Trinity United Methodist Church of Roaring Spring
Sunday, October 25, 2020

Trinity Tidings

Roaring Spring, PA 16673                                                     May 2019


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,


            Do you feel overbooked?  Overscheduled?  Stretched too thin?  We all long for some breathing room in our lives, some opportunities to rest from the constant pace of life.  Our world certainly pushes us and often, it seems, at an ever faster pace (or does that just happen to me since I am getting older?). Finding time to slow down or block out some time for rest and relaxation is something most of us want and I believe that we must be intentional about blocking off some time on our calendars (or those days just pass us by).  The Book of Psalms acknowledges that life is often too brief and fast paced for all of us.  It goes by too fast and none of us are God, that is, we don’t get to be in control of how much life we have.  When we are face to face with life’s frailty, we can have many reactions (maybe you are like me and you get anxious – or perhaps you are able to have a more faithful reflection). 

            Have you ever been so overwhelmed that you decided to sit down and develop a bucket list of things that you definitely want to do or see before our time on earth is up?  I am not a daring person so I have no plans on jumping out of an airplane, or climb Mount Everest.  The list that we make up reminds us of what is important to us.  But I also wonder too – do you have a spiritual bucket list?  (A list of things you want to have happen in your faith before life is over?) Maybe you have a desire to read the entire Bible in a year, maybe you want to participate in a Mission trip when you get the time, maybe you desire a deeper connection to God or maybe you wish to cultivate a stronger prayer life.  I believe our spiritual desires are important requests that God will always honor. 

            When we look at Psalm 90, we see how God sees our time differently: “a thousand years in your sight are like yesterday when it is past.” God has a larger, eternal perspective.  This Psalm includes a helpful prayer: “Teach us to count our days that we may gain a wise heart.”  I like that prayer.  What would happen if we would begin every morning with this as our prayer focus?  What would change in our lives?  Not only do we want our days to count, but make sure our days count and matter.  We want our lives to matter because we are part of something significant, something which enriches our lives and those around us.  Do we want our time to simply be consumed by busyness?  

            May I suggest a different kind of list for you?  May I suggest that the best things in life always involve other people.  People we meet by accident and sometimes people we meet for only a single moment who have impacted our attitude, changed our thoughts or our values.  Just think about the things that we might have missed in our lives if we missed their interaction.  And so, may I suggest a different list for us and for the Church – that we keep our eyes open for people that we can help, people that we can feed, people whom we can inspire to do better for themselves and others – making the world a better place. 

            Life itself is the greatest bucket list.  Life happens every single day.  There are opportunities all around us if we would simply open our eyes to see the needs of the people around us.  What is God calling us to do as a Church?  What has God placed upon your heart that we might be able to do together in the name of Jesus Christ? 




Rev Kevin



May Prayers


            Lord Jesus Christ, You call us, as You called Your first disciples, to follow You:   not simply to believe, nor merely to declare our faith and confess You as  lord, but to keep on following wherever You lead.  Help us to follow You faithfully, walking wherever You might lead.  Help us to follow Your example, pursuing the way of love and accepting the road of sacrifice.  Help us to follow through the life of discipleship, not allowing ourselves to become distracted, not to lose heart so that we wander away from You, but keeping faith to the end.  Lord Jesus Christ, You call us, as You call all Your people, to follow You. Teach us what that means, and by Your grace help us to response and to be followers of Your way, Your truth, and Your life, to the glory of Your name.  Amen. 




OUR JOYS AND CONCERNS: Richard & Audrey Butler, Doris Ferry, Jim Hamm, Ruth Imler, Louise Holsinger, Peggy Steele, Prayers for the decisions that were made at Judicial Council this past week, Rayota Brant – Kidney failuare (friend of Shank family), Sally Rhodes (lung surgery in Pittsburgh), Steve Shover Family



We have the names of 9 Graduates (either from high school or college).  We will be having a Graduate Breakfast on Sunday, June 2nd at 8:15.  Please turn in a picture and a short biographical sketch so that we can include it in our Graduate Booklet.  Please call the Church Office too to let us know how many people from your family will be attending the breakfast.  Fred is going to be needing some volunteers to cook for the breakfast this year. 



We will be having a combined Vacation Bible School this year with Bare Memorial and 1st Church of the Brethren out at Shawnee Park July 7-12 from 6:30-8:30 PM.  Carissa and Rev. Kev. will be leading the skit to start off Vacation Bible School each night (and Rev. Kev. is looking for an XL or XXL vest that he can wear and if anyone has an XL cowboy hat that he could wear that would be greatly appreciated as well).  If you are going to yard sales this summer and you see them Rev. Kev. will be happy to give you the money for them.  Carissa is looking for at least 4 people from our Congregation who would be willing to participate with the classes.  Please contact Carissa if you would like to attend. 


