Trinity United Methodist Church of Roaring Spring
Sunday, October 25, 2020

12 December Tidings 2018

Trinity Tidings

Roaring Spring, PA 16673                                                     December 2018


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

     “Joseph, son of David, do not be afraid to take Mary home as your wife, because what is conceived in her is from the Holy Spirit. She will give birth to a son, and you are to give Him the name Jesus, because He will save His people from their sins.” Matthew 1:20-21

     I don’t know about you but this really just blows my mind – in the Gospels – besides Mary, Joseph and a handful shepherds – no one seems to know that God has come to live in this little baby named Jesus. Just imagine with me for a minute, everyone in Bethlehem going about their business as usual, and God just seems to show up in a manger (and if that isn’t enough – there is a whole host of an angelic choir – and no one seems to notice). There is no news flash. There is no announcement on the Emergency Broadcast System. The world simply did not notice Jesus’ birth. Wow! 

            And I have come to wonder – if we were faced with the very same news and the very same situation today – would we be too busy that we too would not recognize God if God came and stood right in front of us as well?  Now, I am sure that there are some who might say that Jesus appeared in an obscure little village, in the middle of a stable, surrounded by animals, only to have hay to lay His head.  Have we become so preoccupied with life that we fail to notice Jesus’ presence in the ordinary places of our lives?  God is not far off in heaven or far off in the future. God was not just in the past speaking through Old Testament prophets. 

            Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Christmas is God’s way of saying, “I have come to you in person. STOP!  WHATEVER YOU ARE DOING!  TAKE THE TIME TO WELCOME ME!  YOU WON’T REGRET IT.  Jesus chooses to come to us in person – to you – to me – to all of us. All we have to do is open up our heart to him to realize just how profound God’s love is…that God would even bother with us at all, let alone come in person.

            It is very difficult for the world around us to notice this God. There is so many distractions in our world today (“with wars and rumors of war”, with great tears and fears, with shame and corruption, with self-serving bluster, and so we wonder why no one ever notices God when God comes to us). There are so many people who are too busy pursuing their own self-interests and they are so blinded by the times. 

            We will be spending this Advent Season to think of a Theme – COMING HOME FOR CHRISTMAS – and it my hope and prayer that you will realize that we all have our HOME in Jesus Christ. You will be invited to take time for the wonder of God – to welcome the One who comes to us all – in person – who wants to make His Home in our hearts.  According to the scriptures – His name is Emmanuel, “God with us” but as you may have noticed, we just call Him Jesus, Lord, and Savior. I hope that you find your home in Jesus this Advent Season.

Advent Blessings,

 Rev Kevin







             Loving God, we come to remember all month long with gratitude the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus. We remember how prophets foretold His coming, and how those words were wonderfully fulfilled in Bethlehem. We remember how You needed Mary to bring Him into the world, and how she willingly allowed You to work through her. We remember how shepherds heard the Good News, and how, having seen the truth of it for themselves, they went on their way rejoicing. We remember how Simeon held You in His arms, and with praise in his heart gave thanks to You. We remember how generations since have seen Your face revealed in Christ, and through Him heard You speaking in a new way. We remember the past so that we might discover You in the present, and find faith for the future. Be born in our hearts today that we may be born again to eternal life. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen. 


OUR JOYS AND CONCERNS: Richard Butler, Doris Ferry, Christian Spielhagen, Jim Hamm, Ada Adamski, Louise Holsinger, Ryder McDermitt (health improving), Amanda and Andrew Gonsman family (Fire victims in Williamsburg), Gerald Frederick Family (died on November 17), Marg Bradley Family (for the prayers, cards and outpouring of love throughout Kate’s mother’s illness). 



            December 1 – 9 AM Decorating the Church for Advent and Christmas

                        (Remember – “Many hands make light work”). We can always use

                        additional hands to put up the Christmas Tree.

            December 2 – 1st Sunday of Advent

            December 5 – 5 PM EPIC (Making Christmas Cookies for Christmas Caroling)

                                    5 PM Anxious For Nothing. (Chapters 8 and 9)

                                    6:15 PM EPIC Dinner

                                    7 PM Choir Practice

            December 8 – 5-6:30 PM  Manna on Main Street Dinner

            December 9 – 2nd Sunday of Advent

            December 11 – 6 PM - Men’s Fellowship Dinner

            December 12 - 5 PM EPIC Dinner

                                    5:30 – 7 PM Christmas Caroling

                                    7 PM Choir Practice

            December 13 – 6:00 PM Women’s Fellowship Christmas Party

            December 16 – 3rd Sunday of Advent (The Children/Youth of our Congregation

                        will share a Christmas Play with us during worship).  We will be

                        worshipping in the Fellowship Hall.  Everyone is invited to share cookies

                        and punch with us following worship. 

            December 18 – 7 PM Christmas Pack Party (Boy Scouts)

            December 19 – 5 PM EPIC (Christmas Party for children/youth)

                                    5 PM Anxious For Nothing (Chapters 10 and 11)

                                    6:15 PM EPIC Dinner

                                    7 PM Choir Practice

            December 20 – 6-8 PM Angel Tree Gift Distribution

            December 23 – 4th Sunday of Advent

            December 24 – 7 PM Christmas Eve Candlelight and Communion

            December 25 – 9:30 AM Christmas Day Worship with Communion (Rev. Kevin

                                    will be leading this worship service)

            December 27 – January 4 Rev. Kevin and Valerie will be on vacation

            December 30 – 1st Sunday after Christmas Day – Douglas Mingle will be









            All of the Stained-Glass Windows in the Round Room have been completed. We just had our most recent window returned and they took out the last large window in the Spang Street entrance.  We praise God that $800 was raised for the Stained-Glass Window Fund with our recent Spaghetti Dinner “FUN” Raiser. Thank you, Chef Jere’ for making some awesome and amazing sauces!  Thank you, Church family for pulling together to make this a great success. 



