of Meghan Brown, Paul Bradley Family





Rev. Kevin and Valerie would like to thank everyone for their continued thoughts and prayers during the challenges that face their grandson, Christian Spielhagen. Christian was born with HLHS (born without a left ventricle). He had his 2nd Open Heart Surgery right before Thanksgiving which was not successful. He recently had surgery to open a vessel that flows through his lungs (which is taking a considerable amount of pressure off of his lungs) and was given a new medication (which all seems to be working well). He was placed on a Heart Transplant list and the Dr’s believe that he might be able to have Transplant Surgery in 6-9 months. Please continue to pray for Christian, his Father Christian and his Mother Rosie. The Locker’s know that there will be a roller coaster of emotions ahead but they continue to be sustained through the love, prayers and concern lifted up by Brothers and Sisters In Christ (which we call “family”) And for that they are most grateful.

            Maundy Thursday Communion Service– 7 PM

                 Audrey Butler will begin the service by reading about “Jesus leaving the Carpenter’s Shop” and then we will reflect on the words of Peter, James, Judas, John and Jesus (and think about the events there in the Upper Room)

            Good Friday Service – 7 PM

                 The Theme for Good Friday this year is “Walking the steps of Jesus to the Cross”. We will follow the steps of Jesus through the events of Good Friday. We will sing hymns that will help us to walk those steps along with Jesus. And we will pray that the events of this day will lead to forgiveness and grace.

            Easter Celebration – 9:30 AM

                 Come and celebrate Easter with us. Rev. Kevin will share the significance about how Jesus speaks our name (how the Resurrection is a gift given to every single one of our lives).  Let us Rejoice this bright Easter Day.




            Let us keep you updated on the Stained Glass Window progress:  the 2nd Window was re-leaded and they took the 3rd Window out to be repaired. Rev. Kevin will be taking a trip some time in the near future and would like to take anyone down to Cumberland, Maryland to see the transformation of a window first hand. If you are interested in going along with him please let him know.

MAY 5 8AM to 12 NOON


It’s a great time to consider some spring cleaning and you have a month to prepare. When you are finished with your spring cleaning – bring your gently used items to the Fellowship Hall and place then up near the stage so that we can store them until the Yard Sale. It has been our custom that whenever we have had a Yard Sale to ask the people to donate what they feel to be a reasonable price for the pieces that they are buying. If you would like to assist him in any way in the sale please let him know. We could also use some volunteers who would be willing to deliver the left over items to the Salvation Army Store in Altoona.



            Income $13,312
            Expense $17,477

            Roof Loan $17,632

We are trying to pay off the Roof Loan by the end of the year so that we can focus on the stained glass window project.



BISHOP PARK is calling for all people from the Altoona District to support the “Miles for Missions” which will be a walk/run-a-thon at Greene Hills (just south of Huntingdon) on Saturday, April 7 from 10-Noon. Rev Kevin will be leaving at 8:30 if anyone would like to join him. Bishop Park is especially calling for the children and youth of our Churches to participate. There are sponsor sheets on the back table. Bishop Park is sponsoring this event in all 7 districts and believes quite strongly in the 2 projects that will be supported by your gifts.  Half of the money will go to “Imagine No Malaria” (providing netting for people so that they will not contract Malaria) and the other half of the money will go to retiring the debt of Mission Central. Mission Central continues to be an AWESOME outreach of the Susquehanna Conference and what a joy and blessing it would be to retire the debt so that they can do even greater things in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.   



We will have a “Wills Workshop” on Sunday afternoon, April 29 from 3-5 in the Fellowship Hall at Trinity Church. Rev. Phyllis Bowers from the Stewardship Foundation, Attorney Terrance Tomasetti and John Forney (Forney Financial Advisors) will be sharing this informative gathering with us. You will not want to miss this!



            Rice, Pancake Mix, Cereal, Canned Tuna, Boxed Mashed Potatoes. You can place your items in the container in the back of the Round Room or the one located right inside the Fellowship Hall. (**They do not need ramen noodles, soup or noodles at this time).