   CONFIRMATION CLASS – We are half way through our Confirmation Class and Rev. Kevin and Carissa are kept on our toes with the questions that the class has been asking.  There are some really deep thinkers as a part of our Class this year.  They will be joining the Church on the Day of Pentecost which is Sunday, June 9th at 9:30.  Please continue to pray for Sophia Holt, Sophia Marko, Macie Smith, Izzy Finochio, Eli Muthler and Austin Bassler.  The Class has also agreed to do a Service Project this year and they will be hosting the June 8th Manna Meal.  They have selected Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Baked Beans, French Fries, Salad, Apple Sauce, Bananas and cookies for dessert.  They are excited about giving back to the community and are already looking forward to this dinner.  They will be meeting at 3 PM that day to start getting the dinner together.  The Confirmation class will also be participating in the morning worship service on June 9th as well. 

Annual Conference Session at Hershey Lodge – May 29-31

Rev. Kevin and Doug Mingle will be representing Trinity Church at our next Annual Conference Meeting at Hershey Lodge.  We will be conducting the business of the Annual Conference, voting on motions that are brought to the Conference, and we will be electing clergy and laity to represent the Susquehanna Annual Conference to the 2020 General Conference.  Please pray for Rev. Kevin and Doug!  That would be greatly appreciated! 



MANNA ON MAIN STREET – May 11 – 5-6:30

            Doug and JoEllen Mingle are sponsoring the Manna Meal in June and they are serving, lasagna, salad, veggies, garlic bread and dessert.  If you would like to help with the dinner in any way please contact JoEllen Mingle. 




TUMC will be offering a Free Summer Lunch Program once again this year. The program will begin June 10th at 12:00 noon and will continue all summer until August 23rd, right before the kiddos head back to school. Where else can a kid get an economical, convenient and healthy alternative for lunch, Monday thru Friday during the summer? Each summer we have wonderful adults and youth volunteer to help out. If you would like to volunteer in any way please let Valerie Locker know. There will be a training session for all the volunteers before the program gets underway. We will let you know as soon as the training date is set. Also, this summer Carissa will be bringing something new to the program. She will be sharing a mini-session each week on Wednesday’s.  Each session will include a scripture lesson and a craft project.  If you would like to help Carissa with this every Wednesday please contact Carissa. 






TIDINGS FOR JUNE, JULY AND AUGUST – We will be putting out our Summer Tidings in the first or second week in June for the Summer months.  IF you have anything that would you would like to advertise during those months please make sure that you get that information to Lisa in the Church Office by June 3rd




            We have completed 13 windows in the re-leading process and we have 10 windows left to be completed.  We will probably make a trip down to Reliable Glass in Cumberland, Maryland after the next window is taken (If anyone would like to travel down to see the process we would be happy to take you along with us). 


10 lbs. box

(approximately 13.5 pints)


Checks payable to ADMCHUB











Please Note:

May 19th - will be the last day of Youth Sunday School


Blood Drive Date Set

Trinity United Methodist Church
August 26, 2019




June 26-30
The nation’s largest Christian music festival
“A Tribute To Our Creator”

Carissa Blair will once again be going to Creation in Mount Union and there are always room for more youth.  If you would like to go to Creation with her - please contact her as soon as possible.


            May 5 –       2 PM Confirmation Class (Session 8)

                             3-5 PM Understanding General Conference – Conference Wide Event. We will meet in the Sanctuary. 

          May 8 –       9:30 AM Roaring Spring Ministerium Meeting – Bare Memorial Church

                             1:00 Packing Dragon Back Packs at Though Inc.

          May 9 –       Pastor away at “Day Apart with District Superintendent”

          May 11 –     5-6:30 PM Manna on Main Street Dinner hosted by Doug and JoEllen Mingle – Lasagna, Salad, Bread, and Dessert

          May 12 –     Mother’s Day

                             4 PM Confirmation Class – (Session 9)

          May 14 –     6 PM Men’s Fellowship Dinner

          May 19 –     4 PM Confirmation Class – (Session 10)

          May 21 –     7 PM Administrative Council Meeting

          May 26 –     4 PM Confirmation Class – (Session 11)

          May 27 –     Memorial Day

          May 29 –     31 Annual Conference Meeting at Hershey Lodge – Please pray for Rev. Kevin and Doug Mingle as they attend this gathering on our behalf.




If so – please contact Rev. Kevin

Income:        $36,836.08
Expense:     -$16,109.87


Net Income: $20,726.21



Tuesday, July 2nd

Orders can be turned into Ruth Adams or to the church office by June 16th.