ROOF FUND – We have $4,400 left on the Roof Fund – so we hope to be able to pay off the Roof Fund at the end of the Year. At our recent Finance Committee Meeting we spoke about that possibility and we hope to make an announcement at the beginning of the new year that we will have paid the Roof Loan off in full so that we can focus on paying for the Stained-Glass Windows. If you would like to make an end of the year gift to help pay off the Roof Loan – please make your checks payable to Trinity Church – and mark on the check or envelope “ROOF LOAN”. 




There were 3 bikers and 3 walkers that participated in our recent walk/bike-a-thon in November and we had a beautiful fall day. We raised over $800 for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and that brings a total of over $34,000 that Trinity Church has given to St. Jude’s over the last 25 years. Just think of all the joy and love we have brought to so many children’s lives!!!  Thank you everyone who participated.



October Finances

Income:   $10,718.62

Expenses: $14,053.55

Net Loss:     $3,334.93




            Duane Oakes came and painted the Fellowship Hall and the entrance to the Church Offices recently and it looks great!  (We repaired some of the caulking on the bricks on the exterior of the wall outside the Church offices and then put a sealant on the outside of the wall) and Duane told us that there were no signs of any water seeping in on the inside of the wall – so we repaired the wall and put a fresh coat of paint.

            The Trustees will be looking at some of the projects that they have designated for the parsonage for the next 3 years and will prioritize them and the Finance Committee put some of them in the budget for 2019. 

            We wish to thank everyone who participated in the Clean Up day at the Church. We were able to get a lot of trees trimmed and leaves picked up – we thank you for your help!  




We thank everyone who helped to make our THANKSGIVING DAY DINNER a huge success.  We would like to thank everyone who donated any food items.  We were able to get 12 turkeys donated from Appvion. Hoss’s donated all of the potatoes for our meal.  And people from our congregation were extremely generous in donating so much to make this dinner happen.  We wish to thank everyone who came out to make preparations for stuffing balls and pumpkin pies – and then we would like to thank everyone who came to cook, cut turkeys, help serve and clean up after the dinner. We couldn’t do it without you!  It takes a Church all working together to serve the community around us – and we do a wonderful job at doing just that! 





DO you want to make 1 less cookie this Christmas season?

Well, here’s your chance?  The Church is be selling Raisin-filled cookies to raise a whole lot of FUN for our Roof Fund. We will gather together to make cookies on December 10th at 9 AM and we need plenty of help to make the cookies on that day. Cookies will be ready for pick up on December 12th.  Val has order forms or there are a few in the back of the Church. Orders need to be turned in to Valerie by December 9th.  Cookies are $6 a dozen.



            Sunday, December 16th at 9:30 AM.  The children and youth of the Church will once again be sharing a Christmas play during the morning worship service and it is called “Follow the Star”.  The service this year will be held in the Fellowship Hall and the Children and Youth of the Church will then invite everyone from the Church to stay for a time of refreshment (punch and cookies) after the Worship Service.





            The Children/Youth/Adults of EPIC will once again be Christmas Caroling for our Shut-ins on December 12th and we will leave at 5:40. If you would like to help us transport children we would greatly appreciate that.  We will come back to the Church at 7 PM.   If you would like to sing and would like to come and spread the joy of this holiday season with others please plan on joining us. 


Christmas Poinsettias will be ordered by the church this year to be enjoyed in the sanctuary on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Poinsettias can be purchased in memory or in honor of someone special. Your choice of red or white 6.5” poinsettias will be $6.75. Orders for flowers will be taken until December 9th.

Christmas GIFT Giving

          Trinity Church has always been a very generous congregation. Whenever there is a need – people step forward. We have the joy of participating in the “Angel Tree” Gift program again this year as we have gathered the names of 86 angels and have placed them on the tree at the Roaring Spring True Value Store. The community around us then steps forward to purchase 3 gifts that the children have asked for and then Trinity Church has also stepped forward to augment some of the gifts that may not have been purchased. What joy must fill children’s lives as they know that a Community of Faith loves them!  The Angel Tree distribution night will be on December 20th

          Thank You Trinity Church for your generosity!  Thank you for making this season very bright for several children from our surrounding area.  We have been blessed to bless others.  



                Our Candlelight Christmas Communion Service will begin at 7 PM. Rev Kevin will be sharing a message entitled “WELCOME HOME”.  The “Worship Through Dance” Team will help distribute the light of Christ to us during the singing of Silent Night. 



                We have had a long standing tradition on Christmas morning to have a worship service and the service this year will be at 9:30 AM.  Rev. Kevin will be preaching and will be asking those who participate in the service “where do you fit in the Christmas Story” and there will be communion.  We will be singing a few of our favorite Christmas Carols. 




     You can save a stamp and you can bring your Christmas cards in for the families of our Church. There is a mailbox on the table in the Round Room for you to bring your cards to – please make sure that you check to see if there were any cards delivered for you as well.