Trinity United Methodist Church of Roaring Spring
Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Worship and Spiritual Development

Our traditional liturgical services include congregational singing as well as a wide variety of special music including traditional gospel, choruses, and traditional and contemporary hymns. The printed bulletin aides newcomers in feeling comfortable in following the order of worship.

Trinity United Methodist Church worships in the tradition of Wesleyan theology, celebrating Holy Communion on a weekly basis.  The table is open to anyone who is willing to repent of their sins, live in love and charity with their neighbors, and follow the commandments of God.

Music is a vital part of worship at Trinity.  In addition to the Adult Choir, an instrumental group has been formed and the children and youth share on several Sunday mornings throughout the year.  All who have a love of music are welcome to become a part of these musical groups simply by attending a scheduled practice or contacting the Minister of Music, Douglas Mingle.

A nursery is available for those families with infant through preschool aged children.  All children are a treasured welcome to any service at Trinity.

Prayer is vital to every Christian's relationship with God.  The Trinity Prayer Chain can be activated by notifying chairperson, Sally Weicht, 224-4774.

 We are one of nearly 40,000 congregations spread across the United States which, together, make up the United Methodist Church.

United Methodism is a uniquely diverse denomination and it is almost impossible to characterize either a "typical" congregation or an "average" United Methodist.  We are the most ethnically and socially diverse and most evenly distributed denomination in America.  With only minor exception, every town of at least 2,000 people in America has one or more United Methodist congregations.  We are brothers and sisters who love the same God and our differences genuinely allow us to be more creative and flexible in our response to God's call.